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Recently, I have begun working on the script for a FullMetal Alchemist doujinshi (centering around original characters, but with cameos from the series) tentatively titled 'the Shining Light Alchemist.' The title character is Major Jacob Traugott, a State Alchemist who has taken great leaps in developing the science of Light Alchemy and the series takes place within the manga universe. I don't want to give away too much of the plot here, but I've heard good things from those who I've told my ideas to. If you're curious about more, send me an IM or a pm and we can talk more.

Anyway, what we're looking for is artists to help with Character Sheets for the various characters within the series, as well as those who would generously help out with helping to draw the doujinshi itself. I have several artists helping with character sheets (including myself) and one artists for the actual doujinshi, but we need more to really get moving. I would like to have several artists helping to work on the manga itself, thereby hopefully putting less stress on any one artist and possibly churning out chapters faster (depending on how fast I am at writing the scripts).

If you might be interested or have any questions, just contact me! We'd be glad to have you aboard!
Number 48
Well, it's been about a week, and with more stuff I'll post, I figure it's safe to bump...

I figured I'd post one of the finished Character Sheets for the first chapter, drawn by myself. The character is the Older Slicer Brother while he's still human. The faces turned out fairly well, but the bodies are...blech. Don't usually draw too many full bodies, but it gives the artist an idea of his build and clothes.

Also, let me give a brief description of the story. I'm still trying to avoid too many details, so just think of this as the description you'd find on the back of the manga:


Strange and dangerous things are beginning to occur in the northern city of Rossenburg. Disappearances, murders, robbery and arson all punctuate the distress of the situation as two members of the city council go missing. Without any other options, Mayor Burk Traugott makes a call to Central Command and one, General Redford Black, for one special officer to come help lead an investigation to find the source of Rossenburg's troubles.

Meanwhile, in Central, the mass-murderer known as the Slicer, discovered to be a pair of murderous brothers, are arrested with the help of State Alchemist Major Jacob Traugott, also known as the Shining Light Alchemist. While recovering in the hospital, he recieves his orders from General Black and prepares immediately to make his way to the his home. To ensure his success, though, the General recruits the help of a highly trained warrior and State Alchemist from the city of Valdora, the Blade Alchemist Colonel Zerah Solingen. Will these two be able to work together well enough to form a coherent tool to solve these rash of crimes, or will the secret that's surrounding Rossenburg prove too much for them?


It might not be the best description, but hopefully it'll give you a good idea of the basic story.

Anyway, with all of that said, we are still in need for Character Sheet artists and help for the Doujinshi itself, so if you can volunteer, we'd be glad to work with ya!
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