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IPB Image
Dig the banner? tongue.gif Well, nevertheless, welcome to my sig shop, aka, the Insane Asylum. I've been making pictures on Photoshop for a few months now, so I just couldn't help jumpin' on the damn bandwagon and opening up one of these puppies. *pats* But not only do I make sigs, but I make banners, normal pics, and avatars! Here's whatcha need to fill out:
Picture url (or an idea of pictures you want in it):
Color scheme (text, background, etc.):
Background url (or a basic idea of what you're looking for):
Theme (angsty, funny, dark, etc.):
Size of pic:
Do you want your name on it?:

And here's some examples of me work:
IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
hey could I get a sig ? um characters: Hughes
colors:blue and white
and could you have it say
Rest in peace.

thank you
oh btw you can pick any picture you like. smile.gif
Here ya go!

IPB Image


If you want anything changed, don't hesitate to ask! happy.gif
Bloodtear Alchemist
Hey do you think you can make me a sig?

Color: Red and Black.

Text: Can it say "An eye for an eye, and everyone ends up blind" please and thanks. ^^

Pic: [attachmentid=2794]

I dont want a huge sig just a kinda small one if you can.
IPB Image

There ya go! Sorry about the long wait, and if you need anything altered, don't hesitate to ask. ^^
Alphonse Elric101
May I get one please?
Color scheme (text, background, etc.):Bright yellow,orange,Etc.
Background url (or a basic idea of what you're looking for):happy
Theme (angsty, funny, dark, etc.):
Text:"To obtain,somthing of equal value must be lost."
Size of pic:, maybe as big as you can,it's your choice.
Do you want your name on it?:Yes please.

Here are the pics I'd like to have
IPB Image


Once again, sorry for the delay. It's a bit crowded, but here it is.
Luckyalchemy27, will you please make me a Greed avatar?
Um...I don't really have an idea for any specifc image, but manga version though if that's possible, and probably without the glasses. As for text, I'd just like his name there.

I would also like a signature banner contrasting Sloth and Trisha Elric from the anime. (Don't have any more thoughts on making the images anymore specific than that.) I suppose the theme would be bittersweet angst; background dark; text "What Once Was Lost...Now Darkness Falls", separated into different lines though, and you can cut it in half if you want, just writing "What Once Was Lost...."

Thanks for listening, and I hope to see the avatar and banner.

(P.S. Some other questions for you:
1. Would it be alright if I ask you for more signature banners and avatars in the future?
2. Do you think you'll ever give lessons on how to make avatars and signature banners?)
Alphonse Elric101
OMG! thanks so much,it looks freakin Awsome!
*beams* No, thank you, Alphonse Elric-san. ^__^ Nothing makes me happier than to see my works enjoyed.

Also, I will have your avatar and banner soon, Sydney. For the banner, do you mean you want a banner like for a site of yours, or a sig for a site like here? And which size do you want it?

And to answer your questions, yes, you can ask for as much as you want. I'd be happy to make more for you. happy.gif Um...and I probably won't be doing much actual teaching, but if you like I can make a tutorial on something.
Can I have a sig?

Picture url (or an idea of pictures you want in it): any of these will be fine and you can use however many or few you need to make a nice sig
Color scheme (text, background, etc.): whatever looks best
Background url (or a basic idea of what you're looking for): sad and romantic or something like that
Theme (angsty, funny, dark, etc.): angsty, romantic
Text: Angel of Mine
Size of pic: whatever sig works best up to normal sig limits here
Do you want your name on it?: yes please

Please and thank you.
Gah, sorry Luckalchemy, I forgot to specify what kind of sig. banner I wanted! wacko.gif

I'd like to use the banner here on these forums, please. And for size...well, I'm really ignorant of this digital art stuff, so I don't know what size would be best; you just pick whichever size works best for you, and that so that it--you know--fits here on these forums.

Thanks for your work, and I forgot to mentione last time, but I've seen some of your prior banners and avatars, and they're really cool. (The whole Alphonse one's my favorite so far.)
Okay, Sydney, here's yours:
IPB Image

IPB Image

And here's the other one:
IPB Image
Luck, thank you so much! (Took me awhile, but I finally got the avatar and banner up; they look great. happy.gif)

blink.gif Yow! You made the Greed avatar look creepy...a very surrealistic style....
Thank you soooo much I love it!
Thank you both very much. ^__^ I had a ton of fun playing around with the lighting in those.
Can you make me a sig?
Can you just put, Happy New Year, in this picture? Just keeping the background as it is, no specific color scheme or theme, and mabye a little effect to the border? Thank you.
Owarinai Yume
May I get a sig please?
Text color:Light purple
Text:Fumiko X Kim for all eternity
Main Colors: Blue and Purple
Fayth Prophecy
Color scheme (text, background, etc.): What ever looks the best to you
Background url (or a basic idea of what you're looking for): hopeful for the most part
Theme (angsty, funny, dark, etc.): kinda of a hoping/romantic theme
Text: Across Tidus-Just whistle and I'll come running. Across Yuna-I'm listening for your whistle.
Size of pic: What ever size you decide to make it.
Do you want your name on it?: Yes please ^^
*pics are in an attachment^^*

*Hopefully this isn't too much for you to do^^*
Alphonse Elric101
Alright new request this time biggrin.gif
I need a header for my forum,So I thought I'd come ask you.
Size:I dunno,you choose.
Colors:Red and black
Text:Central City
Text color:Bright red
ed's numbuh 1 fan
um... could you make me a Kikyo sig for another forum, with this pic---> [attachmentid=3128]
and text "Tragic priestess"

thank you very much and take you time smile.gif thanks again
Cancel my request.
how about for mine with Heiderich on it. and the phrase"Alphonse Heiderich is my schatz"

here's the pic. (I think...):

Size: Dont care
Colors: Blue and silver
Text: " In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum. This is true. But, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."
Text color: Black

srry 4 double-posting but i 4got 2 say thanx!!
Could I get one of Edo-kun with the words: "Edo-kun is my puppy" on it? With these pics-

And color...I like red I guess! happy.gif

Can you please make me a siggie some with an angel (thatís white) with a black background and blood dripping off HER (if you could make the blood red I would like that)

QUOTE(BleedingAngel @ Mar 4 2007, 01:13 AM) [snapback]512694[/snapback]
Can you please make me a siggie some with an angel (thatís white) with a black background and blood dripping off HER (if you could make the blood red I would like that)


Please don't make the same exact post in other threads. It's against the rules and wil confuse those who are kind enough to make you your sigs. Ed's numbuh one fan said she already made you one anyway...
Closing the thread so that no one would post the new request accidentally, because the owner of this sig shop has been MIA for over 20 months. >.<
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