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Full Version: The Copy-paste Game: What's On Your Ctrl V?
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a picture of Al in another website
Vivian Remora
blink.gif Interesting....

Last one I copied and pasted -

I was trying to do something with the avatar... -sweatdrop-
a site 4 my away message
a song...i errase it laugh.gif
Come with me, and i will show you something nice =)
Mrs. Edward Elric
I copied my notes for school on this one site but i erased it.
"AHHHH! It's 3am! I'm so tired, night guys *yawn* *colapses from exhaustion*"

...I was discussing issues with my kawaii GP deshi. biggrin.gif
Itsumo no shisen ni kimi ga ite kokyuu ga dekiru
Boku ni totte nara Sore dake de
Mou Juubun na hazu na no ni

With you in my usual sight, I can breath
Even though that's already plenty enough to me

Chippoke na boku wa kurikaesu ayamachi bakari
Dorehodo tsuyosa wo te ni shitara
Nani mo kizutsukezu sumu no?

The petty me does nothing but repeat mistakes
How strong a strength do I need to have so that nothing will get hurt?

Mayowazu ni Kono ai wo shinji ikiteyuku
Fusagaranu kizuguchi mo gyu'tto dakishimete

Without hesitation, I believe in this love and live on
I'll tightly embrace your unbandaged wound

Futari wa aruki-tsuzukeru Ato ni wa modorenai kara
Ima demo kono mune no oku Kesenai tsumi wa itamu kedo

And together we'll keep on walking, because we can't go back
Even now, the inerasable sin deep in my chest hurts, but-

Ano hi ushinatta aijou ni setsunasa wo oboe
Boku wa senmei na kono sora no aosa ni sukoshi tomadotte

I remember the painfulness of the love I lost back then
I'm a little perplexed by the vivid blueness of this sky

Tatoe moshi nani ga gisei demo Tada hitotsu shinjita
Kimi no massugu na me ni utsuru setsuna ni saita hana no iro

For example, even if I sacrificed something, I'd only believe in one thing
The color of the bloomed flowers in the instant when your straightforward eyes reflect

Muryoku demo kono sadame Tsuyoku ikiteyuku
Te wo musubu taion wa zutto tokeatte
Dattara issou no koto seotta batsu nara tsurakute mo

Even if I'm powerless, I'll live on strongly in this destiny
We'll join our hands and our warmths will melt together forever
If so, even if the sins of more things to come will be painful

Moshi tatoe kimi to kono mama
Sekai no nami ni sakarau dake da to shite mo...

For example, if as long as I'm with you, even if we just turn against the waves of the world...

Mayowazu ni Kono ai wo shinji ikiteyuku
Fusagaranu kizuguchi mo gyu'tto dakishimete

Without hesitation, I believe in this love and live on
I'll tightly embrace your unbandaged wound

Mayowazu ni kono sadame Ikiru ikiteyuku
Kimi to nara eien mo kitto tsunagatte
Futari de tada mae wo mite dou ni mo naranakutatte
Soredemo kanarazu kimi wo kono te de mamori-tsuzukeru

Without hesitation, I live in this destiny and live on
If I'm with you, surely we'll be connected forever
And together we'll only look forward, even if nothing came to be done
Nevertheless, I'll keep on protecting you with my hands by all means-


Whitney Houston - Its Not Right But It Is Ok (Club Mix)
please dont hurt me
hey ppl this is for someone who is bored and has nothing to do. but i really doubt that anyway this is a cool new game. the only rule is well i dont think there is a rule all you have to do is copy and paste any random thing from anywere. the only thing im telling everyone is not to get in trouble for copying copyrighted things so be careful when you play the game.

nvm i didnt think it woudl get very far oh well.

ph34r.gif- Please search next time...No matter how sure you are that there isn't a topic on the matter
Please don't double post.


I saw that Celes!!XD

Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep... <----from a very nice e-mail my dear friend sent to me. smile.gif
IPB Image

banner I just finished...
Ohhh!! I like it!! ohmy.gif

"What donít I understand that is so dark
I go to a familiar location yet I am confused
However I tend to begin down this street
I am

You walk a path filled with lonesome loneliness
Today I think for myself and I choose to sleep
Inside my dream I encounter everything."

Some lyrics. I just picked a verse or two. rolleyes.gif

Its japanese tongue.gif

I was showing my friend some naruto websites happy.gif
Molecular Alchemist
diffusable morphogens we have identified

AH! even here my genetics final is haunting me!!!!!! ohmy.gif

the person next to me is whimpering

..I have no idea how that got there.. xD

something from a friend's photobucket...
Smoke Alchemist laugh.gif

sig made for a friend

My Hitsugaya x Hinamori photobucket Album..


forum address

they're finally back up yay
IPB Image


"I'm serious, this is ridiculous. You guys are acting like a bunch of immature jerks, if you want to have dumb perverted discussions HAVE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE OR MARK THIS THREAD"

me being mad on another forum...
My Drawing tongue.gif
My very bad christmas, Chibi Tidus, (Yes FFX related) drawing.
Yes, I know it looks nothing like him and yes I am aware my shading sucks. XD

Someone's stupid idea of a joke (i know who it is, but its a long story...)

and Riza-Hawkeye- I LOVE THAT DRAWING!!!
Another one of my horri-bleh drawings. Since Seventh-Sky seemed to like the other one. happy.gif
no Polly-O Cheese String-Ums in Las Vegas?!
I'm addicted to ______________ says:

..xDD hehe
Christmas Presents for my RP Team

they were hard to make X_x

and Riza-Hawkeye- that one was cute too ^^
japaneseobesession's.. tab o.o
Mrs. Edward Elric
<center>that's a hot cheeto i'm holding.</center>
got magna carta, haven (ps2 game, hope it's good hehe), kill bill vol1, boondock saints, m&ms (like 3 bags), flame of recca manga 4&5, angel sanctuary manga 1&2

talking about some stuffs I got for Christmas ^^
It breaks my heart seeing you with her </3 says:
it's not Christmas anymore, Jessica xD change your name

...I don't know why I copied that.

uh yeah, ShinnxStellar scan XD
he's been wearing the same pants for 4 days.. including today.. and those pants were once my gym pants. I don't think I wanna wear those anymore

..........D: shoot.........

woops.... thats my new under construction website.......

my new sig

someone asked me my myspace url

As cool as the other side of the pillow
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
American_Brown_Bear_ (1) 0.000 0.046 0.037 0.078 0.084
American_Black_Bear_ (2) 0.046 0.000 0.043 0.069 0.075
Asiatic_Black_Bear_M (3) 0.037 0.043 0.000 0.052 0.058
Polar_Bear_Mitochond (4) 0.078 0.069 0.052 0.000 0.012
Spectacled_Bear_Mito (5) 0.084 0.075 0.058 0.012 0.000

Yay! genetic relationship between bear mitichondria!
My kitty, my kitty cat.
When she's content she purrs.
She thinks the house is hers.
But you won't like her when she's angry.

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