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Full Version: My Drawing Of Ed
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What do you guys think of this pic? I drew it a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I dont know how to use my scanner yet but oh well.
It's good. You can definatly draw trees way better than I can.
Carnal Malefactor
Wrong forum, Picasso. dry.gif
QUOTE(What, no bacon? @ Nov 9 2005, 03:03 PM) [snapback]311483[/snapback]

Wrong forum, Picasso. dry.gif

laugh.gif ..... yes wrong forum sleep.gif

Edit: good drawing, but Ed looks a little fat there tongue.gif
*moves thread and doesn't start screeching because her current mood is optimal*

The artwork has nice, clean lines, although Ed's facial structure is a little disfigured...happy.gif
Yakushi_ Kabuto
QUOTE(What, no bacon? @ Nov 9 2005, 02:03 PM) [snapback]311483[/snapback]

Wrong forum, Picasso. dry.gif

wrong forum?

edit: nm im retarded
not the best but decent ,7.5 *claps*!
This is the picture I based the figure off of. I know its not the best compared to some of the stuff I have seen on here but if you did not know who the character is you would probably say it is better or at least thats what I get from people in my art class. I also did draw it at 3 am and I know the right cheak is a little off but oh well it still looks decent. Ive got some other drawings ill put on here later but in the right thing next time.

Any more feedback on my drawing would be greately appreciated. Im trying to improve as much as I possibly can so some constructive criticism is welcom. If you can dont just tell me whats wrong with it. Tell me how to improve it as much as possibld. Thanks a lot guys.

Ailuro: Don't double post, please.
I suggest drawing guidelines first.

This site explains a lot of how to do that.

Even if you're drawing from a picture, using guidelines is still essential to make sure everything is in the right place and lined up correctly. Every great artist uses guides.
All right Ill try that next time. I have never done that before but Ill try it. So what do you think of the drawing though?
Honestly, I think you need more practice. If you were drawing this from an original idea, it would have been much more impressive.

Now don't get me wrong, it is really not that bad. But I think just practicing basic shapes and using some guidelines will dramatically improve your skill. smile.gif
shining alchemist
I drew a picture of Ed a few days ago and it turned out pretty good. That is until I colored it. Now it's screwed. Oh well.
And about this wrong forum thing. This is the fanart forum is it not? Or am I retared along with Yakushi_Kabuto?

And by the way mii, you did pretty good. Keep it up. Don't worry you'll get better.
It's nice, you should color it.
Thanks guys. Personally I think its pretty good even though I dont have the facial structure down perfect. If you look at the lines they are really clean but its not going to be a perfect replication considering Ive only been drawing for like 3 months. Ive got a few more drawings I will post.
It looks like you copied it straight out of somewhere, but the leaves are good. smile.gif
QUOTE(EdElricsGal93 @ Nov 15 2005, 02:59 AM) [snapback]314979[/snapback]

It looks like you copied it straight out of somewhere, but the leaves are good. smile.gif

She freely admitted that she copied it. If you're going to make criticism you don't have to be rude about it.
[quote]It looks like you copied it straight out of somewhere, but the leaves are good.
Actually its not coppied out of anything. I based the figure off of a picture but it is in no way coppied. I dont trace any of the stuff I draw. It wouldnt be as satisfying.

[quote]She freely admitted that she copied it. If you're going to make criticism you don't have to be rude about it.
BTW Im a guy and I didnt copy it if you are saying I traced it. Yes, I did base it off another picture but it is in no way traced.
...yeah, copying and tracing are two very different words, ain't they? Good thing you didn't trace it, cause if you'd traced and it still came out like that, those who complimented you should be shot for giving false hope to a poor misguided soul . But just because you only copied it, keep practicing and you'll get somewhere. biggrin.gif

Rude? Oh well, after being accused to be so multiple times, what's the harm of actually being rude and having the satisfaction for once?
Your a dick dude. Honestly, can you even draw or are you just an ass who criticizes everyone? I highly doubt you can draw at all.
The Great Asparagus
uhhh... we should be more supportive of our fellow personyhead! therefore! i congratulate you! *flings confetti* and ~BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!~ WHOO!!! *sparkles*

happy.gif ur really good at drawing for a guy. well, i dun mean to be sexist, but most guys (at least the ones i know) drawing skills look like stick ppl. omg... i'm talking about myself now lol. *draws more stick ppl*
Thanks. I know a lot of guys that suck at drawing to but a lot that are good at it.
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