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Full Version: The Apprentice
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disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from fma.
but I did create Daena Williams

chapter one

Colonel Roy Mustang slowly walked down the hallway , making his way closer to the Fuher Bradley's office.
"summons me all the way to central then there must be something going on" Roy thought.
Finally at te door of his direct superior, Roy knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in" a voice responded

Roy opened the door and steped in. He brought his right hand to his forhead and give a casual salute.
"Fuher sir, you requested to see me" Roy stated

"Yes Colonel I know.There is a matter I wish to disscuss with you" the Fuher said looking Mustang in the eye.
this gaze made Roy nervous but he let himself break his salute and let his hand drop to his side.
"Colonel as you know we recently started a program for children to learn about our military and possibly have information on it
in case they wish to join.
"Yes Sir" Roy answered immedietly
"it is like an apprentice type thing I suppose. However, each parent or guardian of the child must submit information before their child can take part"
Roy stood silently and waited for the Fuher to continue.
"One parent sent us information on her child. , said her daughter was a complete handful, a nuiscence. I met with the girl and indeed she is quite diffiuclt"
"Is there anything I can do sir?" Roy asked
King Bradley smiled.
"Colonel I have arranged for you and your subordinates to take the girl into the program."
"With respecty sir, why not just have myself take care of it?" Mustang questioned.
Bradley gave out a chuckle as he turned to answer Roy.
"Trust me Colonel you wouldnt be able to handle her on your own. You will take turns by a set of 3 days. she should be at the train station later on today"
"Yes sir" Roy saluted the Fuher and turned to leave.

Mustang waited at the train station that evening, waiting for the girl he would have to look after.
he looked at the information papers he received and read her name out loud to himself
"Daena Williams..Williams" the name seemed to ring a bell in his head but then again he couldnt remember fully. there were so many Williams' around.
"Hey. are you Mustang?" Someone said
Roy turned to see a short girl, no taller then the Fullmetal Alchemist. She had Hazelnut brown hair spilling over her shoulders, and was clad in a milkypink turtle neck sweater, and a black skirt. She also wore black stokings, tanish looking boots and black gloves that exposed her fingers and wrist, and a backpack that was in the shape of a bunny rabbit
"You must be Ms. Williams." Roy greeted . he calmy held out his hand for a shake.
"nice to meet you" she responed taking his hand. she didnt seem that bad.
they decided to walk back to hq, it was only a short distance away .
"So Ms. Williams, to inform you tommorrow you will be going to east city with me" Roy said.
"hmph, fine by me, I been to East before, so is it still as bad as ever?" Daena asked
"I'm afraid I missed your point"
"I mean , has staff over there been as horrible as ever?" An smirk stretched on her face.
Roy frowned, and was offended by Daena's behavior.
"oh I cant wait to meet the rest of your crew, toturing them along with you is going to be fun wont it Roy?"
As Roy was about to say something, he felt a jolt at his feet, and fell face first, on the ground.
He turned quickly to see Daena looking down at him.
"Oh yes, this is going to be a blast"

End Chapter one

so. what do you8 guys think?
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I h8 cliffhangers! sad.gif But I wonder what happens to Roy... This is gonna be intresting, continue writing please!!!
Spelling mistakes and they layout is slightly confusing but I like the story as a whole. Try to add more descriptions as it looks almost like a script at the moment laugh.gif

Keep it coming.
Keep going! I likie this story it's so AWESOME! laugh.gif
Alright here is chapter 2. I changed the layout so maybe it will be a little easier to read.

Chapter 2: a day with the crew.

"Man what a boring train ride." Daena complaind as she stretched her arms out.

Roy and Daena had been on the boring train ride to East City , slowly watching the trees go by for twelve strait hours
"Boring? How can you say boring!? you wouldnt keep still !" Roy lectured.
"Hey I was sooo bored that I needed to find something to do"

Roy gave out a sigh and took a brief look around the station.
"hmm. Lieutenant Hawkeye was going to pick us up. Wonder why she isnt here yet. "

Daena slowly wondered off from Roy a few feet, and took a look around as well.

"Hey Mustang! There are some people in the military uniform over here!" She yelled.
Roy immedietly walked over to Daena.

"Good eye kid you get an A" He said as he patted Daena on the head.

They both walked over to the car where Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye gave Roy a salute.

"Greetings Hawkeye, nice to see you again. This is Daena Williams, our new Apprentice" Roy said as he pulled Daena in front of him by her shoulders
"Excuse me sir, but our new apprentice?" Hawkeye questioned.

Roy notioned for Daena to get in the back seat of the car before he continued.
"Yep our new apprentice. Apperently the Furher thinks just one of us won't be able to handle her." Roy informed.

"Maybe we could call Lieutenant Colonel Hughes here he is good with kids" Hawkeye said as she got in the drivers side of the car.
Hawkeye turned around to see Daena , her face glued to the window.

"Hi Daena I'm Lieutenant Hawkeye, you can call me Riza" She said with a smile.
A coy smile stretched across Daena's face

"Colonel Mustang told me some stuff about you. said your a really reliable subordiante"
Riza smiled again
"well hopefully during this little program you can learn how to be a good a soldier as Roy"
she turned around and started the car

Daena smiled, this time a calm gentle smile.
"Yeah, this might be my only chance"

Roy looked at Daena, who sat there, staring into the open world,that seemed to be so scary, through her eyes.
He soon realized that Daena was drifting aslepp. Once he was sure she was aslepp, he looked to Hawkeye.

"Lieutenant, does this girl seem familiar to you?" Roy asked

"Yes but I cant seem to recall anything"
"Have someone call Hughes when we get to Hq. Maybe he might know"

When they all arrived at Headquaters, Roy gentely shook Daena.
"Hey kiddo time to wake up."
"hmm dont call me kiddo" She grumbled.

Right away Riza set out to get ahold of Hughes.
Once she was at a phone, she dialed the number, and waited for him to pick up.
"Lieutenant Colonel Hughes speaking"
"Hughes it's mje Lieutenant Hawkeye."
"oh hey! How's Roy doin'?" Hughes asked.
"he's doing fine. He asked me to ask you about something."
"Okay what?"
"Does the name Williams sound familiar to you?"
"Yeah why?"
"we took in a child in our apprentice program named Daena Williams, Roy thinks he might have heard of her. Doy you know anything?"
"Yeah, we took care of a murder case concerning a Mrs. Martha Williams a\oh about 3 years ago."
Riza's eyes widend. It was starting to come back to her.
"The murder of Johan Williams?" she questioned.
"Yeah. I think Daena was the name of her daughter. I think she was a neglected child after her brother was murdered."
Hughes continued.
"Thank you Hughes bye" Riza hung up the phone.

What did she mean by her only chance? she thought.

when she arrived in the lounge, she saw Daena talking to Falman.
"So what do you do for a hobby?" He asked
"I like running. oh and I do alchemy too!" Daena answered.
Apperently he was interveiwing her.
"really. a young alchemist. kids these days."
"I started reading my dad's alchemy books after my brother went away. My mother never really noticed. but I think my skills arestill kinda rusty.but good."

Riza left the room right away to tell Roy what she found out.
That the same Daena Williams, was a child they dealt with in a murder, and child neglection case, ony 3 years before.
The story does not seem to be bad, but you might want to proofread each chapter before posting it. Improper punctuation marks make sad readers. Also, you sound like you're avoiding the word "said" a little too hard, which shows. Read other people's works to overcome this problem. smile.gif
QUOTE(EdElricsGal93 @ Nov 26 2005, 06:02 PM) [snapback]320046[/snapback]

The story does not seem to be bad, but you might want to proofread each chapter before posting it. Improper punctuation marks make sad readers. Also, you sound like you're avoiding the word "said" a little too hard, which shows. Read other people's works to overcome this problem. smile.gif

I agree. I also recommend that you watch how Daena progresses in the story, she could become a sue easily. A young girl, decent looks, tragic past, -referance- "about fullmetals hieght", tricks/disobeys/talks back to superiors, and in her own words she's "pretty good" at alchemy. -though if it's a fact I'm not yet sure-

I'm not calling her a sue, just saying you should be careful. Overall, good job so far. wink.gif
thanks I'll keep that in mind.I am trying to keep her character the way I want it. but it is kinda hard...
QUOTE(Legolas of Mirkwood @ Nov 26 2005, 09:34 PM) [snapback]320202[/snapback]

thanks I'll keep that in mind.I am trying to keep her character the way I want it. but it is kinda hard...

Yeah, I've been there. As a hint, keep in mind she's in the millatary, the place where you get court martialed (<<Any idea how to spell that?) if you mess with people higher ranks then you in the ranks, or abuse those in the lower. But, wait....she's in the apprentice program because she's a handful....maybe a learning curve is needed? I dunno. Update when possible, I'll be waiting!
she's not really in the military. she is there to learn how to bbe a soldier however. smile.gif
Haldir of Lorien
I like it. Very funny and not to original.I don't think Daena will become a sue.then again we all have different definitions of "Mary-Sue"
Keep the good work LoM I look forward to seeing the next chapter,and even better,reading it. biggrin.gif
well here it is. Chapter three.

Chapter three: Pleasure to meet you.

Roy slipped his arms through the sleeves of his jacket. Unprepared for the long day ahead, Roy hadnt even thought about how he was going to lay the events in his day out. Not only did he have to start teaching Daena the basics of the military, but he had mounds of paperwork to start on.
Once he reached headquaters he say his loyal bunch of subordinates talking, and what not.
Daena was standing near the slate chalkboard writing several equations on the black slate.
"Hey Mustang , up a little late arent we?" Daena asked.
"There kid thats your first rule. wake up on time" Roy said
"Don't think you need to tell me. I was up a long time ago" She turned her head back to the chalkboard.
Roy sighed and took a seat at his desk. Riza walked up and layed a bunch of papers on his desk.
"Sir these need to be done in three days " she inquired.
"Great I dont have time for this. first I have all of those other papers to do" Roy took out a pen and began to sign some of the other papers layed out over the desk.
"Sir those are due today" Riza said
" What! why didn't anyone tell me they were due today!" Now Mustang was frantically signing, quickly tossing pages to a pile for finished ones, and taking another from his largge stack of unfinished paperwork.
Daena let out a large sigh and turned to face the people behind her. Now they were all working. Either they were doing parerwork or heading out to do other duties. Roy lifeted his head to see her.
"Hey if your bored go to the library or something"
"I have a few books with me."She replied. She reached into her bunny shaed backpack and pulled out a book titled "A beginners Guide to Alchemy" and removed a flimsy paper bookmar and started reading. Hawkeye still hadn't told Mustang about Daena. She decide to let it go for now. All was quite for the next few hours, when all of a sudden the door to the office slowly crept open. Sciezka walked in and greeted everyone.
"Sorry to interupt you Colonel but do you perhaps have anyone freeto help me carry a fwe things to the main branch. We have a bucnh of new books and I can't carry them by myself? Sciezka asked.
"No sorry. All of my men are busy."Roy replied.
"Sir I can go help her" Daena said getting up from her chair.
"You sure?"
"Yeah I fished my book anyway and have nothing else to do."
"Alright. Let me right you a pass." He said reaching for a small peice of paper

Soon enough, Daena was carrying boxes to the library along with Sciezka.
"So, Your'e here because of the new program?" Sciezka asked.
"Yeah. I like it so far. I can't wait until I get to meet all of the other soldiers Mustabg works with.
"He really has a nice group doesnt he?"
" He needs to do his work on time though. People like him have a hard time moving on if they always have stuff to do ."
" What do you mean?"
"I mean he is a slacker"
"Oh. Well he isn't such a bad guy you know"
"No he probably isn't but hey I don't know he well enough. To me right now, he seems like the kind of guy who cleans windows rather then do his work"

When all the boxes were loaded in. Sciezka and Daena decided to rest for a bit in the hallway.
"Hey earlier you mentioned that you finished a book. If you dont mind, could I ask which one it was?"
"Oh that. I t was "A begginers guide to Alchemy"
"I read that one. Though I didn't really understand it. "
"Yeah I have read it a thousand times. I dont really have any other reading material."
"You don't?"
"Nope. I buy my own books with what little my mother gives me. but the guy at the book store lets me stay there and read the books he has all day."
"That is awfully nice of him"
"Yeah. Well. Mustang is probably waiting. He can't leve grounds until he makes sure I am returned to the dorms."
"Your staying at the dorms?"
"Yeah . Not like I would take the train ride to Central everyday."
"Must be tough"
"No Not really. well it was a pleasure meeting you Sciezka"
With that said. Daena made her way back to Mustang's office and opened the door. When she got in, she realized only Master Sergant Cain Fury in the room.
"Hey, where did Mustang go?" She asked. Closing the door behind her
"The Colonel had to go . Something came up. He ordered me to stay here and wait for you."
"Oh well thank you." Daena was being as polite as she could. She had only met Fury once when Mustang took her to the lounge to get some coffee. He was nice to her so She decided to return the favor.
"Well shall we go?"
"Yeah okay."
She held the door open for him on their way out. She looked up at the clouds, pavintg the blue sky with a purple blanket.
"Hope it doesnt rain." Fury said
"I dont mind bad weather."
Daena and Fury said thier good byes and parted. She unlocked the doorto her small dorm room that the Fuher so kindly let her stay in.
"Well Goodnight" She thought to herself. She fell asleep. right away.

Meanwhile, at Headquaters, a single soldier went through each room, making sureno one was in the building. What he didnt see while going through Mustangs office, was a little bunny shaped backpack ,laying on the chair in the corner.

End Chapter 3

I want to do chapter four but I think thats enough for now. What do you guys think?
Haldir of Lorien
I love it.I can't help but wounder if

I love it.I can't help but wounder if Daeane wil like...OMG!
haha look forward to reading the next installment
biggrin.gif (nice work!)
thanks hali. looks like you'll just have to wait and read. tongue.gif
This story is frizzly! (my new word for awesome)
lol. glad you like it
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I just read them all, great job! Keep going!!
Great job, Legolas of Mirkwood!! biggrin.gif
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I had so much school work I hardly had time to look at the computer.

Chapter four: Why would I care?

Daena searched frantically around her apartment for her backpack. "Where could it be?" She thought to herself as she ducked under the bed. She looked at the clock. She had been searching for an hour. No one had been here to pick her up today which was rather strange. She realized that she couldn't be late today. Taking one last sorrowful glance at her room, she opened the door and left.

"Where could that girl be?!" Roy asked himelf as he paced around his office.
"Sir she probably is waiting for someone to go get her."Riza added.
"What makes you think that?"
"Well you always had someone pick her up remember?" Riza said as she shuffled the papers on Roy's desk
Frustrated Roy looked at Jean Havoc.
"Havoc go get the girl" He ordered
"Yes sir" Havoc said with an added salute.
Fury opened the office door and walked in.
"Good morning sirs" He greeted.
"Hey fury." Havoc said as he left the room.
"Has anyone seen Daena? She left her bag here yesterday."
Roy looked puzzled at Fury.
"How would you end up with it?"
"Oh. the soldier on lock up duty found it after the second sweep and he saw me walking Daena home so he gave it to me"
"The girl is late Fury she hasnt shown up yet" Hawkeye said.

Daena jogged down the sidewalk. she felt awkward without her backpack. It seemed like her own brother, and without it she worried herself. She looked behind her to make sure she wasnt jogging slowly. She felt a sudden force in front of her just as she ran into havoc.
"Hey kid I was just about to pick you up" He said patting Daena's head.
"Don't call me kid!" She yelled.
"Really? Why not how old are ou anyway?"He asked.
"well to me thats earns you the title of kid" He boasted.
Daena ran ahead of havoc and looked him in the eye.
"I'm am in no mood to be called names today Mr., so why dont you just leave me alone.!" She yelled once more.
" 'Kay geez. D\don't need to get on my case" he protested.

At HQ everyone was at work when Havoc entered the room with Daena. Right away she ran up to Roy.
"Did I leave my bag here?" She asked.
" As a matter of fact you did." Fury interupted. He held out the bunny shaped backpack for Daena to grasp.
She calmly took it.
"Thank you" She avoided looking at him in the eye. She was kind of embaressed for her foolishness.
"By the way, your mouther called me last night" Roy blurted.
" What did she want?" Daena asked, her voice turned ice cold.
"She wanted you to know that she's leaving you in our custody for another mounth"
"Why would I care?"
"Two months here and you dont want to go home?" Riza asked.
"No I don't. I like it here."
Daena walked over to the chalk board and transmuted a piece of chalk from the dust. She calmly started writing her eqautions.
"What kinda kid doesnt want to go home?" Rpoy asked.
Riza looked down at her feet.
"Maybe its not so much as the home, maybe the people there.

End chapter four

I'll try to get you guys two chapters next time.

btw, you can call me LoM for short. instead of typing Legolas of Mirkwood all the time smile.gif
Alphonse Elric101
Nice work LoM
It;s kinda sad though,about daena's past,(at least I find it sad.)
Any way I hope you update soon, I am looking forward to the next few chapters. smile.gif
I will have it up by thursday or friday.
I'm so ashamed TT.TT I said I would have it up by a thursday or a friday but it ended up vbeing another year....sorry everyone.
anyway I have been writing A LOT since then so hopefully there will be less flaws in it.

okay...lets try to pick this up

Chapter 5: The best of the worst.

The office was extremely quiete for being a rush hour. Roy sat at his desk doing paper work, Riza was reading a book while eating her lunch. Daena was drawing on the chalk board.
"Hey, I just realized something." Deana said.
"Really? and what would that be?" Roy asked. Daena did a childish turn around letting her hair toss completely to the other side of her neck.
"How come you haven't taught me anything about actually serving in the military yet?". A puzzled expression was over her face. Interested in the subject somehow, Riza loooked up from her book.
"Well, one, because I don't have the time, two I am hoping you'll observe something. Three, there are a bunch of other people here to teach you something"
Deana was about to open her mouth just when the telephone rang. Roy immidietly picked it up, releifed that the conversation was on pause.
"sir the FullMetal alchemist just arrived in the city, he will be in within the next hour to give you his report the person on the other line stated.
"Really? Well thanks for the tip." Roy said. Riza noticed a cocky smile on Roy's face, meaning he just got a really neat idea on how to screw someone over. He hung the phone up gently and folded his hands over his desk.
"Well Kiddo it looks like your going to meet someone new today. He'll be the one to begin teaching you."
"One, don't call me Kiddo, two, I know your planning on leaving with someone else jsut cause your to lazy to do anything."
"oh on the contrary, your going to spend the day with the state's youngest state alchemist, pratically made history you know."
Daena looked a little puzzled but at the same time she was thinking of ways to make the rest of her day as entertaining as possible

Ed and Al sat in the waiting room when the door to Roy's office finally opened. Riza leaned out to see them.
"The Colonel will see you now." She said. They both got up and Ed sighed in frustration.
"Geez took him long enough" He complained.
As soon as he walked in, Ed slapped a thick packet of word processed paper on Roy's desk as if to taunt him.
"I saved you the trouble of listeing to me talk for hours." He said, a mocking tone etched into his voice and smile.
"Well thanks for the effort but I have a new assingment for you." He said. Ed looked a little puzzled.
"You'll be taking this girl around doing whatever you feel like but you'll need to teach her things about alchemy and the state and whatnot." Roy said triumphently. Daena suddenly caught Ed's eye.
"What? Why? I'm not some library you know nor a tourist guide!"
"I know, and she's no tourist either. She's the official apprentice of Eastern head quarters, it's a new community service thing the state is doing. Oh and this will be documented so take good care of her."

He didn't now how this happened, but somehow Ed found himself stuck with an annoying girl who made a commentary on everything she saw.
"So tell me, how old are you?" She asked.
"Because your too short to be older then me." She said. Ed turned around furiously and was about to have one of his reknown rages when Al grabbed his shoulder.
"My brother is 16" He said.
Deana's eyes were open wide as if shocked form something.
"Y-your an attached soul aren't you?"
Ed was suddenly surprised as a serious look crossed his face.
"Thats too much for a beginning alchemsit tpo know."
"Really? Any alchemist could tell."
Ed felt a headahce coming on, so he just ruend around and continued walking down the street.
"Come one." He muttered.
"Hey. you okay?" Al asked Daena. Her eyes were glued to the cobblestone street.
"he reminds me of my brother."
"really? what's your brother like."
"Why does it matter? He's dead. and if I'm like Edward, I'll be next"


blah kind of a lame ending. anyway I truly apologize to everyone who were looking forward to this chapter for awile.

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