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Full Version: Game Night That Eastern Command (fma)
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this contains varius Roy Mustang bashing and lolita complex jokes. and the fma characters are not mine but of Arakawa-sensei but runa is my creation.


Clue day

It was a rainy day and a slow one at that. Thje Colonal was sitting in His office bored to death.

Roy:I wander where are my subordinates are at.
He got up and left his office.
He walked down the Hall to reach the lunchroom. he heard a bunch of voices.
He went in and saw that all of his staff members were playing a board game.
Runa:ok. It was Mr. green in the study with the candle stick.
Breda:Ok my turn. It was colonal Musterd with the revolver in the garden.
Havoc:Let me try. it was Ms. Scarlet with the knife
Falman:Havoc.... you win.
Havoc YAY!!!!!!

Roy:Everyone.... What the Hell are you doing?

Master sargent Fuery is the type who never has the courage to face the Colonal to tell him that they are just playing a game of clue.

Runa:We're just playing a game of Clue,Sir.
Roy:Is that so....? Can i join?

Runa:I'm Miss scarlet!!!!!
Hawkeye:I'm Mrs. Peacock
Breda;I'm Professer Plum.
Fuery:I'm just the clue master.
Falman:I'm Mr. green.
Havoc:and I'm Mrs. white.
(A/N: i swore i had this idea for Havoc to be playing a goirl character... so sue me)

Roy:ok... I'll be Colonal Musterd.

Runa Let's start.
as the game progresses, It was Runa's turn to solve the mystery.
Runa:Ok...... It was Colonal Musterd.... With the noose.... At the Library.
Fuery looked at the envilope where the cards were in. there it was. Colonal Musterd with the noose at the library.
Fuery:malor... you won.
Runa:Whoo hoo. i won.
Roy:Who did i killed?
Runa:Colonal, you never play Clue before?
Havoc;Oh man. He's clueless.
Hawkeye:I'll say.
Runa:The object of the game is to Find out who killed Mr. Body. sheesh you are Useless.

next story.... Monpoly day.
nice I like it keep writing.

I never wone here and I need to you guys laugh.

Roy fang girl:GET HER!!!!
Me:O.O *runs for her life*
Frozen Ice Alchemist
*haha* keep going~
I actually read the "story" twice, but for the life of me, I don't get it. huh.gif It's supposed to be funny? I'm supposed to be laughing my behind off? unsure.gif I could be biased because I don't generally like the dialogues format, but... my main problem really is the story, which I think is nonexistent.
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