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Full Version: My Arts!
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hii!! I drew a fanarts for teh halloween day!

here it is:

My Halloween art!

please give me your comments! I know it's not really good, but i did my best! ^^
Hi Helaine, welcome to the board!!
I think it's very nicely done, and I like it very much. smile.gif
Welcome to the forums, Helaine, hope ya have a good time posting!

Adorable pic! The coloring is stunning as well. happy.gif
halloween ! it was nice
Ooh, a Halloween pic...seasonal drawings are so much fun. I wish I wasn't so lazy, then I might have done one too...mine would probably be nowhere near as cute as this one, but the process is fun nonetheless smile.gif

Lovely job on the color work, I especially love the painterly background.

thx for the comment ^^ i'll ad some pics soon ^^
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