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Full Version: Some Of My Drawings.
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Bloodtear Alchemist
Ok, this isnt anything from FMA yet. I am currently drawing some of my own for FMA though ^^; hope you like these 2.

Yes I am aware my angel has no face... I drew these both by hand in my class and shaded them myself.
Nice shading. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(EdElricsGal93 @ Nov 9 2005, 02:46 PM) [snapback]311515[/snapback]

Nice shading. biggrin.gif

I agree happy.gif, very nice job. I really like the skull wink.gif
Yakushi_ Kabuto
yea nice shading

i like the angel
ed's numbuh 1 fan
i like the angel too the wings are beautiful biggrin.gif
Bloodtear Alchemist
Thank you all very much ^^ like I said I am working on some FMA drawings, but it might be a little before its done. Sorry. =(
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