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Full Version: Angel Eye's Stuff!
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-Thats based off a actual converstation I had with a friend... I doodled it, decided I loved it, and used my baby!tablet to cg it. -murrs- This one deserves SPECIAL mention, because it's my first EVER cg'd picture. w00t.
Time-4 hours tops.
Program? PSP8
Materials- Pencil, Pen, Tablet

^^Read Me!!!^^

Okay, I read the rules (wow, isn't that amazing smile.gif ) I know where it says, no GRAPHIC violence or nudity. The keyword being Graphic.
Yes, there is nudity in the next drawing. I thought it worked for the piece, and it was done in an apporiate fashion. It's not even detailed. However, if anyone asks, I will take it off.


-I started that when I saw episode seven. GAWD I cried so hard. sad.gif I drew it, inked it, painted the background, and colored it. dry.gif I got the hands perfect, and then I goofed and painted over them... oh well... It looks okay.. like she's being eaten. xD haha.
Time- 6 hours
Programs? PSP8, for the text (which took two viewings to get right xD)
Materials- Pen,Pencil, Tempera Paint, Rose Art Colored pencils

Any comments or critque are loved, adored, and encouraged. ^__^
Those were not bad though...Anyway how you cg and art 0_o
I scanned in the drawing then used the layer tool in PSP8 to ink over the lines...
It must be very time consuming then...Too bad for me, I don't have patience...
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