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Full Version: If You Could Spend Two Days With An FMA Character (or one day each with two characters)
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Haldir of Lorien
Me and My sis sawa commercial on MTV for a "Spend 2 days with your fav artist" or whatever,so that inspried this topic!

If I could spend a day with Alphonse Elric,
I would , Go to the park with him and go on the bike trail near the North Platte River,and of course have a Picnic there!(PLease note this is human Alphonse I am talking about)

If I could spend the Second day with Edward Elric, I would
Play rounds of air Hockey and Table Tennis with him.
and SPAR!
One word : EDWARD!! <3<3<3


Maybe Black Hayate would be fun to be with too if animal characters were included.
nakagos bunny
Greed, because he'd be a lot of fun to hang with, and would help me loosen up.

Envy, but that's just my shallow side who likes the way he looks in his favorite form.XD;
Roy Mustang.

So he and me can tourch things.

Ahaha, that's so lame and generic <3
*starry eyes*
If I could spend the first day with Scar, I would spend the entire time teasing him endlessly and seeing if could get him to laugh. Hopefully I would escape with minor injuries. laugh.gif

And if I could spend the second day with Ed, he and I would wander around downtown and be lazy at my house, being short together. <3 <3 <3
Dude, I would so play Laser Skirmish with Riza on Day One. XD

I'd probably take Roy or Al for Day 2... not sure what I'd do with Roy *cough* But I'd definitely go to an Amsuement Park with Al. happy.gif
I'd like hanging out with Sheska on the first day! I'm a bookworm like her and we could waste the day talking literature and camping out at Barnes and Noble.

On the second day I'd be with Al! We could go to the pet store and play with kittens and puppies! Wee!
The Great Asparagus
iiiiiii wouuulld....

spend 2 days with ed doing random things in the outdoors like hiking and canoeing (wow that's weird, did i spell that right?) and then i'd get him to beat me up so that i can improve my martial art skills

ed is reaaaally cool when he's fighting hand-to-hand combat w/ ppl. well he's also cool when he's not, but i like that one when he slammed greed's head into the ground when he first met him at devil's nest. that was sooooo cool. though i'm not entirely sure if its actually possible in reality... waaahh

ok i'm getting way off topic

the end.

oh wait, then i'd have to take a whole bunch of pictures of us together and get his autograph. tongue.gif
The first day I'd spend with Alphonse at the animal shelter, playing with the kitties. =^^=

The second day I'd spend with Edo-kun, kicking his butt at video games.
I'd spend it with Ed!!!!!!!! Let's see, he's smart he could help me with my HW for like 10 min, he could at least start teaching me alchemy just enough to destroy my school, go to the mall arcade and kick his ass at DDR, watch DVDs at night together (I'll have an excuse to hug him because scary movies freak me out), I'll help him find a new l33t outfit, and find a way to make him stay longer happy.gif.
Ed Elrich
I would spend the first day with Sheska. The second day with Ed so he can teach me how to do alchemy smile.gif
Either Roy for 2 days, Roy and Ed or Hughes together for two days, Riza for one and Roy for one, and Black Hayate. happy.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
hmmm this is hard! i had 2 but now i have 4 reading all of you guy's posts! XD

well the first day i would spend my time with Edo-kun of course! laugh.gif
and the 2 with Aru-kun maybe or Win-Win , Hughes, i can't decide laugh.gif
1st day would be with Sciezka (sp?) because I'm a huge bookworm too.
2nd day would be with Edward because... well, just because he's cool.
I'd probably have one day with Edward and one with Roy. happy.gif
1st day i will spend with greed
hes a fun guy, and he wont try to kill me
2nd day i will spend with Edward
so he can teach me alchemy, and then i can kick all those annoying people's ***'s
Hmmm, I would spend a day sparring and hanging out with ed, he's my age, my height, and he might be a challenge(havent seen a guy yet who can touch my Tae Quan Do laugh.gif), I would also like to discuss philosophy with him, although from what ive seen some of our views are different, but hell, we might actually get along.
One day would be with Al, of course, and the other in the Devil's Nest.

In my spare time I'd use alchemy to change stones into gold and make a fortune. XD
hmmm, this is hard.

1st day would be with roy, he could teach me how to torch stuff and lend me his glove.

2nd day woube with Riza, First a picnic then off to the barracks for some Home Cooking!!!!XXDDD
I'd probably spend the first with Riza Hawkeye. She r0x0rz. And she could teach me to be like her. happy.gif

I sooooooooooooooo wanna be like riza.

The second... probably al. He's cool, too. And i love him to heck.
1st dy - I would challenge ed to a thousand matches of ddr , and probably just have fun at an arcade.
2nd- I would throw an fma ddr party!!!
Granted if they're real, then alchemy is real.

So, Izumi. She'd teach me alchemy, and beat my ass for awhile. (That wasn't sexual)

And riza. (@_@ That was)

I'm sorry v_v

1st day: morning spend breakfast and lunch chilling with the Rockbells, enjoying the countryside;
afternoon and night, spend time with Hawkeye and enjoy a night out...

2nd day: all day with the military (Ed and Al included);
have lunch with Ed and Al to chill and have some good food, (maybe noodles supposedly Ed likes it);
afternoon - play shogi with Breda and chat with Farman, Fuery and Havoc about life in the military and mostly about girls with Havoc;
night - chill with the coolest guys in FMA, Maes Hughes and Roy Mustang, maybe go to a bar and hang out afterwards, doing w/e, just having fun...

(note: i know this is more than 2 characters, but i thought this out when i read the post for some reason -- if i had to pick 2, it'd be Hughes and Mustang)
^^ I would rather spend most of my time with Edward because he's kinda fun to call him names such as shorty XDD
Roi Moustang
Everyone knows that the best person you could spend those two days with is Roy Mustang. Come on now! It would be well worth giving up neone else just to watch him blow up anything and everything with just the snap of a finger. If you could spend a day with ED then you could ask him about what its like to be on the other end of Roy's flames. Bam Bam everything is gone.
If I spend 2 days with a fma character... hmmm

Day one
what:watch tv,kick his ass in Tekken, and You know what. (oh god i'm a perv)

Day Two
Who:Alphonse Elric(human)
Where:Pet land,my house
what:Play with the kitties,play with MY kitties and you know what(again see above)
I would spend both days with Ed. First we would just hang out and then I would become his student and he would teach me Alchemy. We would then stop studying Alchemy for the last few hours and go hang out with Roy Winry or Al or someone else for the rest of the time I was with them. Once I was back home I would then dedicate a majority of my free time to studying and mastering Alchemy.
experiment#84 : lab 5
I would spend the 2 days in yock island trying to survive with Ed and Al laugh.gif .
This topic is cool! I luv it! tongue.gif

My first day would be spent with Izumi. I would want her to be my teacher in alchemy, plus show me some good martial arts moves and some good training methods that I could learn quickly.

My second day would be with Ed and Al. We would just have fun doing random things like riding on shopping carts and crashing them into things at the local grocery store, lol. (I'm easilly amused laugh.gif ) Then drive around in some "pimped" ride with Lust, Riza, and Winry, lol.
I'll spend the first day with Scar! so he can teach me how to blow up ppl's brains! MWHAHAHAHA!!(and cause he's hot! lol! XD)

Ill spend the 2nd day with Ed so i can torment him by calling him shorty! lol happy.gif

Ps. i love this topic!! happy.gif
welcome to the forums zhesler87!

oh wait...


I wish I can become like Arakawa sensei!
Ed!!!! I'm a lot like him, actually. I think milk sucks. I'm blonde, short, and short tempered. I HATE it when people make fun of my shortness, and I once blew up on someone completely for it. It was quite Ed-esque. I also have an evil streak, although that's more of a manga-Ed characteristic.
I would love to spend two days with Ed, first of all because, saying that for both these days he's totally bound to me (muhahahaha), I might be able to join him on one of his adventures. If not, just think of all the things he could teach about alchemy. Also, he's hot. Sorry, that's my semi-fangirlness kicking in there. I can't help it, I'm 13!
One more thing. I could call HIM short. I never get to do that. WACHOUT EDO!

PS. I'm new to the board, but I'm an FMA lover!
I would like to spend at least one of the two days with Roy. I think that would be really fun, I like his sence of humor
(amongst other things *cough) And I could watch him blow things up biggrin.gif Later on we could go to a bar or someting and I
would have Hughes there to. The seem like cool guys to hang with.

I really wouldn't know who else.. Maybe Greed.. I could ask him about the homuncullus stuff..
It'd be with Edo-kun... and I guess I'd spend the whole time trying to figure out a way to persuade him to take me with him when he leaves. wub.gif
Philosophers Stoner
Wow, i love the answers in this thread. Some people seem as though they would do everyday things, others want alchemy training and few seem to have some other desires if you know what i mean. *wink* *wink*

Day one: Hohenheim of Light!!!!!! I can't believe no one chose him yet on this post. I would spnd the whole day with him in some secretive place, and ask him endless questions concerning alchemy. He could train me to be a complete bad@$$. And then i could ask him what its like to live for over 4 centuries. He has to be full of amazing information from all the time he has lived for. I could ask him why he left envy, though i assume its for the same reasons as why ed and al left sloth, and why izumi left wrath (they all looked like disgusting piles of flesh and organs all misplaced and creepy-like)

Day two: Okay day one was more of a serious approach. For day 2 i would bewith Rizza Hawkeye. She could teach me to how to shoot various weapons and tell me all kinds of intersting things about Roy that no one else would know. I'm sure those 2 have private discussions about things that Havoc, and fFury and others wouldn't know. .......And the main reason would be because Rizza is Hot i say!!!!! But i won't go into any other details as to what we would do because i would probably get kicked off this site laugh.gif
I completely agree. I imagine that I would spend the first day with Hohenheim of Light and the second with Dante. How could you pass up the chance to learn hundreds of years of knowedge arcane?? But then again, I admit that forgotten lore is a hobby of mine unsure.gif
I would spend it with Winry! She's so cute, and such a sweetheart too... :3
Hmm, well, lets see.

I'd hang out with Ed the first day. I'd like to ask him questions about alchemy and such, and definitely spar.

The second day i would hang out with Gredd, and do what he and I do best. Go clubbing and pick up chicks.
Two days?

I'd hang out with Martyl for two days cause shes's flexible.
hmm...i would say Alphonse for one day.. hes nice and i think we could get along well

and the seond day, most defonatly Envy, id probably annoy the hell outa him. then hed kill me ^^;;;; but if i had to be killed, let it be by Envy
I'd spent it with Lust. At least, if she's kind to me, and not going to kill me with those long fingers of her. dry.gif
I will spend the first day with Winry, and the second with...

Winry!!!!! tongue.gif
QUOTE(mitsuyagi @ Apr 7 2006, 06:00 PM) [snapback]376086[/snapback]

I will spend the first day with Winry, and the second with...

Winry!!!!! tongue.gif

Yay, someone I can relate too! I love winry!!!! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
if i could spend two days with an Fma Character(s) i would spendit like this

Day One:
I would go with Havoc, Fuery, Falsman and Breda to the park to have a relaxing day( i've been really stressed lately dry.gif ) I would try my best to play Shougi with Breda w\knowing a stong possibility i would lose. Then i would talk to Flad man and Fuery on tips on getting girls the better way from a girl's point of view, while enjoying a nice cup of tea( coffe for me) Then i would take a long walk with Havoc and.....................welll.....(my friend kaye would tell me im a super perv right now) After all of that....TIME FOR FUN!!!!!!! We would spend the rest of the time playing video games *cough* DDR, and others like Halo. Also I Would Challenge them in a arm wrestle and just plain wreslnig like any body would wanna take me on. then i would laugh at them for being babies. Then i would cry on havoc shoulder when i finish Kingdom Hearts 2.

Day Two: The whole Mustang brigade( WOOT!) First of all i would spend the morining with Riza at a shooting gallery , while all of the others are sleeping like babies. Then one the other have woken up we'll go to a amuzemnt park/water park and have boat loads of fun there . But i'll have to wear a retarded hair cover because i cant get my hair wet, so i'll sit on the side while everyone is swimming untill Havoc and Roy push me in Then i'll use my awesome alchemy( living in another world) to get my revenge on the both of them. Later on Riza and I will mooch of Roy and Havoc For money for games and keep all prizes to ourselves. Then we'll find the biggest ride in the park and Beg every one to get on it after we all get off Riza and i'll will laugh at the guys who ate before the ride ( we warned them) Then we will share a nice oinic at the park. Then go back to my house and play Doggie warriors with our dogs( Black Hayate v.s Kairi ) Were not actually going to make them fight just play with there paws. Then at night we all sit down watch the following; The Ring 1 and 2 The Grudge , Grave of the firefiles, Princess Mononoke, and conquerer of Shambala.
Sin Of Envy
Envy of course, whatever his green head wants...
Izumi on day one a sparring practice teaching me all these whoop ass moves(Getting whooped in the process rolleyes.gif laugh.gif ) and I'd say Edward on the 2nd day because since it be nice to hang around with him(Since he is my age)and talk to him and hang out with him (also call him chibi to see his freakout laugh.gif ) also because it be nice to speak both our train of thoughts when no one else would listen. dry.gif
Grand Arcanum
i'd have to say ed, and mustang.
Day One: I'd hang out with Edward for the day. I would take him to a resturant to take him for waffles (Or whatever he wants). Then I would show him my school for a bit, then take him to a mall to go shopping, then the movies (Scary Movie 4), then go to my place to kick his *** at some video games (And board games).
Day Two: I'd hang out with Movie!Alphonse for the day. I would take him to a resturant (same as Edwards). Then I would show him my school, then take the bus (So he can ride the bus to see what it would be like) to the Pet Store to play with the kittens. Then go to my house to play with my kitties and dog, take the dog for the walk, play some board games (Or whatever he wants).

That's my day.
rolleyes.gif Ahhh... that's so cool to imagine... XD

I'd half the first day in Central with Mustang Taisa just to bother him, probably some jokes about his eye would be enouhg.

If I can avoid becomig a human torch, I'd spend the rest of the time just following Ed around, since it's not like he would stand my company too long _n but, thinking about it, by the end of the second day I'd be in some town being held by I giant stone hand...
first with Alphonse,
then with Fletcher.
i've been wondering what it's like to have little brothers like them blink.gif
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