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Full Version: If You Could Spend Two Days With An FMA Character (or one day each with two characters)
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Id choose Havoc for the first day and we would hang out coz he's cute :3 and Edo on the second day because he's awesome and he could teach me alchemy biggrin.gif
Winry and Mei. Girls' talk/night out ftw. :'D

but seriously. DUDE, how can you pick? >.< I want to spend it with everyone!

A Pierrot's Aria
I'd spend the two days with Alphonse. happy.gif
S.F. Thunder
As much as I'd love to have a deep conversation with Kimbley I must say I'd rather do it over the phone than anywhere near him. |D;

Hmm... It's so hard! I guess I'd have to go with Riza for one day and Ling the next. Maybe Greeling, specifically...haha.
Envy's Lady
Envy. Why? I always felt a connection to that character.

If I could pick 2 characters the other one would be Kimblee....but if I can only have 2 days I'll spend them both with Envy.
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