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Full Version: Mythbusters, Anyone?
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Those guys really do have a lot of fun. Blowing up stuff can be stress-busting. But they do those things and still others learn from it. Now that's cool. It's like, blow em up, let them learn from it! What other job offers that much fun?
Vampire Alchemist
I love the Mythbusters
I love Mythbusters!!

it's really a great show.

lol, i wish I can do what they do, and have a giant storehouse filled with a bunch of "useless crap".happy.gif

remember that one episode where they made their own hover crafts with like a bunch of powerful leafblowers? that was one of my favorite episodes. i wish i could have one!
The Mad Bomber
It`s great, but for some reason I have lost interest in the series as it has proceeded.

They get to do everything I want to do!!! It's not fair, damn it!! I want a chicken gun!
I like the jail breaking one, where they try to re-create an old, western jail and which method can break them out. They tried horse, explosives, and something else I can't remember. Oh, and it's always fun when they break out the fake heads of themselves for testing things that are too dangerous for a real human. XD
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