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Full Version: Which One Was The Most Moving Death? (anime And Manga)
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Rosh Razgriz
Erm... I just wanna ask u guys n gurlz out there.. Hu's death was more tragic n sad.. Nina or Greed? Both of them realli moved me..
Ed Elrich
it was mest up what ninas father did to her. he wasnt even thinking like a person.
He couldnt gain anything from what he did
ninas was a completely innocent girl who was destroyed by her psycho father. while greeds death is kinda sad, it cant compare to how sad and unjustified ninas death was
Rosh Razgriz
cmon guys vote up... we need to know what most of us think... i realli think this is gonna b a good one...
Well Hughes death beats all but honestly I was more moved by Ed's reaction to Greed's death (at least in the sub) then Nina's. Of course they're pretty close and it's kind of hard to pick between the two.
i say nina, even when i noticed that Tucker turned Nina into a chimera i got mad
Nina. Greed had choice. Nina didn't.
Nina, as a human, was maimed by her father, whom she had dearly loved and trusted.
Molecular Alchemist
^^^Nina didn't have a choice, true..and being turned into a chimera with the family dog was bad...but still, there was no way to bring her back from that. She was in pain, and her death was inevitable from that point.

Well, I'm gonna have to go with Greed in this one...he was a nice guy..err, humunculus, in the end. And, besides that, pretty much all of the scenes he was in were I really hated to see him go sad.gif
^^ Yeah, I really liked him, too. I wish Fma has had him around longer. sad.gif
Well, i'd have to go with Nina's death. As was said before, she didn't have a choice. Also, she had two bad things happen. She was first turned into a chimera by her psycho dad, then killed by Scar. And Tucker STILL had to mess with her when he was that bear chimera.

Greed's WAS sad, but Nina's had a more of an impact.
Greed. I just liked him more than Nina. not to mention Ed's reaction, wow! And Greed was the definetly one of the best characters in my opinion, plus being the nicest homunculus... it's impossible not to to feel bad for him.
[size=5] i think Nina's was the most tragic. Ed was actually crying. Before that I've never seen him cry. sad.gif
Molecular Alchemist
There are an awful lot of votes for Nina (don't get me was sad that she died)...but, are people genuinly taking her death as worse than Greed's, or are people trying to uphold society's moral backbone? huh.gif (not meant to be rude, but rather curious)
I'm gonna say Nina. She's too young to die.
To answer your question, Molecular Alchemist, I think that nina's death is worse than Greed's. Sorry, I just feel that way.
Ed went crazy when greed died.. and he went crazy before Nina died, but the music that played during greeds death added to the effect. But nina's character and her last part in hte story adds to it. so I tink they are just about equall.(though when greed shrivled up, that was scary)
Rosh Razgriz
cmon guys... Nina Tucker was here for akinda short term... so i think it should be Greed!
QUOTE(Legolas of Mirkwood @ Nov 26 2005, 08:39 PM) [snapback]320205[/snapback]
Ed went crazy when greed died.. and he went crazy before Nina died, but the music that played during greeds death added to the effect. But nina's character and her last part in hte story adds to it. so I tink they are just about equall.(though when greed shrivled up, that was scary)

Rosh Razgriz
Which death was the worst??
Please vote up n drop ur opinions..
sad.gif kkz.. ~~~ thank u ~~~

As sad as Nina's death was, it was in similar league with Mercy killing. I mean, I don't usually aprove of that sort of thing, but if my own father transformed me into a semi-mindless beast, and I faced a future of being experimented on, poked, and prodded, or living forever on the run...I think I'd welcome death. She's in a better place now.

Greed, as helpful as he was, was still a horrible. Much less of a horrible person than the rest of the Homunculi, granted, but a horrible person none the less. If Ed hadn't have accidentally killed him, he never would have repented.

Hughes, on the other hand, was killed before his time, in the midst of trying to save the nation, with a family to return to. He deserved much better.

I'm not trying to discount the demise of the other two, but comparitively speaking...
I'm going with Hughes on this one. I really like all three of the ones listed though, but I'm a lot like Hughes so I could relate to him a lot. Nina's was really sad too, and Greed's wasn't really unexpected cuz he is a bad guy *sigh*
While its kind of morbid...nothing tops the death of Hughes.
Full Metal Elf
Hughes sad.gif.....We love you Hughes!!!
Full Metal Elf
Nina...her death was much more tragic. Greed's death was awesome...sad....but awesome. Nina...she didn't ask for it at all...Greed basically did.

*EDIT* seems topics were for the one I voted Hughes....and for the other Nina....oy. The sadness T_T
Rosh Razgriz
wats so bad bout Hughes death guys... cmon vote up!
Carnal Malefactor
Topics merged. Please don't make any more of these.
Ok. Since topics were merged, I'm changing my vote to Hughes. He was taken before his time. And he was shot by Envy, who took the form of his wife!!
His was just so sad. T_T
Rosh Razgriz
haha.. kewl now Nina Tucker n Maes Hughes r on a tie...

ermmm... im realli sorry but da topic merge... had to do it coz i 4got an important death...
pls revote!
nina's death was just down right sick. i felt sick after i saw it. i really thought i was going to throw up but it was still sad. sick and sad a bad combination xD hughes death made me cry because of his daughter. i gotta vote for hughes because that was the first time i had ever cried for a character dieing.
Hughes dug too deep, Greed (like it was said before) was basically asking for it. Nina did nothing wrong, she was just an innocent little girl that obviously placed too much trust in her sick, deranged father (but who can blame her?). She did nothing to deserve what happened to her. Therefore, my vote goes to Nina.
Rosh Razgriz
nah... but maes hughes... ed n alphonse did'nt even know..
n ed was talkin bad about him on da train since he did'nt know...
I'd pick Hughes. Greed's death only affected Ed and Martel really, well Nina's only affected Ed, Al, and Tucker, IMO. But Hughes affected alot of people within the military, (Armstrong, Roy, ect.), it also affected Winry and of course Elisya and Gracia. I'm pretty sure it'll affect Ed and Al when they learn of it.
I'm having déjà vu moment here... Or was it Nina vs Greed death match??? unsure.gif

Ok, so this one has Hughes also... then, Hughes's death gets my vote!!
They were all sad, but I think Hughes's one affected ME most. sleep.gif
Molecular Alchemist
Oh! So we can vote for Hughes here! Well, in that case, HUGHES! I was mortified..I mean, he was the nicest guys and to be killed like that just for trying to help out Ed and Al...who went hysterical when they found out. sad.gif Sure..Greed was sad, and Nina's was just wrong...but they can't hold a candle to Hughes' death, By killing Hughes, the whole series does a turn from a light-hearted series where you had these nice funny moments: Elisa, Roy getting married, and Hughes stalking people with pix of his a more darker storyline: just finding the stone, massacre after massacre, killings.....and you have to rely on other characters for comic relief.....which, doesn't happen much (except for Havoc, and the occasion Ed and co. moment).

So, yes...definatly still bugs be that they had to get rid of him...he was one of my fav's (Greed was cool, but when they got rid of Hughes, that REALLY upset me)
Rosh Razgriz
now maes hughes is leading... nina's death was tragic too guys.. wat about her?
I think all their deaths were really sad. But I think Maes's death was the most moving death. sad.gif It was soo sad.
Hey, I voted Nina! tongue.gif

Nina's shocked me, but thanks to the forums and my putting-the-puzzle-together abilities Hughes death was semi-ruined for me. Perhaps thats why I wasn't quite as sad when it finally happened...
Maes Hughes.... but only in Japanese.... because Elysia is sooooooooo cute in japanese... and her crying made me cry... sad.gif
hmm, greed was a...greedy douchebag who kidnapped his brother, hughes made to many mistakes leading to his death, and nina was killed by scar out of mercy(cause it was the only way to separate their souls) so i dont know, it was sad when nina was transformed, but i felt happy for her when she was put out of her misery(kind of like pulling the plug on someone in a persistant vegitative state)
I would have to vote for Nina. I was fairly surprised by Maes's death, but my stomach did a flip-flop when Nina got transmuted with Alex into the chimera. Nina's death also included Alex's. . . Welp, that's a two-in-one versus a, well, one-in-one.
QUOTE(ilove FMA @ Nov 25 2005, 10:48 PM) [snapback]319818[/snapback]

[size=5] i think Nina's was the most tragic. Ed was actually crying. Before that I've never seen him cry. sad.gif

Yep. I actually shed some tears because of that. I mean...seeing Ed cry ripped my heart out.

But Greed's death made him scream, and really changed him.
Most Definitly Hughes Death, (I actually cried) Hughes friggin rocked! I was so damn pissed when he died, WHY HIM?! Nina was pretty depressing, but I could live without her, HUGHES THOUGH! *breaks down and cries* TAKE ME, dont take him, TAKE ME! *ends breakdown* so anyway, I MISS HUGHES! WAHHHH!
Hughes........ sad.gif
It was the first time in 7 years that I cried so much after seeing his death.....
I literally screamed "WWWHHHHHYYYYY!!!"

Also because Hughes is the anime character that matches 97% of my I can connect with him.
Sleeping Forest
omg, it was totally hughes!!! his death was the first time i cried because an anime...

and it was so unfair...he had a wife and daughter, and he loved them so much...
Hughes death, by far. I never saw Nina's death, and Greeds was pretty good, but Hughes was just... Ouch.
I had to vote for Hughes, i mean seriously. Nina's death was soo sad, and she was so cute, Greed's death was wierd but sad, he was the cool humonculus (sp? so many spellings i have seen), but Hughes.......Hughes......when he died i cry so much. my mom even yelled at me cause she was asleep and i was crying and shouting "WHY HUGHES?!?! YOU WERE COOL!!!! WHY?!?!?". i mean really when his daughter did that whole "why r thet buring Daddy...." thin, OMG that was just heartbreaking. Hughes you are in my heart along with Nina and Greed *a little teardrop drips down her face*
Voted for Hughes death sad.gif
His death was the first time I watched this anime untill I cried.
He could had chance to escape but he's just....too shock? seeing the person changing to his wife's looks and this show he really love his wife sad.gif .He's such a good guy but he's dead.
His funeral,really saddening,his daughter asking why was him buried"don't buried him please,if he's buried he cant work,he had tons of work to do.Don't buried daddy"I cant controll and cried.After this,i always skipp this episode when i watched the DVDs again and again,always skipping the episode he was killed,and Ed and Al seperated,the last episode,this 2 will make me cry when I watch dry.gif
Ed-Al-Win Fan
The Nina one was really sad to me, really when Ed started bawling out at the end of the episode. It got me a little teary eyed...The poor little girl

Oh yeah Maes Hughes I hate that he died, he was a cool funny character. His death was sad as well, because his little girl was crying out to him and also Roy had started crying, even though he argue with him all the time he still was his best friend. That was pretty sad...

R.I.P Hughes
R.I.P Nina
R.I.P Greed
It's a tie between Hughes & Nina for me. I really like Hughes & I was so mad when that happened to him. I hate Nina's father for he did to her! She did nothing wrong & he just used her as if she were some kind of experiment! I totally cried when Ed started crying.
Hughes was the death that moved me most. I felt so bad during the funeral, when his daughter started talking I cried.
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