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well this is my first sig shop (yay) I hope I can make you guys sigs that you will enjoy
here are some of my works

please leave a picture if possible only if you want me to make you a curious one.
I can put backrounds like the ones in my sigs but plz say wha you want.
and text and text colors thank you happy.gif
Haldir of Lorien
May I request one for another forum of mine please?
pic:Can I get one of Aragorn or Eomer Pwetty Pwease?(or Haldir biggrin.gif )
Backround:A pretty Water fall or Night sky.( I LOVE that last backround picture)
Text:Shoadowed Black and Blue.
TEXT SAYS:Haldir of Lorien

Many thanks my fellow Kinsmen. biggrin.gif
okay. mind If I change it a little? I got a really nice Idea
Ed Elrich
can get something with ed or one of the FMA characters.
um, can you make me an avatar with this pic?


Can you put "I'm thinking........" Thanks Mirkwwood.
Hello and welcome to Alchemy Haven Studios

Okay here we do sigs and avatars and yes even animated sigs and avatars. Here is the form u r supposed to fill out when you order from one of the alchemists.


Artist (yeah)
Sig Size: (Enter in pixels)
Pictures: (If you have any particular pictures you want in it? Please leave the URL to it.)
Colour Theme: ( Whatever colour theme you want, name it!)
Text: ( Give what you want written in it, and the type of text you want!
Anything extra?: (Anything extra you want on it? Put it here!
Random: ( Just choose any of our products available in the studio and we will do what we want with it.! No refunds on this if its not what you wanted either!)

If you wish to join alchemy haven studios please PM me, send in 2 pieces of ur work, and 5 sentences of why you wish to join.
SsleepyAll here is yours
IPB Image

And ed I got your done too.!
IPB Image
ed's numbuh 1 fan
wow those are really pretty i like how you use nature like backgrounds
oh crap Ally I'm sorry I made a sig . I didnt realize you asked for an avy
hold on
IPB Image

you can take the sig too if you want ally
sry for the inconvience
Hey I work here too ya know.....
Anyways some1 plz order from me!!!
Thank you! It's the best! Another 1ooo tys Mirkwood!!
Master of Alchemists
Can you get me one Showing how Ed and Al have matured Through the years and can you make it with a combination of a sort of magical blue in the center and blood red on the very outside.
i wish to subit a request of 5 characters. but all fma related along with an alchemic background,preferrably with ither one giant symbol or smaller diffrent ones surrounding 5 main characters of my story.. been looking for a immager.. so your my best bet.. if you can do this ill submit the pictures i have for an ideal image.. let me know if your available

Energy Alchemist
If you click on the link, you'll see my pick. I want you to copy that into an avvie. The text should be "Energy Alchemist"
uhm, guys, this thread hasn't been posted in for almost two years...
~ Lom's Sig Shop, second try ~

okay. I looked back at my first shop and I sucked back then XD
anyway If it's wouldn't be too much to ask, Could a mod please delete that topic( I don't need two sig topcs taking up bandwith ^.^U) and if possible add this to the sig shop directory?
I would be extremely grateful.
anyway here are some of my more recent works.

okay. I would appriciate it if you would leave dimensions pictures and any toher details like color picture placement etc. I hope I can make images for you all to enjoy
(sorry I know some of these are a bit big, but I won't continue to make them so. )

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