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Full Version: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
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The movie was released yesterday and I got to go see it. I had high hopes because it has long been a favorite story of mine since my childhood. The movie did not disappoint me at all! It stays true to the book, the actors are great and the special effects are perfect. When it ended the audience applauded! I only wish I hadn't needed to use the restroom halfway through, but now I have an excuse to go see it again!

So who else has seen this, or wants to see it? Have you read the book? Even heard of it?
I went to the Midnight premiere of it Thursday! It has been one of my favorites too. It's been forever since I've read the book and I barely remembered anything but while watching the movie it all came back to me. The effects were great and it did stay true to the story (from what I remembered). It is definatly a good movie to go see.
I have read the book a long time ago.But now I really want to see the movie.
I have read some reviews that thought it was an awful film and that the effects looked far too fake.

Frankly I tend to avoid movie reviews, they usually slate the best films and prefer those that are 'arty' and meaningful (mostly dull).

Its been years since I read the book butmy little sister is a big fan so going will mainly be for her. As long as she has fun thats all that matters to me.
Molecular Alchemist
The movie looks like fun. Sadly, it's finals crunch time for me over here, so I won't be able to see it until after the 21st sad.gif (kinda goes for Harry Potter and King Kong too). Drat. But they were one of my fav book series when I was little, and I can't wait to see it's big screen adaptation! laugh.gif
I'm going to take my sis tomorrow, she wanted to see it on Friday at midnight but she fell asleep at 9. laugh.gif
Smoke Alchemist
It was my favorite book as a child. Yes i want to go see it, Eventually.
I remember reading this book, and I watched the cartoon movie in Canada, so I really want to see what this one will be like. I'll see it, but probably not for a while. Stupid midterms are keeping me from seeing this movie dry.gif
foolmetal alchemist
My brother and parents went to see this movie last night. I decided not to go, just out of fear of the movie not living up to the book. They said they loved it, but they're easily pleased.
I just saw it Sunday night and I thought it was amazing! I hadn't read the books in a few years but the movie made me really want to read them again (< is already done with the first). The soundtrack was amazing! Yeah for Imogen Heap and also the Weta workshop that did alot of the stuff for Lord of the Rings helped in the movie! The CG used on the animals was awesome, expecially Aslan and the wolves.
This movie was awesome. The best version of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe I've seen in a while.
Hehe, I remember the really old increadibly awesome version of it with the guys in the beaver suits... yeah... that kicked ass laugh.gif
I'm going to see it this week.
I have an open expectations for the movie, and let's see how it goes. happy.gif
Sleeping Forest
...i read the books a loooong time ago...
hmm...seems good. I remember readin the Loin, the Witch, and the Worderobe like 2 years aog. it was good.
Fayth Prophecy
I loved the movie^^ I can't wait to see the others, if they are made, that is^^
Azura Elric
The movie was pretty good. Graphics were amazing, and...I really want the soundtrack XD the songs in the movie were really good.
I finally watched it, and I liked it.
The first half felt a bit slow moving, but the second half was fine.
I think it's very good movie to take kids to. happy.gif
ive watched the movie and read the book. and i really think that the book is a little better cause then you can imagine all you want.
I gave the movie a 5 or 6 out of 100.

The lion pawns!
is one of the best movies,
I cant foud (or find I dont know how to spell) someting rong about te movie with te book
I love'it but I tink harry potter is beter jejejeje biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(hadaguerrera @ Dec 23 2005, 12:12 AM) [snapback]332711[/snapback]

is one of the best movies,
I cant foud (or find I dont know how to spell) someting rong about te movie with te book
I love'it but I tink harry potter is beter jejejeje biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif

Yeah, I like Harry Potter movies better, except the last Harry Potter movie. (Maybe because I felt I'm way above the target age of this movie, and I don't feel that with Harry Potter movies.)

Oh, and I think jejejeje is usually spelled hehehehe in English. happy.gif
(Although your way is much more unique.) biggrin.gif
Im sad and angry mad.gif
in my country this movie is comimg in January!!! (JANUARY!!!!)
Can u imagine?? i already read the book, and i think its pretty good!!! (aslan is really cool!!)
And im reading the others, but, im still waiting for the movie, it reaaally sounds great, and i just cant watch it... sad.gif yet
But im counting the days... wink.gif

Tomobow: u are right, i usually make that mistake, i write jejeje, but its hehehe in english laugh.gif
the movie is good, it has good graphics and all.
but the lord of the ring series look better than this movie, talking about graphics, action, etc...
I veiwed it, i loved it!!! though the witch's oufits were....unique? and the turkisk delights looked good! ^.^
T__T I need to watch this movie soon...
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