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Before I post anything, a little food for thought from me:

People, as you know, has a forum where we're supposedly supposed to get along. The way some people have been flaming me can be taken as harrassment. I am open for suggestions, but please put them politely; do unto others as you would like done unto you. In other words, be nice and respectful to me and I will be nice and respectful to you. Get snippy and curt with me and I'll have a bitch fit on any of your fanfics and I will run the thing into the ground. Nobody said you had to read this story, so if all you're going to do is flame, do me a big favor and please keep your bullshit to yourself. I am writing these poems because I felt like trying to give people good literature; . I'm not forcing you to read these poems, so I give you no reason to leave nasty remarks; you have your own free will, and you can choose not to read my poetry. Although I may be just getting the hang of getting along with the administrator, I will apply any kindly given advice to any fanfictions/poems I may write in the future. Got a problem with it? Then be an American and exercise your right to leave.


P.S. When I say bitch fit, I mean bitch fit.

Drowning (a poem for Ed)

There is no night that goes by
I don’t remember;
Remember the blood and the screams
Of a mistake five years past
The purple glow, the horrible noise
The monster from nightmares
Gasping, choking my name
The terrified anguished scream
I brought my hand up to see
Blood covering every inch, every finger
With a desperate air
I used the oozing red liquid
To call back his soul
A new wound came upon me
I saw him move in the darkness
All I remember was him gasping in shock
While I was drowning,
Drowning in my own blood.

Gunpowder Tea (a poem for Riza)

I breathe deeply
Trying to calm my ever beating heart
As I slip the lead into it,
Locked and loaded
Ready and looking down the barrel as my
Target comes into view;
I close one eye and fire.

Like a Mustang (a poem for Roy)

He walks the halls every morning
Snorting in the quiet dawn
Every step stiff-legged and proud
But quiet and graceful the same
He holds his head high
And shakes his black mane
And turns his gaze to the rising sun
Then off he strides to his domain
Just like a mustang.

All these poems I made up by myself and out of the blue. I hope you like them.
those are good like i told you earlier..... keep it up..... talk at you later......
ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif here's some more poetry from me....

Paint Me the Color of Envy (a poem for Envy)

There he sits
A nobody with no one
He doesn’t understand
Why humans are so cruel to
Those they don’t know
His anger building and his sadness deepening
He looks at the thin crescent moon
He wants to be a human he says
He wants to be like everyone else
He watches the human everyday
Scowling at their flourishing kind
But truly he is jealous
They can be so inferior
But can be so leisurely
That’s what he envies the most
The innocence he never had
The happiness he never felt
“Paint me the color of envy,” he says
“And leave me alone to die.”

Wake Me Up When September Ends (a poem for Al that has nothing to do with the song by Green Day)

Ever do they come back to me
When it is turning fall
I see the pain in his eyes
And his melancholy smile
He remembers as well as I
Wake me up when September ends
The rain is pouring
Just like it was back then
Let it wash his grief away
Let it soothe his marred skin
Let it pour, tomorrow’s another day
Wake me up when September ends
Don’t cry a tear for me
Instead I cry for you
We need to look to tomorrow
And not linger on
Things we can’t change
Wake me up when September ends
Ever do they come to me
As we pass the ashy ruin
I see his frown
And his doleful eyes
As a single tear rolls down his cheek
Wake me up when September ends…

Nuts and Bolts (a poem for Winry)

You can hear her in the house
Cranking, banging, and hammering
Her trusty wrench in her hand
She works tirelessly on
The pieces of steel in front of her
She smells of oil and metal
As she gets every nut and bolt in order
She wipes the sweat off of her brow
And smiles at her intricate work
Every piece perfectly in place
It gleams in the evening sun
She lays the wrench beside her
As she crawls into the bed
She sighs happily and is soon
Dreaming of her masterpiece
Dreaming of nuts and bolts

that's all for now! ta ta for now!!! woof woof!!!
Frozen Ice Alchemist
I agree with you (refering to the bit in ur 1st post) but your poetry is so gd!
i suk at literature....
thanx for the support Frozen Ice Alchemist! btw, CUUUTE Ed avatar!!!! HE'S CHIBI!!!! *attacks*
Ya got some pretty good poetry there, Reb. :3 I adore "Like A Mustang". It's so true. ^^
Ed Elrich
Your poetry is really good. I like all of them. Not many people can make poetry about FMA.
Post them up you write more.
I really like the poem for ed.
The one's for Ed and Al are absolutly beautiful they made me want to cry. So sad and true and even though based off the characters and events in FMA you can still find some real world truths in them. Great job!
*claps* they're so well written, it's hard to find really good fanpoems where i look, keep it up!!!! I love the 1st one with Ed *starts to tear-up a bit agin after re-reading it again*. So nice. I don't have much to say wrong, cause ya know what I know how hard it is to write really good poetry sometimes. I'm gonna stop now before I end up typing for an hour about the poems.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
QUOTE(confederate_alchemist @ Nov 11 2005, 01:15 PM) [snapback]312237[/snapback]

thanx for the support Frozen Ice Alchemist! btw, CUUUTE Ed avatar!!!! HE'S CHIBI!!!! *attacks*

I'll support this thread no matter what~ I found it on Google when i was searching
for some pics
I like these poems. I can't write fma poetry, I can only write dark deppresing poems.
Confederate Alchemist you are such a great poet!! I loved the Envy and Edward poem. Keep it up! smile.gif
ph34r.gif hi, confederate_alchemist here again! i will say thank you to all those who supported my poetry, and for all those who flame me, KISS MY ASS. anywho here is a poem for the Ed fangirls. i'll take suggestions for someone you are obsessed with; please tell me or go to my profile and PM me. there you cn bribe me with chocolate until i write a poem for the one you love. naw, just a simple "Please write a poem about _________ for me." and i'll do it. i am a very nice person to those who are nice to me, if you read the bit in the first post. well any how, here's a poem for all the other Ed fangirls:

His Royal Hotness, Edward Elric[i]
I watched him as he stepped into the bathroom
He let his golden hair down out of its braid,
The shimmering blonde curtain cascading over his strong shoulders
My breath caught in my throat as he undid the clasp on his ebony jacket
The red coat fell to the tile floor without a sound
He closed his luscious honey-amber eyes as
The jacket slid off of him
The snowy white gloves he idly tossed onto the counter
His strong arms reached over his back and pulled the undershirt off
His broad back, the curve of his spine and shoulder blades;
They all made me admire his beauty more
He turned enough for me to have a full view of his breast
The muscularity of his chest and the hardness of his abs
I felt so small and frail next to his body
His hands traveled down to the waistband of his pants and undid them
The leather garment dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them
Last to come off was his boxers
There he was, standing in all his glory
He entered the shower and let the
Hot water flow down the contours of his body
I sat there, witnessing in amazement
The royal hotness that is Edward Elric

ta ta for now! and don't forget, i'm open for more fangirl poem suggestions! i'll post when i get a suggestion so you won't have to ask me twice. well, see ya'll later! tongue.gif ph34r.gif

(btw, i have attached some hot pics of Ed i had on my computer...feel free to feast your eyes)
QUOTE(confederate_alchemist @ Nov 26 2005, 12:12 AM) [snapback]319840[/snapback]
for all those who flame me, KISS MY ASS.

Dude. Not cool. No one was flaming you, unless you consider criticisms flames, in which case you're just... not cool. Criticisms make you a better writer, believe or not. So grow up and learn to accept that you're not perfect.

Anyway, I didn't really have anything to complain about you poetry, though I've only skimmed through them and you may not want to trust me. Ooh, except for the last one, which I just don't like due to its obsessive tendency. And thanks for referring me to your ass, but it's too darned big for my taste. Oh, wait, I think I'm confusing it with your head. In any case, apologies. wink.gif
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