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what is ur all time fav game or game series laugh.gif

i would have to say mine would be dmc2 wink.gif
The games that i enjoy the most where Super mario, any of them.
all time favorite, eh? hmmm.... i would have to say quake 2, more specifically action quake...
Kingdom Hearts for sure! I love that game so much. But the Final Fantasy games are great too.
I'd say my favorite game series of all time is the FF, but I now am going with the Crystal Chronicals. I have to say, that game kicks butt. Oh and Kingdom Hearts.
Dystopian Rhetoric
Series eh? Probably have to be Monkey Island, since many of the truly finest games are not part of a series.
laugh.gif Do you really have to ask? Of course I like the MGS series the best ^^ The action and story are great. But my favorite out of the three is the original, though the features, action and FMVs in MGS3 were just beautiful. MGS all the way. Go Liquid ^^
Ronaldo Rodregez
Sonic the Hedgehog, home dawgs.
I like Final Fantasy very much, but the game I really enjoyed most is Monkey Island II.
The Super Mario RPG series.
I like dragon ball z budokai games biggrin.gif
Azura Elric

The Super Mario RPG series, and Tales of Symphonia.
Black Rose
what your asking me too chose??!!!
*looks helplessly from game to game*
Mustang's Apprentice
Legend of Zelda series.
Well, ya, Legend of Zelda series for sure. But I love the old game for the SNES, Earthbound. That game was amazing, it was funny, challenging, and it made you want to come back for more. Another great game was Crono Trigger. Man i love that game... biggrin.gif
the ironflame alchemist
my fav game of all time is either Shinobi for ps2 or supersmash bros. melee for GC
Half Life 1 and 2
Warcraft 2 tongue.gif
Halo 2, cause it's so much better with friends.
Damn! i can't choose just one lol!
um.. my favs:DMC1,DMC3,Onimusha,Shinobi...and more!XD
Silent Hill series
Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3-Frozen Throne ( D-DAY)
KOTOR Series
PES series
GTA series (especially San Andreas)
Tekken 3-5
MGS- Snake Eater
Age Of Series (waiting for 3)
Call Of Duty
My favorites are World of Warcraft, Tales of symphonia, and Fire Emblem 7..
Narutimate hero 2
Fullmetal Alchemist The Broken Angel
Star Wars those are pretty good and MGS them to.
Holy cats! It's Impossible for me to choose just one! So a few of my fav's would be: Tales of Symphonia, Soul Calibur 2 (even though it's ancient, it's still fun tongue.gif ), Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros Melee isn't bad, and niether are the KOTOR games, the 2 Halo's, um, some of the Zelda's... and alot of others. Oh, and can't leave out Onimusha and some of the Final Fantasy's.laugh.gif
Halo and Halo2!!! Yeah!!!
Obcessed Mechanic
Oh, Final Fantasy lll all the way. Although I realllllllly like Secret of Mana, that was a good game too. Actually, all the Square Enix and Soft games were (and are) good.
The Man Who Laughed
Aliens vs Predator arcade
I like the Zelda series and the Tom Clancies: Splinter cell series.
The GTA, Sonic, Metroid, Fire Emblem series, and Super Smash Bros Meele
hrm..i used to be a WW2 game fanatic. games i liked were:
Call of Duty, and CoD: United Offensive
Battlefield 1942
Day of Defeat
Codename: Panzers
Return to Castle Wolfestein
but also. im a hardcore blizzard fan:
starcraft and brood wars
warcraft 3
World of Warcraft
but right now, im playing:
All the FF KH games and mostly all the Mario RPGs
atm, I'm having a blast with my World of Warcraft (have been now for several months) have to say this one is on the top.

love Civilization III also.

my favourite series.. hm.. well Zelda of course. Warcraft also smile.gif Super Mario Bros is a nostalgic game you can't forget either. it's hard to just chose *one* wink.gif
WEll, i've been playing games forever and i would have to say that my favorite series' are Breath of Fire (especially III, and IV) Castlevania, Zelda, and Metroid, and Resident Evil. SIngle game wise I'd have to say Primal and Baten Kaitos.
What is your favorite video game from any system ever made!
and what is the longest time you played wacko.gif
Ed Elrich
QUOTE(Blazzer @ Nov 10 2005, 05:46 PM) [snapback]312018[/snapback]

What is your favorite video game from any system ever made!
and what is the longest time you played wacko.gif

my favorite would have to be Star Ocean. Mostly rpg's and action games
QUOTE(Ed Elrich @ Nov 12 2005, 02:10 PM) [snapback]313169[/snapback]

QUOTE(Blazzer @ Nov 10 2005, 05:46 PM) [snapback]312018[/snapback]

What is your favorite video game from any system ever made!
and what is the longest time you played wacko.gif

my favorite would have to be Star Ocean. Mostly rpg's and action games

my favs would be prince of persia the sands of time
and prince of persia warrior within biggrin.gif
my favorite game would have to be the .hack games and any square enix games such as final fantasy star ocean and kingdom hearts
I would have to say FF7 thanx to a friend of mine. It seems her life evolves around FF7 and now shes got me liking it I liked it before because of my dad. He beat the game and watching him play it everyday got me liking it and playing it. Now I play it even more.
Halo, Halo 2, Splinter Cell series, and Fire Emblem series.
The Final Fanasty games (old school and new, I'm not picky) and Tales of Symphonia
Mr G
Chrono Trigger is a great game the zelda series is very good and resident evil is also great. Anyone else played chrono trigger ?
The Final Fantasy games, Halo, and Halo 2.
Dark Templar
Runescape, Starcraft, Guildwars, Spartan Total Warrior, God of War. I like games with a lot of action!
Take a guess...hint hint
please dont hurt me
hey i would say that my favotire game would be all of the grand theft auto and kingdom heatrs.
please dont hurt me
my favorite video game is tony hawk american wasteland
Sleeping Forest
i really liked kingdom hearts...
The Great Asparagus
mario cart double dash XD

wait... or is it kart? >.< i've only played it at my friend's house lol. it's so addicting
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