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QUOTE(~Kurenai~ @ Aug 7 2007, 10:03 AM) *
ohh, I looked at your D.A...nice artwork!


@ Tombow hahaha thanks! biggrin.gif
@ Tombow - biggrin.gif

New one~


This took a LOT of tape....
@Blitz _ I like the fact that you actually suspended these apples in the mid-air with fishing lines for the pic!! biggrin.gif
Shadows make them look very real, and they really look like being suspended in the mid-air!!
And, I like the hand reaching for the apple, and love the green tone.
One of the best concept pics on the thread, IMO. ^^
Been forever since I've put up any photos. Here are some from a hike.

Orange bug!

(poor quality) Mister Moose and Mrs Moose. (We weren't that close.)

Some Catmint. I loved the smell. Apparently, it also has a mild cannabis-like effect when consumed in tea by humans.

MY SISTER! (I <3 her!!!)
My first trip to Hawaii...and I just want to go there next year!
What the hell, few holiday pics

Purdy View
I woz ea'
Ibiza Love
Oh my!! Moose and the Hawaiian beach and Ibiza pics in a row!! biggrin.gif

@Toby-Chan - I love Mr. & Mrs. Moose pics!! And, the pic of the bug and Catmint and your sis are nice, too! ^^

@joanne45 - That's like a picture-perfect Hawaii beach pic!! White sands, blue sky, aqua blue ocean... I bet you had a nice vacation!! biggrin.gif

@Chiyo - You were in Ibiza for your vacation?? Nice!
(Oh, yeah, you're in Europe, so it's close... ^^)
That pic of the island is beautiful!! happy.gif
Blitz: Can I just say that I love the original concept for this photograph? I can not believe that those apples are suspended by tape/fishing line and not photo-manipulated. I love the warm green hues. A truly original piece of artwork. Lovely job!

Toby: Your photographs make me want to pack my knap-sack and go on a hike. I really like your two photographs of the moose. I love the expression on your sister's face.

Joanne: That is such a picture-perfect view of the beaches in Hawaii. The photograph has a truly soothing quality. I love all of the different shades of blue from the different hues in the sky to crystal clear water. Hope that you had a great time.

Chiyo: I love all of your photogaphs from your holiday. The scenic views of Ibiza are gorgeous; it is a truly beautiful island. I really like the colours in "Ibiza Love"- it looks like a great little resturaunt. From your photographs it looks like you had a great time.

Oooh boy more Espana: Young Matadores

Bull-Fight Poster
@Edamame - Those young Matadores sure look spiffy!! ^^
And, the second link is not working. Could you check it??
Ok I promised to show you the Newtype magazine. And finally my Imageshack account starting working, so here are some pics:

Newtype Magazine Cover


Code Geass #1

Code Geass #2

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Innocent Venus

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Maybe ill scare some of you away; but i got a new gun biggrin.gif
Are those hollow points? I come form a land where only farmers get guns so such things are new and strange to me.
QUOTE(Popogeejo @ Aug 21 2007, 04:33 PM) *
Are those hollow points? I come form a land where only farmers get guns so such things are new and strange to me.

Yes, those are hollow points. Keep in mind that in a personal defense weapon its a good idea to use them to prevent unintended damage (for example, a bullet passing through a perp and hitting something else, or going through a wall and killing an unintended victim).
@~Edward~Elric~Fan~ - Nice scans!! ^^

@bryantq-sama - Nice lighting effects. ^^ And, wow that's a fancy gun!! Colt..?
(Not that I know anything about guns.. XDD) Anyway, it looks very fancy!! ^^
Yes, its a Smith and Wesson 1911PD with tritium night sights and scandium frame in the colt commander (4.25") model, its a Custom Match Pro series with custom work for the trigger, hammer, and fittings biggrin.gif
I'm not very gun-savvy, but that still sounds impressive. laugh.gif
^^ It is impressive. ^^
Ibiza Market
The weather at the market looks so pleasant! ohmy.gif

Re: Graveyard. They store urns with ashes in the walls there, right?


[Trivia Alert!]

In my Funerary Practices/Death Rituals class, we talked about how most of the (relatively) new burial places look a lot nicer because people viewed death differently when folks stopped dying left and right in their own homes. Since death wasn't such a constant presence in the domestic life, they started moving burial places into the country so as not to take up urban development space. Actually, that's exactly what happened in San Francisco a hundred years ago -- they dug up coffins in the city cemetery and reburied them in some backwater town nearby, and made it illegal to bury anyone or perform burial rituals within city limits. Every cemetery I've encountered in California (they're generally called "memorial parks" -- euphemisms rolleyes.gif ) are landscaped and well-manicured -- green lawns, artificial streams/waters, flower gardens, etc. And if they used flat ground-level tombstones rather than the upright kind, you'd never guess there were dead people six feet under!
QUOTE(mei_tenshi @ Aug 31 2007, 06:31 PM) *
The weather at the market looks so pleasant! ohmy.gif

Looks so very clean too!
Oh it was beautiful in that market, course that was Ibiza...

Yes as far as I was aware the holes in the wall had urns in them, least I don't believe bidoes would be in them...I just thought it the most beautiful way to remember the dead...families or couples were often next to each other or in the same block.
@Chiyo - Beautiful scene at the market in Ibiza!!
Lucky you having had the vacation there!! ^^
And, yeah, they got those "apartment" tombs in other countries also. ^^
Some are nicknamed "lockers" biggrin.gif And, yeah, they are neat!! ^^
The ones in your pic look very nice and peaceful!! happy.gif
These are my dad's flowers:

Rose 1

Rose 2

Rose 3

Rose 4

Rose 5

Moon Flower 1

Moon Flower 2




These weren't made by me but my husband bought them for me biggrin.gif


How come you get such pretty daisy's...darn you...and that moon flower is by far my favourite
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Sep 2 2007, 06:11 AM) *
How come you get such pretty daisy's...darn you...and that moon flower is by far my favourite

happy.gif Thanks!

PS whoever moved my plushies, thanks, I wasn't sure if I should have posted them where they were... smile.gif
river chaser alchemist
Those flowers are so pretty!! I love them! Oh, I those plushies are cute! I plan on buying a Kon one soon!
@ScarMySoul - That was me moving those pics, then I was in the middle of writing posts telling you about that, too, when my Net connection went off, taking my post with it. Then for a while my connection was so slow it would take forever for this thread to load up, so I couldn't comment. Sorry!!
Anyway, your dad got beautiful collection of flowers!! Those Roses are very pretty!! I love Rose #4 with the combination of yellow and pink!! And I wanna that Kon plushie!! biggrin.gif
Nice pics!! ^^
Chiyo: I love all of the summer colours in the photograph of the market in Ibiza. Open air markets always seem to have the best stuff. The photograph of the Ibiza graveyard has both a somber yet beautiful tone it it. I have never seen a graveyard set up like that before.

ScarMySoul: Your dad must truly have a green thumb. The moon flowers and hibiscus are gorgeous. Your photographs of the roses make me almost smell their sweet scent. The Kon and Meowth plushies are super cute!
@river chaser Thanks very much!! biggrin.gif

@ Tombow Thanks! I figured it was either you or chi. Glad you liked the flowers!!

@ Edamame hahaha he does! He has fruit trees, a cactus garden, roses, grape vines, his house is beautiful.

Low Tide

Ginger on the beach Part 1

Sunrise part 1

Sunrise Part 2

Sunrise Part 3

Sunrise Part 4

Sunrise Part 5 (my favorite)

Sunrise Part 6

Blue Crab in front of my car
@ScarMySoul - Nice pictures from the beach!! Wow, you get that Blue Crab by the car??
That's a nice close up shot!! And, those sunrise pics of the beach are beautiful!! I agree, Sunrise Part 5 is my favorite among them also, and Sunrise Part 3, but they all look nice and peaceful!!
Nice pics!! happy.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Sep 7 2007, 11:37 AM) *
@ScarMySoul - Nice pictures from the beach!! Wow, you get that Blue Crab by the car??
That's a nice close up shot!! And, those sunrise pics of the beach are beautiful!! I agree, Sunrise Part 5 is my favorite among them also, and Sunrise Part 3, but they all look nice and peaceful!!
Nice pics!! happy.gif

laugh.gif hahahahaha yeah its was up by my tire. biggrin.gif Thanks!
Scary crab, really.

Times Slippin
Baby Fun n Games - its a My Little Pony ya perv
Pony Secrets
A Rose By Any Other Name
@Chiyo - The clock pic is very nice! I like the combination of the ticking clock and the background pics. Works well, IMO!!
And, the pony pics are cute!! They make me smile. ^^

@ed_drink_your_milk - That rose embroidery is amazing!! With the pic on the side we can really see how accurately it is done!! Wow!!
Here are my latest pic on September 15th (my birthday). I use my camera called GoPro wrist camera, pretty handy..he-heh!
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pigeon Point Lighthouse 2
Pigeon Point favorite pic.
Manresa State Beach
Manresa State Beach 2
Manresa State Beach 3
That's me while I surf...
....and then second turn....
...and then I've got wipe out thumbup1.gif smilie_osx.gif laugh.gif biggrin.gif

QUOTE(ScarMySoul @ Sep 19 2007, 09:26 AM) *

luv u'r pic especially the beach scene (I'm a summer freak) and your dog biggrin.gif
@ScarMySoul - I love that sunset pic!! And, nice pics of sunrise at the beach!!
Those two Black and White pics look great!! And, that funnel cloud is wow.. kinda scary..
And, Ginger looks great!! Nice pics!! biggrin.gif

@joanne45 - I love the way you treated those three Pigeon Point pics!!
I can't pic one over another.. they are all very nice!!
And, the beach pics and the pics of you surfing are beautiful! That's so Santa Cruz!! ^^
Thanks for the lovely pics! Please post more!! biggrin.gif
Amethyst Sunset

I found this photo of our poodle, Olive. Taken when she was about a year old. We keep her on a chain sometimes, especially when visitors are around. She's around two or three now, and we haven't found a cute guy poodle for her. XDDDDD

To quote Roy, "I LOVE DOGS!" XD I'm a dog and cat person, actually.

I took this photo of 2 of my friends during our group guidance in school.


@Tombow I got permission from them! happy.gif They said it's fine as long as I don't give out the names.
@Amethyst Sunset - You have a poodle?? Gah, she is so cute!! biggrin.gif

@miracle_flame_alchemist147 - Your friends are cute!!
BTW, your friends know that you posted their pic on the Internet? They said it's ok??
(It's always a good practice to check. ^^)
Aah Ed
Aah Winry
Yum Sin
Meh Street
I finally got the chance to take some pictures of the dolls that I made over the summer. ^^


I made the Rock Lee one first, then I made the Konata doll. The Rock Lee doll was my first attempt at this new pattern, so it's kinda off, but I'm happy with how they came out. The picture makes Rock Lee's outfit look darker than it actually is, for some reason though. And I worked so hard on making Konata's antenae and it was cut off from the picture! >.<
(Rock Lee = 16 inches from head to foot, Konata = 15 inches from head to foot)
phoenix dying
Last night one of the frats had a "Graffiti Night", that me and a few buddies went to. And at this particular event everyone wears a white t-shirt and brings some kind of marker. And basically YOU DRINK! and draw on people!


This was my shirt from last night:

Shirt 1

Shirt 2

Terrible movie

Message from my friend Fitz

Close up

Exactly what it says


Another close up


At the end of the night some idiot was throwing water around. So some of the maker bleed/ran out. dry.gif

But it was still a great time!

~*Amethyst Sunset: OMG ohmy.gif, your poodle is so cute, I want it!! I have a black one, but I can't always get good pictures of him since his hair blocks his eyes =P.
~*Chiyo: I like the picture of the Ed doll, and your street looks scary when its dark outside unsure.gif lol.
~*Steel Heart Alchemist: Awwwww, I love your dolls!!! The Konata doll has really bright blue hair, the eyes are done really well, too ^^. I like Rock Lee's belt and eye brows tongue.gif. Good Job!

Here are pics of my GITS SSC Movie:

Front Cover

Back Cover

Yoko Kanno CD, Movie DVD and a 'Extras' DVD

A Picture in back of the Yoko Kanno CD
The view from the balcony off the kitchen after the rain yesterday in the late afternoon. It would've been nicer if the billboard weren't there, but I couldn't cut it off without messing up what I thought was the most interesting part of the sky. =\ Untouched by Photoshop or paint except to resize
Beautiful sky shot there mei

St Editha's Graveyard
Wow. That's gorgeous, Chi. ohmy.gif I want to hang it on my wall. Do you get any royalties when people buy your prints from dA?
Chiyo, that's a very very beautiful photo. <3
Thank-you both, and I'm not sure what money I'd get as I've never sucesfully sold anything.

Artist share seems really low... I want Chi to get her work's worth! =\
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