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Kal Rommel
I agree with Shinobixmelxi It was long, but worth it. I think I laughed more than I did on the other two, which is kind of weird, in a way...x.x
QUOTE(Kal Rommel @ May 25 2007, 10:26 PM) [snapback]547233[/snapback]
I agree with Shinobixmelxi It was long, but worth it. I think I laughed more than I did on the other two, which is kind of weird, in a way...x.x

I believe it was over 170 min? 2-3 hours. So make sure to pee, and to buy no drinks. Missing a moment of this movie will leave you utterly confused since the story and whats happening is told in every scene. You leave the bathroom for 3 minutes while it was here, next thing you see, there over there doing god knows what and your like... Huh?
No drinks cause it'll keep you on constant pee mode. Me and my friend held it through out the whole thing!

OH! OH!!!!
Extra extra! Not a spoiler!
When the movies is done, don't get up when the credits are rolling.
This gives you a perfect 3-4 minutes of RR time, but go back in! After the movies credits, theres a clip, an extra clip, that if you didn't know, was also done in 1 and 2. But just stay after credits, honest.
Kal Rommel
Shinobi is right about the clip!! We sat and read through the credits (xD) and it was there! Anyways...
She's right. No drinks. I went to the restroom before we went in and I still had to hold it. Get comfortable. I shifted around so many times @_@
Well, POTC is always very very long...

I still remember watching POTC2 and I was like "HUH? huh.gif What? The movie ended already?" when the Black Pearl sank, and Jack Sparrow got swallowed by The Kreken..
yeah, so prepare. And bring snacks if you want, but you will forget food, honestly. I only ate 1 nacho before the movie started and I was set.
But if you are the very hungry type, make sure to bring enough snacks to fill you during the 3 hours of awesomeness.

My rating, 9/10. It was good, but it still somewhat lacked, but a 9s pretty close, so give it a go.
If you haven't watched POTC2, you will be confused, more confused if POTC3 is your first watch of the Pirates trilogy. So I recommend you watch 1, not 2 really.
3 sorta fills you up on 2's story. but 1 is needed, so you get some sense of the characters and their story's, how it started and such.
But, if you wanna catch on in the humor in 3, you need to watch 2, or the last half of it.

9/10 for pirates. Those who've watched, what do you think? Please rate depending in the story and actions of the 3rd, not because your a Pirateholic like me >_<
V-mental alchemist
HotFuzz was really good but then again simon pegg is way cool!x i saw it twice when it came out-can't wait for the DVD
gunslinger alchemist
Beetle Juice, Batman, Death Becomes Her, and Pirates of The Caribean Worlds End reeeeally good movies!
Sword Alchemist
Fly Boys

It's based on a true story of fighter pilots during World War 1.
Cait the Cat
I recommend Alfred Hitchock's 'PSYCHO'.

It's an excellent movie, has great cinematography and acting, and a perfect music score.
Also, it contains one of the most iconic scenes of cinema. (The Shower Scene)

-Take The Lead
-The Cat Returns
-Ocean's Thirteen
The Roasted Chicken

The Dark Night.. Alot of Anime movies r good, the saw movies are good if you feel like laughing, anything really :/
Street Fighter cause it's wicked awesome
Black Snake Moan, if you don't mind looking at sex here and there, it's a moving and deep movie...Er, in an appropiate emotional sense of course.
The Tigger Movie. XD

It's actually very deep. Tigger is lonely and looks for his kin, only to find that his home is right in the 100 acre woods with his friends.

Powerful Stuff.



Um... *trying to remember any good movies*

I just watched Marley & Me, that was really good. (but sad at the end)

My brain just died. sad.gif

If I think of any , I'll post back. XD

The book is amazing and hilarious, Marley & Me. I wanted to go see the movie, the book made me cry twice. Once because it was so funny, and the 2nd because it was so depressing. I wanted to go see the movie The Unborn too..
Red Cliff 2... omoshiroi!
Battle Royale. Japanese Movie but very good and shows how human we all are and how we would react in suchs situation. That it is not easy to kill your friends for the sake of surviving.
Elisabeth Hawkeye
Almost every movie I saw with Tom Hanks was absolutely great! For example the greatest with him was Forest Gump and Green Mile - especially in Green Mile I always I start to cry at the end happy.gif
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
Hana Kimi!!
It's the best Japanese drama in the world! There's also a Taiwanese version smile.gif

Everyone must watch it! It's hilarious!
Fight Club?
I'm a Cyborg is a fantastic film, especially if you're looking for something a bit quirky but still with a lot of heart. Best love story I've seen in a while.
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