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Smoke Alchemist
I decided to start this topic *Praying it won't be closed*

It is like the other games you see around here just a little different.
You need to answer the question above you with a semi detailed answer of, how you would get yourself out of the situation posted above you, then ask a how would you question to the next person. Make sense?

I will go first.

How would you *HWY* Escape a gang of 10 Ninja assassins sent to kill you?
I'm a ninja lord so I'd be the one telling them their new target =P

HWY tell your bf/gf you wanna break up when you've been together for 3 years?
Smoke Alchemist
Yikes, I would be honest with them and make the break up in person. It would be difficult but dealing with the issue before it turns ugly is the best way to do it.

HWY Break into fort knoxs?
Probably dig a hole a good distance a way and tunnel my way inside.

HWY How would you survive in the middle of the ocean if you were stranded there, floating around?
Start swimming and hope for the best

HWY survive a wave of terrorists attacking your house?
Smoke Alchemist

HWY Save a loved one if they were dangaling from a very high building and one of your hands was handcuffed to something, but they were mere inches away and you could not reach because of the handcuff.
I would brake my wrist slip out of the hang cuffs and bolt for the person.

HWY survive a day without technology?
I wouldn't (survive) tongue.gif

HWY blackmail your brother or sister?

Simple....Just threaten to tell about 1 of the 60billion things he did wrong.

HWY react in a earth quake!
Go to a open area and hit the ground, covering my head.

HWY escape from a terrorists camp if it was heavily guarded and a metal floor?
Well that gets a little complicated. First I knock out the guards and take thier AK47s. Then fight my way out while freeing and arming the other prisioners.

HWY React if you were flying on a airplane and the piliot went crazy and jumped out the plane taking the co pilot with him?
start reading the instruction booklet tongue.gif

HWY react if i ate all of your food and left on a plane? and took your money?
Then I hope your plane can dodge missles

HWY React if a heartless army was advancing on your house?
Blade Alchemist
Look at my house keys and hope they turn into a key blade.

HWY react if I drove a sem-trucki into your room at 3 in the morning.
I think ill just keep on sleeping (dead)
HWY Kill someone?
mom, plz turn the light off, yawn

HWY react if i planted a bomb on you that would blow up in 2 hours and you cant disarm it, can not take it off.
I chase you out.........with a semi....atuomatic weapon. smile.gif

HWY react to a gaint robot infront of you?
I would stab it with my fork.

HWY react if Michael Jackson knocked on your door?

Id say sorry no little kids here. Just a crazed maniac with a 12 gauge shot gun.

HWY React if Micheal Jackson Nose fell off? lol
Blade Alchemist
Throw it down the garbage disposal. laugh.gif

HWY react if your parents sent you to Neverland Ranch for Christmas.
(Please awnser even if you don't live with your parents anymore)
smile.gif I make sure to pack plenty of C4 and were my He's Guilty Shirt.

HWY react If Micheal Jackson Neverland blow up?
Blade Alchemist
Add more expolsions to the ones already happening.

HWY escape Neverland Ranch with only a fork.
poke mj in the eye and take his nose, then throw it at a body gard and watch him yell, then take his gun and kill everybody and take a limo and then leave smile.gif. muwahahahahahahah

HWY make a penut butter a jelly sandwhich in 5 seconds?
grab strawberries and peanuts and put them on a bread.

HWY appologize to your principal if you made out with his wife?
Blade Alchemist
Blame his wife for seducing me then leave everything to the law. rolleyes.gif

HWY cause mass chaos in your school.
throw mike in the quad and post a sign saying, dam thos mexicans!
rofl, he would die.

HWY tell your mom that you are pregenat (for girls)
I dunno...I guess I would just tell her and hope for the best.

HWY bake a cake in 3 minutes?

Blade Alchemist
Use a flame thrower

HWY react if an airliner landed in your front yard.
take my axe and a lighter, then my moms hairspray, then my xbox (that thing gets hot!) then hope it cooks fast, or just go to vons laugh.gif

HWY beat halo 2 in 30 mim?

EDIT: omfg, huston, we have a problem!
Blade Alchemist
Pay Alex tongue.gif

HWY react if a ghost was in your room.
rofl, that works.

say, hi ghost, wheres my f***in wishes?

HWY react if you woke up and i was right in front of you, cuddled with you ohmy.gif
Blade Alchemist
Yell, kick you in the crotch, and then beat you over the head with a katana.

HWY react if a Michael Jackson burst into your house naked.
omfg, take my rifle and airsoft and shoot him in the croch with the airsoft and in the leg with the rifle ohmy.gif ouch

HWY react if high school was 15 hours long?
I would be sad. I love school.
HWY kill me (be descriptive.)
rofl, be descriptive. ok smile.gif. first i would say that im your bodygard and then when you not looking, take out a chaingun and kill the Heartless_Soldier and then anybody that might get in the way, then i would give you a sword and we fight till death. if i lose, this i just take a sawed off shotgun and shoot you tongue.gif

hah hah

HWY kill me? also be descripitive (yes i spell cr*py)
Blade Alchemist
I would post outside your window then shoot your comp, then tranq you in the crotch and take your body to a field full of Lotus anti-tank mines then a give you two desert eagles and a katana and we fight it out. Either that or I just strap you to a chair in your house and put an active grenade in your mouth and on your crotch.

I guess I'll ask the same HWY kill me. Be descriptive
um, not

HWY tell someone you liked him/her
Smoke Alchemist
QUOTE(Blade Alchemist @ Nov 28 2005, 08:50 PM) [snapback]321496[/snapback]

Look at my house keys and hope they turn into a key blade.


I would say tell them upfront...or you could be cute about it and send a letter?

HWY Tell someone you were in love with somebody else and it was NOT the person you are dating *You fell in love from afar*
depends on whether it's supposed to be like a break up, telling a friend, or what O.o

HWY feel if a close friend decided they didn't wanna associate with you anymore without telling you why? and if you asked it only made him/her madder?
Smoke Alchemist
Would cut and run...been there done that, if that is the way they treat you, you dont need them.

HWY tell someone you are not interested in a romantic relationship with them?
talking to them about it while making it clear you would still like to hang out and whatnot

HWY explain need for core classes
Smoke Alchemist
As a growth experience? Hell i dont know!

HWY tell someone you talked to online that they didnt meet your expectations when you saw how they looked?
I don't know, but I think you look fine ^_~ Expectations are rarely met so no worries about that although some would be really nice to see come true *reminesces about forlorn hopes*

HWY go about trying to help a friend that you can't see in person anytime soon
Smoke Alchemist
I guess talk to them, just "Be there" Even if you can't be there in person *Shrugs*

HWY Travel from Australia to Illinois if you didn't have money?

start running then swimming?

HWY treat a friend that just hurt another one of your friends
Smoke Alchemist
Awe, I would have to say depends on what happened. If it was an uncalled for action i would try to hear both sides before taking a side (Thats if i would do that) let them try to sort it out and be a mediator.

HWY dress for a wedding you knew should not happen?
not in a suit or tux

HWY react if your best friend asked a guy you hate to be his best man at his wedding
Just grin and bear with it.

HWY react if a teenage phycos entered your school looking to blow up people? (I believe this was a true story...)
Mrs. Edward Elric
Our school would have a lock down (like we did today, it was for practice though).

HWY react if the guy you really like is severely injured?
Smoke Alchemist
Happened to me. I was numb for the most part. When i heard he was ok i was calm.

HWY react if you found out the person you hate most was in love with you?
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