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Photos taken after the fire in Tungkillo.
Delta Δ
these were taken from my mobile, so don't expect best quality
All my photography is up here on DeviantArt. ^^

My favourites are:
Hello thar
Curious Kitty
Life After Death
Gorgeous winter sky
Though about a year old, this is still one of my favourites

@ Chiyo ohmy.gif Why is it that I don't remember that one! Its a nice shot, the angle as well as the focus... nice capture!


A few or my new ones...
Streaks of Rainbow
Acrylic Koi
Old Compressor
RIP Soldier
Fallen Irish

Check out my birthday bash....with
on the cake...

They partied HARD!!!


von Hohenheim
My demonstration of the geometric counting principle.

Here is an analog of it:

Yeah! It looks like this thread has been revived.

I love the angle that you took this photograph from and the soft-focus, which creates a rather dreamy photograph (I love bokeh). The varied shades of green are also really lovely.

ScarMySoul: I love the dark silohuette of the tree and how the light of the rainbow filters through the branches.

Zonkie: Heh heh, your birthday bash looks like loads of fun. The little FMA figurines on the top of your cake are incredibly cute.

Von Hohenheim:
I am rather fascinated by this. I am absolutely atrocious when it comes to mathematics (linguistics is my strong suit), but this made perfect sense

Some old photographs from Spain/Honduras- Critiques are always welcome as I am a a novice when it comes to photography and would love to improve and learn more. smile.gif

Las Medulas
Ocean in Asturias, Spain
@ Pania ohmy.gif Amazing pictures! I faved them all on DA happy.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
I'm by no means a photographer, but here are a few photos I took last year. happy.gif

These two are pictures of the lovely trees outside of the college I went to last year, Spring 2010.

These ones were taken when my friend and I walked along the Calder and Hebble Navigation.

This one was taken in the woods my friend and I went to, where we walked her dog, Buddy.

QUOTE (zonkiethegreat @ Aug 5 2010, 01:57 PM) *
Check out my birthday bash....with
on the cake...

They partied HARD!!!


Lol i had a little something like that at a mates party, except the figurines werent that big and it wasnt at bowling. Also we fought over eating the icing on the bottomof the figurines XD
Red Finch 1
Grey Cat
Gold Finch 1
California Sunset
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Gold Finch 2

These are just a few pics that I took in California during Christmas. I use a Nikon L110 Digital Camera. smile.gif The finch pictures I was literally half a foot away from them smile.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Scar - Those are beautiful photos! happy.gif I particularly like "Goldfinch 1". wub.gif Brilliant!

Here are some more photos I took on my journey back to my uni halls after a Latin lesson in December, just before the snow reached its worst...Sorry about the darkness! But I do find that the orange lighting of the street lights makes it look really pretty. smile.gif

And here are three photos that I took when I arrived home from uni. It had been a terrible day in general that day, but when I stepped off the bus there was a rainbow in the sky and there was a blue sky peeking out from the clouds. smile.gif The rainbow was so big I needed to take two separate photos!

^^ That's my pup, she's 13 years old ^^
^^This was taken in California ^^
Red White and Blue
Quiet Solitude
Christmas Kitty
^^ This is my Kitty!!! ^^
Taking A Soak

@ Pierrot's Aria: Fabulous rainbow pics!! biggrin.gif
I've uploaded some of my photos on my newly-made DeviantArt account. happy.gif
Here are the new ones:
Waiting for Spring
Snowy Forest Path
Spring is Coming Soon...
A Pierrot's Aria
@ScarMySoul Thank you! And your pets are so adorable- awesome photos!! I particularly like the one of your cat! wub.gif

@Michiyo Beautiful photos! I really love the snowy forest path! wub.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Awesome photos, Lasklewr! I love the one with the Kangaroos! Edit: Or wallabies....laugh.gif
Thanks. I think they're wallabies.
Here are some of my photos I took of the total lunar eclipse yesterday.
I couldn't take a photo when when it was the fullest, because it was too dark, these photos are from the second half of the lunar eclipse.

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment Click to view attachment
They're amazing Michiyo! I love that last one especially.
A Pierrot's Aria
Those are brilliant photos, Michiyo-, I love them! I really wish that I was able to see the eclipse last night, but it was too cloudy!
Those are wonderful pictures, Michiyo-! ~
@Michiyo- - That looks amazing! The moon is so red and that last one is just breathtaking! My camera never seems to capture moonlight. I saw a sort-of smiley face with two stars and the moon before but it never showed up!

I was at an amusement park a while back, and I honestly suck at taking pictures of people so I take pictures of the landscape/horizon instead! I was on a Ferris wheel here :9

What a nice view. ~
I really am enjoying everyone's pics here.
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