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Full Version: What School Do You Go To?
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6th grader of Immaculate Conception Academy for girls in the Philippines located in San Juan beside the all-boys school, Xavier
Institute Holy Family St-Niklaas. 5th grade, Latin-Maths 6 houres.
Don't hit me, that's how it's called: Instituut Heilige Familie
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish
Flower Mound High school
Wow! that name just screams GAYNESS!

one day I hope to go to MIT
you just watch me sleep.gif

wait no please don't that's creepy
Indignant Judgment
CHS (Clark High School) I hate it >.< IT IS WAAAAY TOO SMALL
MSUM (Moorhead-State University of Minnesota) XP
lol I think it's pretty weird because I'm right next to the city where I was born (my family moved twice ^^)

Although this University has a reputation of getting too drunk and drowning in rivers o-o;
Senior of John A. Rowland High School and hating every minute of it. hahaha
Freshman (9th) of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School (Georgia, USA). I hate being the underdog again! XD
My last high school would show where I live...but I guess I can tell you now that I transfered.

Sophomore of West Ranch High School.

A tiny school built somewhat like a middle school, with different levels. Aren't we proud? The most crowded in all of the state, and we don't even have seniors until next year.
Dark Butterfly Demi89
Essex County Vocation Technical High School-North 13th Street...yeah long name...or North 13th for short (happy.gif)
*annoying sing-song voice*
St George Girls high school takes it's heritage, nor wi~ll disgrace it's page!
Um, yes that's actually our school song..
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