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Full Version: House Of Homunculi
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The Krazy one
Wanna read a fic dedicated to the homunculi? It takes place sometime before Greed gets sealed and everything after. Be warned it has alot of spoilers and some events I made up but to bring out their personalities and relations ships a little more. But overall it's story's backbone is based on facts that I collected from reading the manga and anime.

There are alot of Spoilers xD So I would advise it to those who watched ATLEAST Epp 1~45 in the anime.

Rated: T for Violence, Language, and some adult themes
Relantionships: GREED VS. ENVY (Not GreedXEnvy)
Greed VS. Dante
Envy vs. Hohenheim

Formal Relationships:
Gluttony and Lust (Loyalty)
Sloth and Wrath (Mommy and baby)

Later installments:
ehhh...? We'll see

Tell me what you guys think, kk? ^^ Still a working progress tho. ^___~
I think I completed chapters 1~5
I was reading this story yesterday. It's really cool. I like it when you make Greed and Envy fight. You know that girl that became Dante's apprentice? I thought she was Izumi. Your story is original, I love it. Update as soon as possible. smile.gif
By the way, you should post that poem you wrote in Fullmetal Alchemist Poetry.
The Krazy one
Thanks ^^ cool.gif
I've finished reading "House of the Homunculi" a couple of weeks ago. Hope you add more to "Hell's my playground" I love that one
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