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Full Version: Auto-mail And Mistletoe
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"You WHAT?!!!!!" Winry's loud shout rang through the air, causing some of the snow on the roof to fall to the ground with a "fwump". Edward had somehow managed to bust up his arm... again. The blonde girl was having a major hissy fit over her masterpiece being screwed up, so she was hurling any type of tool she could get her hands on at poor Ed.
"Gah!" the blonde male ducked a flying wrench, only to be hit in the head with a cro-bar. Winry snorted, "Serves you right!"
"Now, now, Winry." Pinako said as she entered the workshop, "It's almost Christmas you know, and I don't think it would be too much to ask for you to go easy on Edward, now would it?" The elder woman smiled as she left the two lovebirds alone to flirt.

Granny Pinako sat in the upstairs den, looking out of the window at Alphonse playing in the snow with his brother.
"Hey brother! Heads up!" the younger Elric giggled as he sent a snowball flying at Ed; the elder gave a shout of surprise as it made contact with his back.
"Hey no fair Al!! You have both arms!" the blonde growled as he chased his little brother all around the yard.

Pinako chuckled to herself as she watched the two wrestle with each other in the powerdery white winter wonderland. She felt a cold nose against her hand and she looked down to see Den. The dog barked happily and picked up a sprig of mistletoe at his feet. "Now where did you find that?" the elder woman laughed as she recieved it from her companion. Den put his paws up on the coffee table and growled softly, indicating with his nose an old photo of Edward and Winry when they were kids. Pinako puffed at her pipe and grinned.

"Good boy, Den... good boy."

That's all I can write for now, but I promise there will be more. I'm getting out for Christmas Break soon, so I'll be able to write more at a time. Merry Christmas, ya'll!!!!
Saturn Stars
ahaha! I can see where this is going and I like it!
Hagane no Renzy
^__^ can't wait for more.
Saturn Stars
Yeah hurry up and update! lol
thanx for the support Hagane_no_Renzy and Saturn Stars!!!!

Auto-mail and Mistletoe: Part II

"Edward!!!" Winry called from inside of the house. The blonde male gulped; he thought he had stepped in a big pile of reindeer droppings with Winry. He cautiosly approached the house, slowly opening the door and slipping inside. The strong scent of ginger hit his nose as he passed the kitchen; curious, he walked into the room and found Winry fixated on stirring something in a bowl.

"Winry?" Edward asked sheepishly. Silence. All that could be heard were Al's shouts of glee as he played in the snow outside. The blonde girl quietly said, 'Come here, Edward...." The young man made his way over to her side, being prepered to run if she came after him with her wooden mixing spoon of doom.

"Try this, Edward!" Winry squealed with glee as she spun to face Edward and dotted the end of his nose wit a dab of gingery cookie dough; she licked the rest of it off her finger, smiling cutely and giggling. The blonde male took one finger and wiped the gooey stuff off of his face, licking the tip and finding the substance to be quite appealing to the taste. Winry beamed at him and asked if he wanted to help make some holiday treats.

Two hours and twelve batches later, Edward gazed at the gingerbread Mount Everest hungrily. Winry patted him on the back, "Not bad for your first time!" The teens smiled at each other and both put a bunch of the cookies on a plate for them to share.
"Hey Ed, you look cold!" Winry noted, "Why don't you go sit by the fire?"
Edward settled down on the sofa, listening to the fireplace crackle and hiss. He closed his eyes, welcoming the pleasent warmth. He felt something being pushed into his hand. Winry wrapped a blanket around him and set the cookies on the table, then settled down next to him and cuddling up against him with a mug of hot cocoa. She smiled at Edward, sipping at her mug carefully.

"You know Edward..." she said frowning slightly, "You really wrecked up that auto-mail. It was a master piece!"
"Winry....." Edward repiled quietly, "The way you treat me when ever I come home for repairs makes me think you like the auto-mail more."
"You idiot."
"Don't call me an idiot!"
"Then don't act like one. Auto-mail is a thing; you are a person. A person for whom I put my all into making auto-mail for."
Winry smiled up at Edward, giggling how the color his face had turned was rivaling his coat, which hung on the coat rack behind them. Edward gulped, and shook his head to clear it; he took a sip of his hot chocolate when something hanging from the balcony of the second floor caught his eye.

evil cliffy.... hope I did good this time!!! i'll be back with more later! See ya'll soon! laugh.gif tongue.gif
Saturn Stars
aww come on! It was short as! I hope U update soon!
WoW~~ Very very nice biggrin.gif I can see (or i think i can) where this would be going *coffmistletoecoff* update sooon please?
[size=6] I just wanted to say that this is a vey nice fic and I cant wait for you to update. tongue.gif
thank you for all the support... i'm sorry i can't post more now, but i'll have plenty of time tomorrow morning when my parents have gone to work. Merry Christmas ya'll and to all o' ya'll a good night! *rides off on Rudolph (who two-steps as he takes off), waving a Confederate flag in the breeze behind her* wink.gif
I may be new on this site but after five years of reading and writing fanfics, this one is really good! i love cliffys. they make you think. i am thinking something now! it is a good fic and i like it. please write more!

Hermione Yuna Artisin
Hey yea, good stuff here. Don't make us wait too long for updates.
Thank you all for the support. Okay, the Update you've all been waiting for!

Auto-mail and Mistletoe: Part III

"What the-?!" Ed stammered as he saw a small green plant hanging from the upstairs balcony, innocently tied up with a tiny red and emerald bow. Winry was blushing madly as she realized what this odd bit of flora was; she lowered her gaze to the plate of cookies on the coffee table.
"Winry?" the other asked confusedly, "Why are you... blushing? And what's that hanging above us?"
Blue eyes met gold ones as the blonde girl gulped and whispered, "Haven't you ever heard of mistletoe?!"
"What's so special about that stupid plant?"
"You moron!" Winry said, still flushing bright pink, "It's a Christmas tradition that a couple caught under the mistletoe have to... well, kiss."

"W-What?!" Edward half shouted; no one ever told him about this! Winry giggled, forgetting the shock she was in to ridicule the confused expression on the other's face. The young man snorted, turning his gaze to the fire, which was beginning to become awfully interesting to look at.
"What are you laughing about?"
"Ha ha! I'm sorry!" Winry giggled, blushing as she replied, "But that face you made... it was... well, too cute for words."
Edward gulped as the other leaned in closer, smiling brightly at him. Man, he thought, She's pretty adorable herself when she smiles like that... It was then that he realized the deep longing he had for her since childhood, and now that he was past puberty, Edward found the longing had been turning into more of a desire. He loved the young woman sitting next to him, and the stupid mistletoe gave him his chance. It was do or die...

Winry gasped in shocked as she felt Edward's good hand come to a rest on the back of her head. The firelight reflected in his golden eyes, making him seem more mystifying.
"Ed, what are you doing?" She gasped.
"What do you think? We're under that stupid plant, so we're supposed to kiss, right?"
Winry's reply was cut off as Edward drew his face closer to hers, licking his lips sexily. An evil yet playful twinkle was in his eyes, closing them as he devoured her lips hungrily in a desperate kiss. The other was shocked as all getout, but fell into the moment as she wrapped her arms around the blonde male's neck and leaned more into him while moving into his lap. She became more bold, flicking her tongue across his bottom lip; Edward moaned softly as he parted his lips, inviting her in. Winry gladly accepted as she slid her tongue into his mouth, moaning herself as he greeted her with his own.

Soft moans drifted through the air as the couple's tongues danced during the kiss. Edward was so into Winry, and vice versa; they had no awareness off the world around them as they finally admitted their feelings for each other nonverbally. They separated with disappointed groans due to lack of air. Edward smiled and ran his fingers through Winry's light blonde hair.
"I love you Winry."
"As I do you, Ed."
The blonde male glanced up and could have sworn he saw the glint of Granny Pinako's glasses and her grin for a split second. He shrugged it off and again focused his attention on Winry again.


As the couple lay tangled in bed later that night, Edward smiled at Winry's sleeping form and kissed her softly on the cheek.
"Merry Christmas, Winry." He whispered, then he looked out the window at the night sky. One particular bright star winked playfully at the blonde from the heavens.

"Heh... stupid mistletoe."

Alas, that is the end of my brief story. I hope y'all enjoyed it and I wish y'all a Merry Christmas!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
i love it! i loved the details for their kiss under the mistletoe, that was awesome...i need tips from you for my story... i guess happy.gif'...but anyways yeah, i love the ending...too bad thats the end *sigh*
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