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Full Version: Away To Henaku
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A/N: Heya! This is my first fic, and it's...special. Please R&R, the more feedback I get, the better I can become. Flames...they hurt...but I guess I should use the policy 'what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.' Even if it does damage my ego. I'll stop talking now and let you read, but first I'll let alittle friend of mine say something.

Wrath: -walks into the off-set A/N room - theothersin does not own FulllMetal Alchemist, if she did pigs would fly on mars, we'd be able to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks, and more people would love me like she does instead of calling me wothless and a brat an-
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This always seemed to happen to him. Lost, in the middle of who knows where, starving. Well of course he wasn't really starving, that was impossible, but one doesn't need to be human to be hungry. He couldn't remember much, Envy had left the manor, Sloth had gone to work with Pride at Central, and he had been left alone. And what is a child supposed to do when left alone besides screw around? Now he was given directions on what not to do, mess with flammable chemicals, bother Dante, play with any of Envy’s weapons -under threat of death by the humanoid who they belong to- and ect. But no one had said he couldn't leave the manor. Now normally -or under any circumstance- a homonculus isn't a good thing to have wandering in the streets of...well anywhere, let alone in Amestris. But the young sin stayed to rural roads and -remembering an old rule he once heard- didn't talk to strangers...that is until he came upon a group of people who reminded him of Greed. If he had only kept his mouth shut they wouldn't of noticed him, but they did, and the apparent leader, a very dark woman with many braids in her hair, ordered her lackeys to tie him up and put him in a crate.
The people didn't seem like they were from Amestris, they talked to differently, and the weapons and materials were to foreign. When he had tried to use alchemy to escape the box had only glowed with the familiar blue light, but then faded quickly leaving him in his small prison.
It had probably been a week or so since he was caught, he hoped his companions were looking for him, but hope could only last so long before it died like a sputtering candle. From what he could make out from his captors, they were traveling east, and had left Amestris entirely. They must have been using some sort of device to travel so quickly. He didn't hear anything else until the smell of salt water surrounded him, and strange birds cried in the distance.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

"Come on out kid, we won't hurt you." A man's voice called over the rim of the crate. Wrath pulled back from the opening, avoiding the strange man's arm.
"I'll have Babcak come fish ya' out if you don't come easy, and 'nunna us are gunna be happy if Babcak isn't happy." He said grabbing Wrath by the hair and pulling up from his position at the bottom of the crate.
"Lemme go!" Wrath whined, "I wanna go back!" He pleaded as tears formed in his eyes.
"Look what you did Manec, you made the kid cry." The voice was from a boy in his twenties who was sitting a few yards away on a fish barrel. 'Manec' looked at Wrath with disgust and threw him to the ground.
"I don' know why Neela wants him, he's no good to us." He said closing the crate sitting on it. In the early morning light, you could barely make out the features of either or the foreigners, but Wrath could tell that the one called Manec had red hair and was of medium build, he wore all black, or a color close to it, he also saw the numerous weapons Manec was wearing. The other being, who's name Wrath was yet to learn, had black hair chopped roughly at the nape of his neck. He had a very wiry build and wore black pants, and an open tan vest. Wrath could also make out some sort of bag tied to the man's side.
"Manec, you should know better to question the boss. I wouldn't do that kid, I have my eye on you." Wrath was about to stand and make a run for it, but had been spotted by the raven-headed man before he could do anything. Dejectedly Wrath sat back down and waited for his next chance to run.
"I'll say whatever the hell I want to Kasien." Manec replied sharply to the obviously older boy.
Kasien eyed Manec warily, "Drinking this early in the day?" He asked.
Manec turned his back to Kasien and spat tastelessly onto the dock, "I'd get rid of you if I had the chance." He grumbled.

The elder boy, Kasien looked over to Wrath. "Pay no mind to him, just a stupid apprentice Neela decided to pick up." Wrath glared furiously, one, he had been ignored for over a week, and when they did let him out, they acted like he wasn't there unless he did something bad! There was a gunshot somewhere in the distance and Kasien's eyes left the boy for just a moment, but that moment was enough for Wrath to brake out in a full-fledged run.
"Dammit!" Swore Manec, chasing after him, Kasien not far behind.
"What the hell could you two do to screw this up?" An angry female shouted somewhere to the right of him. Wrath, no paying attention to where he was going soon bumped into someone, and fell backwards upon impact.
"At least Babcak can do something right." Said the female voice, obviously Neela. Babcak was a very large man, in his late thirties. His brown hair was cut neatly short, and he wore a red long-sleeved shirt and black pants. Aside from Manec's earlier words, Babcak seemed rather nice; at least he didn't grab him by the hair.
"How can you two screw up watching someone?" Neela shouted at Kasien and Manec. The flustered woman approached Wrath and looked him hard in the eyes. Neela, was built like a thief, strong but slim, a light build, her limbs carefully trained to move without being heard. She was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, a black sarong -wrap skirt- around brown pants and a black cape fastened with a red gem around her neck. "You won't make it out of here if you run." She said, scarred hands reaching to help him up. She seemed to be in her thirties as well.
"Wh-what?" Wrath asked trying to pull his arm away.
"We are very far from Amestris. We've already traveled through Creta, you'll never get back if you don't come with us." She explained sternly. Tears started to form in Wrath's eyes again. Never get back! What if they never take him back, then he'll never see Sloth again, or become human! "
"I wanna go back!" He sobbed, struggling to free himself. "Why'd you bring me here, I wanna go back"
"Quiet you infernal pest." Neela shouted pulling his arm roughly. Wrath fell to the ground and continued sobbing. With a single fluid movement Neela kneeled down next to him. "
"You are a homonculus, are you not?" She asked him calmly. Wrath hesitated for a moment, but then decided it didn't matter and gave a shaky nod yes.
"Then there is someone who wants to meet you where we come from. Not many of you come from The Islands." Wrath stopped crying and stiffened, was he going to be experimented on, like the military wanted to do? Then he realized, that nothing he had done had given himself away, how did she figure it out? He let Neela help him up and lead him back to the docks, but instead of being thrown into the crate, and being told to wait, the boarded an old ship, like the kind Sloth would tell him stories about. He suddenly wondered if these people were pirates, but abandoned the idea, 'Pirates don't like land,' he thought, 'so they wouldn't come to Amestris, there's not enough water.' He followed Neela onto deck, the three men behind him, he noticed Babcak carrying a large bag of something nice smelling.

Soon after they were all on board, the ship left dock, leaving land far behind. Wrath sat by the front of the ship, watching the endless plain of water before him. Neela came up behind him and handed him something weird looking, but it smelled like food, good food. "Where are we going?" Wrath asked the woman. "To a far away place, called The Henaku Islands."

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A/N: Now it wasn't that bad...was it? to get to work on the second chapter.
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Radical Alchemist
I liked it at least, nice to see Wrath.... BE VERY CAREFULL WITH YOUR OCS especially since you have more than one. Keep it as not sue as you can and you'll avoid another visit from Rad. *points to alchemy and love* let that be the example. Another thing is... don't you mean Yokk island? Or is this a different one and I'm just not paying attention XP
QUOTE(Radical Alchemist @ Nov 1 2005, 05:27 PM) [snapback]307884[/snapback]

I liked it at least (i only crisisize sue fanfics *points to alchemy and love*) But the only thing is... don't you mean Yokk island? Or is this a different one and I'm just not paying attention XP, I meant Henaku. Henaku is a made up place, a setting for stories that my friends and I have been writing for about three years...and Henaku isn't one island, it's several -twenty at least- Islands. It'll explain more in later chapters. I'll be updating chapter 2 tonight, possibly three and four if I can find them. Thanks for reviewing!
Radical Alchemist
XP read my edited post...
I've decided to update now, I was going to edit the format for chapter 2, but I don't feel like it, it's pretty short and it's the last bad format chapter. I found chapter three and four so I'm going to post them too.

Radical Alchemist: You metioned my current project, I've being working really hard on the sue thing, do please point it out if the mean sue monster is sneaking in. Because Wrath is going to a whole new setting and such, I'm pulling out a lot of Island characters, languages, along with new abilities, -common on Henaku- animals and such, I've been worried about the sue-ishness. The critisim is welcomed and apreciated.

Chapter 2 The Plan Of Thieves

Wrath decided something very quickly, he didn't like the sea. Or the group of thieves who brought him to it.

His stomach did a 360 when he heard Neela's words. Looking down at the food his was given (he decided it was some Sort of fish-thing) he asked timidly "How far away?" Neela sat down on one of the nearby crates and pulled a map from her rucksack. She opened it and laid it out on the barrel closest to Wrath. The map was old and parchment-like, it was very vague and sea landfilled most of the page.
"This is Amestris." She said pointing to a corner of the map. "We've traveled east for a little more then a week," Her finger trailed through a large area of the map, "we passed through Creta, and arrived at sea land here." She explained.
"We'll be on the ship heading southeast for a few weeks, then we'll land on Main Land, Henaku. From there we have to change ships to get to the finial destination."
Wrath examined the map, "What's this place...close to He- Henkau?"
"Henaku." Neela corrected. "Hen- nah- Ku" She looked to where Wrath had pointed on the map. "That's Xing. The closest place to Henaku, the Islands culture adopted a lot of Xing culture because the two are so close." Wrath nodded, trying to read the strange text.
"Neela!" Manec shouted running across the already slippery deck. The leader looked up from the aged map to the young apprentice.
"What is it?" She barked. Manec stopped in his tracks, looking over at Wrath then back to Neela, he spoke something quickly in Henakian. Neela paused for a moment, then stood responding in her native tongue. Manec nodded and ran below deck. Wrath's gaze darted between the two as they spoke and watched Manec run off. If Manec had spoken in a language, that meant he wasn't supposed to hear it, did that mean it was about him?
He watched Neela roll up the map and place it back in her bag. "Stay here." She snapped walking to the door that lead to the ships lower quarters. "I mean it, move and you end up back in a box."
Wrath watched her disappear then looked back down at his 'meal'. He poked at it for a moment before deciding to take a bite. Tearing off a piece of meat with his hand his popped it into his mouth. It was juicy, like a candy he once tasted, sweet and lemony with a texture just rough enough to sink your teeth into. He smiled and ate the cooked creature quickly, leaving no meat on the bones. Soon after he finished, he was bored again. He looked around deck watching the sailors run around wildly tying and untying ropes, cleaning, and everything else you might imagine a sailor had to do on such an old ship. "What could it hurt," He thought out loud, "If I went and spied on them?" He quickly decided that it was okay as long as he didn't get caught. He stood from the old crate and walked over to the door where Neela had left the deck, pressing his ear against the door he listened for voices, unfortunately the door was solid enough that it could withstand a typhoon, and keep voices from traveling to either side. He carefully pulled the door open and closed it without making a sound. He found that below deck was surprisingly well lit and comfortable. He walked down the narrow stairway until he could make out what the group was talking about.
"Neela, do you really think Lehanna and Luna can do anything with him?" Wrath could only assume it was Babcak speaking, as it didn't sound like any of his other captors.
"I'm not sure." Neela admitted with a tired-sounding voice. "But Aura Lee will definitely want to meet him, Tomo too."
"Who are they?" Manec questioned.
"I don't think I remember them." Kasien added.
Babcak spoke again, "The nice and nephew of our old leader. They're Kougoura's kids, you should remember Kasien."
"Yeah." He confirmed, "I was a apprentice when she was in the thieves...she left us with the rest of her siblings a year or two before the war, she left to get married right? Then joined her dad the unofficial king in Ketso's War...she was K.I.A." Wrath found a small hole in the wall that separated the stairs from the large room. As he looked through it he could see Neela nodding grimly.
"She was good at what she did." She affirmed.
"So..." Manec reasoned, "We brought the kid to Henaku just to meet a bunch of people?"
"No." Responded Babcak. "Didn't you hear any of the rumors while we were in Amestris?" Manec only nodded no. "Your supposed to be getting information in the bars you know, not just drinking. On the streets alone I get enough information to feed a gossiping hen for a year." The apprentice hung his head in an angry shame.
"There are rumors of homonculus," Neela stated. "High up in the military branch. If he's one of them, he should know enough that we can sell the information to the king for a fair price." She said rubbing her fingers against her thumb.
"Plenty of coin for us. And the mystics and soul weavers can do whatever they want to him when were finished."
"Then why are you being so nice to him?" Manec asked leaning against a nearby wall.
"Stupid protégé. Do you really expect to beat something out of a child? You catch more fly’s with spoiled fish then vinegar." Neela commented.
"Isn't the saying honey then vinegar?"
"Honey is pure, spoiled fish imitates pureness to a fly." Neela's reasoning had escaped Manec so he just nodded and accepted what his teacher had told him. Wrath on the other hand had trouble excepting what he heard. He had hoped to see some sort of niceness in them, but instead he found only cruelty. Not the kind of cruelty he found at home, the love-hate (but mostly hate) relationships of the homonculus, the kind that only the darkest of thieves can feel.
"What's that?" Kasien quipped looking up from his seating position on an old hammock. Neela narrowed her eyes and faced towards the stairwell.
"Thieves don't enjoy unwanted company." She scolded, "Especially if the unwanted company was already given orders." Wrath jumped backwards on the stairs, and scrambled to reach the door, but Neela was already turning onto the staircase. The stairs were a good twenty steps up or down, each stair was meant for a strong sailor or captain with higher levels then the normal steep stairs, now who was put more at a disadvantage is unsure, but the best bet would be the small humanoid boy trying to climb impossibly large stairs with a angry thief lord climbing behind him. And then it happened again. What was with these people and grabbing him by the hair? He had a shirt didn't he, and two very useable arms that could be grabbed, heck, even a getting pulled by the foot hurts less then being pulled by the hair.
There was a crash and Wrath fell backwards onto Neela whose strong arms pulled and pinned him to the bottom of the ship.
"Nothing annoys me more then a kid who can't pay attention." She said motioning to Babcak for a nearby crate. "I can't say I didn't warn you kid, and now, I can't trust you. Which puts us both at a bad disposition." Babcak opened the lid to the crate and Neela thrust Wrath inside. "Maybe this 'ill teach you to listen." Then the world got dark. Wrath shoved against the top of the crate, once again tried alchemy, but to no avail.
"LET ME OUT!" He shrieked over and over again at the top of his lungs. He fell to the bottom of the crate, his thought torn and tired. He waited for the healing powers of the stone to make him feel better...but that didn't happen. 'The material must of stopped the stone like it stopped my alchemy. But the stone worked in the last box.' He thought curling into a ball. He heard the thieves go back to the ship's deck and tried once again to open the crate, but the Thief Leader had already thought of that, and several full containers had been stacked onto of Wrath's container.

It was then a defeated Wrath tried to get as comfortable as he could on a very hard, very smelly crate. It wasn't the last time that night he wished he had kept his mouth shut, that he had stayed at the manor. 'If I had stayed...' he thought to himself. 'I'd be hunting down FullMetal, or...Sloth would be reading me a story... maybe Envy would be helping with spying, or fighting, or something...maybe I'd be... I’d be... human...' The boys mind found peace at these little maybes and found a nice deep sleep, where only dreams that you truly want can bother your subconscious enough to see them, and that night, Wrath dreamed about being human.

Cbapter 3 Darcia Caruta

Neela was rather pleased with herself. She had captured a homonculus, and was bringing it to the person she had admired most. Sazaciu would be impressed with her, and come back to rule the Darcia Caruta. The thieves would be whole again, and Sazaciu would fulfill his promise. The Thief Lord sighed contently and leaned against the wall of her quarters. She wasn't completely lying to her companions, Luna and several others were going to see the boy, if Sazaciu wanted them to that is.

But now there was a larger problem, the kid had heard the plans. He wouldn't trust her now . . . unless. A wicked smile crossed Neela's lips, she knew how to get the kid to trust her, and maybe even the rest of the thieves. Tomorrow she would put her plan into action.

"Kid, wake up, you passed the test!" Wrath drowsily opened his eyes only to shut them again in the blaring light. Someone lifted him out of the crate and sat him down on a comfortable cushion. Opening his eyes again he saw his captors scrambled about the room, sitting or relaxing with proud smiles on their faces. He was sitting on a large black pillow,
Neela was across from him on an even larger red one. He looked around the room and Babcak sitting on a low storage shelf, Manec was sitting in the hammock that Kasien had used yesterday, and Kasien was sitting sideways in one of five chairs, his arms crossed over the back approvingly. Behind Kasien was a very large table covered with food.

"What's going on?" Wrath yelped moving to stand.
"Calm down mia may." Neela said gesturing for Wrath to stay sitting. "Taken a test that few have had the privilege to take, and even at your young age you passed."

". . .Test?" He echoed.

Neela nodded, "Everything that's happened since we got on the ship has been part of a test, you have the mind of a thief kid, a untrained mind, but a thief's mind none the less." Wrath stared at her blankly, of course he had the mind of a thief, but what did that have to do with anything? Neela smiled that happy ever so convincing smile and said, "Your one of us kid, were letting you join Darcia Caruta."

The gibberish didn't help Wrath understand what was going on, "Darcia Caruta?"

"It means dark cats in English, black cats in Henakian." Kasien explained. "And now your one of us." Wrath was confused; he had passed a test and was going to become a black cat?

Manec gave an exasperated sigh, "Your joining our group of thieves because Neela thinks your good enough." He elaborated. That time, it clicked.

"You put me through all of that for nothing?" He shouted.

"It wasn't for all for nothing, your one of us, that's a reward in it self." Kasien stood and stretched, "Now that we've gone through this, can we eat?" He asked pulling a plate towards himself."Let the kid pick first." A knife embedded its self in the wooden table less then an inch away from Kasien's hand. "You've been stuffing your self for the past week while he's had only a dostuko fin." Babcak stood and retrieved his knife before seating himself at the table. Neela grabbed Wrath's arm and led him to the table, sitting him next to her. Manec, as the apprentice sat last and furthest away from his boss.

"Pick anything you want Mia may." Neela said motioning to the courses lay out on the table.

"What'd you call me?" Wrath hissed. Neela laughed and raised a scared hand to tussle Wrath's long black hair affectionately.

"Mia may. It's Henakian for 'little one." She poured a silvery liquid into a wooden cup engraved with dragons and handed it to the small boy. "What do you want to eat?" Wrath looked at each dish, it looked (and smelled) delicious. Hesitantly he pointed to a large multi-colored something, and a fish looking thing that was bright red and the size of his arm. As the rest of Darcia Caruta picked from the several platters Wrath tried to eat what he had chosen. He attempted to put a fork in the red cooked creature, but the skin was to hard.

"Ever eat crab kid?" Asked Babcak who was sitting across from him." this crab?" He asked attempting to bite the hard shell, which only splintered under his sharp teeth.

"Hmhm" He grunted. The man grabbed one from a dish. "You have to open them like this." He demonstrated cracking open the hard shell easily. Wrath watched Babcak and pried open the shell with his hands. He smiled as the sweet smell wafted around him. He continued to tear apart the sea animal until only meat was left. Neela slid a yellow sauce across the table in a wooden bowl that matched Wrath's cup, and the rest of the dinnerware.

"Butter," She said taking a bite out of what she later explained to be salmon. "Makes the crab taste better." She seemed to absorbed in eating to say anymore. Wrath smiled and spooned the sauce onto the steaming meat. After he finished devouring the unfortunate creature he moved to the fish, that seemed to be pinkish more then anything else.

"What's this called?" He said jamming a knife into it's back.

"Dostuko, what you ate earlier." Kasien responded stuffing more calamari into his mouth.

Wrath took an eager bite and found it much more sweet then earlier.

"You picked the most expensive thing on the table kid." Manec grumbled, usually /he/ got some of the dostuko, stupid kid had to take it all. Wrath watched as Neela glared at her apprentice before turning to face him.

"You’re starting your training as a thief today. Kasien will teach you about security skills, picking locks, getting past security and such. Babcak will teach you about mechanics, weaponry, and Henakian studies if I don't have the time to do it myself. " She paused to think, "Kasien, you'll begin his training in after we eat." She said facing the younger thief, who nodded in acceptance and went back to eating.

"I already know about that stuff!" Wrath sassed taking a drink of the strange liquid, it tasted like a lot of berries and fruits, it was very tangy and sweet at the same time. A knife whizzed passed his head at he set the wooden cup down. It was too quick for him to see, he doubted he could have dodged it if it had gone directly towards him.

"Thank you Babcak." Neela took the knife from the wall behind Wrath and handed it back to her accomplice. "You will no longer speak like that to me, or whoever is teaching you." She lectured. "You may know how to use some skills, but knowing to use them the right way is a completely different concept. You training is as I say it is until I'm satisfied."

Somehow, Wrath was remained by Envy with those words. 'Envy would of been able to dodge that knife.' he thought looking down towards his almost finished meal. Thinking of Envy reminded him of his mother, and the other homonculi . . .'How would they get through this?' He knew they'd find out a way to use their powers to get back home. Envy would transform into Neela, the ship captain, or someone else important and order the ship to be turned around. Sloth would just turn into water and leave. Lust and Gluttony would find a way to threaten themselves out of this -after knocking several heads- and Pride would just see everything in advance and find a way to escape it. Somehow, he had to use alchemy to his advantage. But how could he, if he couldn't even use it on crates?

"Kii-id." Wrath looked up to see Kasien waving a hand trying to get his attention. The rest of the Darcia Caruta had already gone off. "You ready to start?" He asked taking his bag from a nearby crate and tying it around his waist. Wrath nodded and followed his new 'teacher' to the deck.

Chapter 4 Lock Picks And Promises

"Well." Said Kasien pulling on his tan vest. "What do you know about locks?" Kasien, had gotten Wrath up to the crows nest, after dragging him up the last half of the way he just wanted to lay in a hammock and solve more of the puzzles he stole in Creta, but Neela would skin him if he didn't train the kid some.

"Umm . . . they keep things closed . . .and." Honestly Wrath hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about locks, if he encountered one he just opened it with alchemy and forgot about it, but he never /actually/ picked locks.

"So nothing." Kasien leaned against the low wall of the wooden area. "At least I don't have to re-teach something." He pulled a metal tool with a wooden handle from his bag. "This is a lock pick." He explained turning it in his hands. "It's yours and it's the only one you’re getting, so don't lose it." Wrath examined the pick lying in his hand. It resembled a key, but where the teeth were flat spikes lay instead. Testing the tool he pressed down on the tip and the spikes sunk to engrave a place for his finger.

"By the time the sun is directly over the crows nest you should know how to unlock a level one, two and three lock." Kasien said pointing above them. Wrath opened his mouth to ask what exactly he was supposed to practice on when Kasien pulled three different boxes from his bag. Each was the size of Wrath's fist and held a Henakian symbol on them. "You also need to explain to me how each lock is different from the other two." Kasien said nonchalantly pulling out a ring-like puzzle. "You have about two hours." He was about to begin solving the rings when Wrath interrupted.

"Do I have to use the lock pick, can't I use alchemy instead?" He asked hopefully.

"Can you use alchemy? Can you figure out the difference with alchemy?" He said moving a puzzle piece. Wrath paused for a moment.

"I dunno." He said finally.

"A thieves job is to get what you want, as fast as you can, with as little effort as possible/while/ still being aware of your surroundings, knowing what you did, and what you do to get to the next place." Kasien moved some other pieces of his ring puzzle. "If you can do all of that with alchemy, then be my guest."

Wrath looked down at the boxes lying on the floor in front of him. He picked up the closest one; it looked like it was made of wood. He looked inside a small hole in the lid, inside the lock; it looked like one thing triggered another until the box opened the metal latch in the front. Carefully he attempted to use the not-so-faithful alchemy to open the lock. He heard several clicks, but then it made a weird 'thump' sound, like something getting stuck. The blue light faded and Wrath attempted to open the box, but the box didn't open. There was a small whizzing sound and Wrath found himself with a face full of ink.

"Most of the easy locks have enchantments on them." Kasien explained watching Wrath try to wipe some of the ink from his face. "If you don't solve the lock properly the spell will activate, and the lock will reset."

"Why didn't you tell me that earlier?" He mumbled finding the lock pick.

"Your learning it the same way I did kid. Let's just hope you’re a faster learner, some of the spells are pretty nasty." He paused for a moment; "Locks are like puzzles, if you don't do it the right way you have to go back and figured out what you did wrong." Finishing, he went back to the woven rings puzzle.

"Puzzle . . ." Wrath thought out loud; trying to use the information he had been given.

Carefully he peered inside the lock; luckily it hadn't reset its self. He saw that it had gotten jammed in his alchemy attempt and instead of opening the lock, it hit a small metal plate that must of triggered the spell. There was another click and whizzing sound as it reset, he watched each piece back up and take their original places.

Taking the lock pick he placed it in the keyhole in attempt to open it. Once he hit solid wood he turned it carefully until he was sure it fit properly. 'Now what?' He thought figuring out what to do next. He couldn't turn the lock again, and then it wouldn't fit like a key. He pressed the tool down (while trying to cover his face) and triggered the lock. Several clicks later the metal latch opened and a broad grin covered Wrath's face. It would of made any mother laugh seeing him there, with his ink covered arms and face, with a grin that stretched ear to ear.

He set the lock beside him and opened the box. The lock wasn't covered on the inside, so you could examine it after it was opened. Looking at it, he found it was much more complex

Then he thought. Looking at the bottom he found several tiny wood pieces.

"It's a puzzle." Kasien said watching Wrath. "You fit the wood pieces together and it makes a picture. You should work on it later today." Kasien explained, "It'll help with what you’re going to learn tomorrow."

Wrath nodded and picked up the second box; it was a lightweight metal, like tin. He debated using alchemy for a moment, but decided he decided that if the box was as simple as it looked, it looked there must of been a bad spell put on it.

Carefully he tried to use the lock pick, but this one didn't fit like a key. He tried to look inside, but the keyhole was too small. He tried again with the lock pick, but instead of looking for a place to fit the key, he looked for something that would move. After about ten minutes he found it. The lock had a lever inside, if the lever is turned sideways, it would either lock or unlock. Wrath guessed it must be like the ones kept inside homes to lock rooms. Carefully he nudged the diagonal lever sideways until it clicked. But the latch didn't open. He looked again.
"Oh..." He said feeling the keyhole. Once the lever was gone it left a place for a key to fit. He turned it and the latch clicked open.

The inside of the box was similar to the first. On the lid, you could see the lock pieces, but this time it was covered in glass. At the bottom of the box was a small copper coin with

D.C. engraved in silver. He picked it up and turned it over, every time he flipped it, it changed colors. On the back of the coin was the image of a large tree.

"That's the calling coin." Kasien was now almost finished with his puzzle. All the circles were coming together to make one large ring; he was only a few away from completing it.

"It's good for tricks. If you flip a coin it will automatically land on what you call out. The

D.C. will turn black and white if Neela's looking for you. Oh, and occasionally we use un-enchanted ones for calling cards."

"This one's mine?" He asked flipping it experimentally.

"Yep, Neela asked me to give it to you." There was a small 'chink' as Kasien finished the ring and slid it onto his finger. "You have a little more then half an hour to finish the last box."

Wrath looked up, the sun was almost above them. He picked up the next box and looked at it carefully. It was wood, like the first one, but had lots of metal decoration. He laughed as he saw there was no key lock on it. 'It must be some sort of trick!' He thought reaching for the open latch. 'If I were to try and unlock it, it would actually lock and I wouldn't be able to get it back open.' He reasoned this quickly and tried to open the box. But not only was the latch locked, it was enchanted.

Electricity surged through Wrath and a burning sensation shot through his arm and hands, he yelped loudly and dropped the box on the floor in front of him. He backed into the edge of the crow’s nest sniveling in pain.

"Watch it!" Kasien shouted picking up the box. "I told you they were enchanted kid! Do you know what would happen if the enchantment tried to attack the ship?" He shouted at the young Homonculi. Wrath sat quietly as the incomplete philosophers stone removed the pain from his limbs, although the pain was gone, his hands were scarred, even after he was finished healing.

"Is that how Neela got her scars?" Wrath asked looking at his hands.

Manec paused for a moment, "Ask Babcak, he's known her since they were kids. He should know." He helped Wrath up. "We're finished for today." He bagged the second and third box and gave the first to Wrath. "I have some books in English about Enchantments, your lucky most people from Henaku can speak English." He said moving to jump over the rim to the dangling ropes below.

"But I don't know how to read." Wrath said starting to follow him.

"Not even in English?" Kasien asked disbelievingly, only to get a solemn shake of the boys’ head indicating 'no.' Kasien sighed heavily, thinking.

"I guess Babcak or Neela will teach you." Wrath watched him slide down the ropes with expert ease. He attempted to follow the suit, but ended up hanging upside down, caught by his foot.

"Your real clumsy kid." Kasien said climbing back up to untangle him.

"Kasien! Neela's been looking for you!" Manec was hanging off of one of the lower ropes, a map under his arm. "Get down here!" Kasien untangled Wrath and helped him get his bearings.

"See ya' kid." He slid down the ropes and followed Manec into the captain’s cabin, leaving Wrath alone, and terribly up high, on a hot, windy day. The boy put the box in the crook of his arm and slowly made his way down. The ropes began to make his hands and feet burn,

'How did Kasien glide to the bottom?' he thought, 'Without getting hurt?' Babcak was waiting for him at the bottom.

"You need gloves." The oldest black cat observed as Wrath's feet touched the ground. He didn't have time to say anything, as Babcak was already walking away.
"Hey wait!" Wrath said running to catch up with him.

"Here." Babcak handed the new apprentice a pair of black gloves and a small rucksack,

"You'll need 'em." Wrath put the puzzle box, the gloves and his lock pick in the bag. The two were sitting by the front of the ship on crates; a table was put between them. "I was told you don't know how to read." He said picking up a book from his own bag. "So you'll have to learn enough to get by before we can begin any actual training. You also need to learn some Henakian. If you can accomplish that I'll teach you about enchanting weapons, and battle courtesy."

"Battle courtesy?" Wrath questioned. He wasn't aware such a thing existed, from what he knew it was 'fight for your life or run for it.'

"On Henaku, any illegitimate battles are fined by law, there are rules in a legit. battle. And things to go by, 'battle manners', some call them."

"So I'll get in trouble if it's not a official fight?" Wrath questioned hoping he understood what 'legitimate' meant.

"Yes and no. I'll explain later, after we get through with your reading." He opened the book to the first page and began the lesson.

Four hours, nineteen minutes and some uncountable seconds.

The exact time Babcak spent trying to teach Wrath to read, before wanting to bang his head up against the wall and give up.

"Look kid. T-H makes the th-h-h sound, like in the word 'the'."

"But wouldn't it make 'te heh', 'cause that's what sound you said they made." The young boy reasoned.

"Well, it doesn't. Together they make th-h-h." Babcak was rubbing his temples in annoyance.

"But you said-"

"It's like alchemy kid. You put multiple things together and you get something that's similar to the original, but not the same." He tried to explain."But-"

"Let's just end today’s lesson." Babcak said snapping the book closed and shoving it towards the homonculus. "Try to practice this tonight. Maybe you'll learn something on your own." He stood and was about to walk away before Wrath called out.

"How did Neela get those scars on her hands?" He asked adding the book to the collection of items in his bag. Babcak stopped for a moment and hesitated.

"You really want to know kid?" He said turning to face him. Wrath nodded smiling, hoping for a story. He looked rather ridiculous, still covered in ink, messy hair, and broad gin, so child-like it was funny. Babcak sat back down to retell a very unfortunate and serendipitous story.


A young girl ran wildly through the forest, her clothes were in tatters, a ragged cloth bundle half soaked with her own blood, was carrying the few items she could get her hands on. She was a poor child from southern Henaku, where all the scum and lowlifes lived. Not the kind of low lives with class and moral ethic, but were just to grumpy mean to do anything about it, the kind of low lives that would make any person take a good five feet back just to make sure they could feel relatively safe.

It was the time of the Misa Le' Ousa, Festival of Brotherhood. It was a time all celebrated the freedoms they were given on the Islands. It was at this time every year the King and his family came to the southern parts to welcome new arrivals. Everyone was entitled to happiness at this time, even if you had to steal for it, at any cost.

So would it surprise you if this young girl, starved, being chased by guards and angry merchants, turned out to be the strong, noble second in command, then leader of Darcia Caruta? She would of never guessed it. She would never of guessed she'd live past the next hour.

Their calls echoed in her ears as she darted from path to path, trying to find someplace safe. She ran off the marked road and tripped rolling down the hill, to be stopped by a rock hitting her clean in the gut. Neela tried to stand, but her ankle gave a loud 'crack!' in protest. She tried not to yell out in pain as she limped away trying to find some sort of place to hide. Then she found it, it wasn't more then a tree house really, but it looked safe, and strong.

She climbed the ladder with one foot, and tried to heave against the trap door with her shoulder. She wrapped an arm around the rope ladder and searched for her lock pick. Finding it, she attempted to get passed the complex device, only to be hit by it's trap enchantment.

Attempting to open it, numerous wounds engrave themselves upon her hands as flames, and electrical sparks danced upon her limbs. She felt like she was drowning, being buried alive, she knew she was going to die. She knew she was dead when she didn't feel herself hitting the ground. It felt like wind was carrying her, 'Is this heaven, or hell?' she thought.

"Are you okay?" A voice called out. She felt a pair of arms around her, placing her on the floor. "Please don't die!" It was a boys voice, it sounded around eight, a few years older then her. She opened her eyes to see a rather scrawny boy with brown hair dressed in white, black and gold, with a royal blue sash tied around his chest.

"Where...where am I?" Her voice was hollow in her thought.
"My clubhouse, in the tree." He said helping her lean against the wall. Yelling was heard outside, angry, murderous, bone-chilling yelling. Neela coiled back against the wall.

"So they're after you." He guessed. "Don't worry, your safe here, I won't let them hurt you."
Neela looked at him with cold eyes, "What exactly could you do?" She hissed.
"They wouldn't harm the kings son." He said simply. He lifted a gold chain on his wrist baring his father's symbol. "But I guess we'd both be in trouble, I'm not supposed to be here." Neela looked down, exhausted.
"Hey." Said the boy, "I'm sorry I hurt you."
"Whadya' mean? I was being a idiot and got hurt." Neela looked at her hands, the blood running freely from her fingertips.

"No.I head the yelling and made sure to lock the door...even when I saw you coming." The boy had pulled out a small medical kit and grabbed one of Neela's arms. "Can you forgive me so we can be friends?" He asked hopefully. "I promise never to hurt you again, or let anyone else hurt you." He added.

Neela winced as he wrapped her arms. "You look smart enough to be a thief, maybe you can help me and my friend."

The boy smiled, "I am a thief. I don't like my Dad or anyone else trying to boss me so I steal, no ones caught me yet. I'm really good at getting past guards and picking locks." He said happily.

"Then you'll help us?" She asked as the boy moved to her other arm.

"For sure! We'll start a group of thieves, my brother's and sisters can help too, well maybe when they get older anyway." He added.

"We have to make a blood pact." He removed his blue sash and tore it. The boy placed it under her hand and blood stained the once flawless cloth. He finished bandaging her arm then drew a dagger from his belt. He winced slashing his own hand and left the blood spill next to his new friend's.

"Whadya' do now?" Neela asked watching the older boy with interest. "We both make a promise to be each other’s friend and help each other however possible, you go first."

Neela smiled, "I promise to be your friend forever and to help you however I can." She said touching the spoiled material.

"I promise to be your friend forever and to help you whenever I can. I also promise never to hurt you, or let anyone hurt you, so long as I am breathing." The yelling stopped and the sounds of footsteps faded.
The boy stood, a determined look on his face, "I'll bring back food as soon as I can." He turned towards her. "The trap door is a fake, the window is the only way out, but I don't think you could jump it with your hurt ankle, so just stay here."

"Wait!" Neela said attempting to stand. "How do I know I'm safe here, anyone could find it." She pointed out.

"Don't worry, I promised I wouldn't let anyone hurt you." He held his hands in front of him as he focused his spiritual energy and the essence of air around him; combining it he used it to levitate a few feet off the ground.

"Your a air weaver?" She asked as the boy moved out the window. He gave a sweet smile in reply.

"By the way. If you haven't already guessed." He said indicating to his clothing. "I'm Sazaciu."

Babcak let the story soak in; he didn't bother to continue, as he was already deep in thought.

He knew that the young prince had gathered all the hopeless children together, (including himself, who had meet Neela only a week prior- and gave them a new life. By starting the thieves many more had lived, and just as many died fighting by their leaders side in Ketso's war.

He had promised to protect Neela as a child, but in leaving her and going to battle he had done the opposite. When the battle was over Neela had recovered hope again for the thieves, and her un-spoken but always there relationship with her leader. But when he never returned and became general to help his sister’s role of the new king, Neela had gotten very depressed and soon fell ill.

Babcak couldn't understand why Neela was so obsessed with regaining Sazaciu as head of D.C., he thought she did twice as well as Sazaciu ever could. From what he had grasped on the concept Neela thought it was her fault Sazaciu didn't come back, which was completely illogical. If anyone was to blame it was Sazaciu himself, Neela had been so happy when he was around, it was his damn fault Neela had retreated back to what she had become.

"So your old leader, Sazaciu, gave her those scars?" Wrath diverted Babcak's thoughts with his question. "And then he said sorry and promised that no one would ever hurt her . . .you must of been her friend . . .the three of you started Darcia Caruta?" Wrath now questioning and thinking aloud at the same time, he seemed pleased with what he said and looked to Babcak for answers.

"Well, yes . . . " So the kid did have a quarter worth of brains, he just needs to learn how to use it wisely.

"But then why did Sazaciu leave?" The whole thing was very confusing to the young humanoid, if one promised something; -unless they have their fingers crossed- you had to keep that promise, from what he had learned.

Babcak stood up, "To try and protect her." He slowly walked away, not indicating Wrath should follow. "Ya' know kid . . . now that I think about it you remind me a bit like Sazz." He said using the old thief lords’ nickname. "He couldn't really steal anything or sneak past anyone as long as he was on the streets, no matter what he said. But as soon as he was familiar with the setting he was a regular pro, the best one of us." The second in command walked away solemnly, leaving Wrath to his own thoughts.

"So I still have a chance. If Sazaciu is as good as they make him out to be, then I'll get better then him." The boy jumped from his position on the old crate. "I can't really do anything to leave on the ship, so when we get off I'll find a way home." He reasoned. Walking across the ship a idea thought crossed his mind, "I wonder what everyone else will think after I tell them about this?" He laughed picturing the surprised faces and ran below deck to work on the puzzle Kasien had given him.


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Chapter 5
King At The Manor

Wrath had been gone for more then a week, a long, annoyance free week for the homonculus who lived at Dante's manor. But wouldn't you know, the kid grew on you, like a fungus. A fungus that smells really bad at first, but then it blooms flowers and smells nice, then tells you someone it has to get removed and your sad to see it go. Yep...the kid was like a fungus.

"He shouldn't be gone this long, we don't know if he got caught." Sloth had decided to voice a comment about Wrath's disappearance, but no one really cared.

"You know the military doesn't have him Sloth," It was one of those few times Pride was at the manor, he had never really cared much for the kid, "And he's not interfering with anything else." Sloth sighed and shifted from her position looking out the window to the ridiculously ornamental couch. The two were in one of the small tearooms, the 'yellow room'.

Yellow is supposed to represent 'bright' and 'happy', this room however, made you sick enough to remove those words and all related to it from the dictionary. Normally Sloth would of liked to remove herself from such a room, as anyone with half a mind would of, but Pride and herself were expecting company, and it showed a better view of welcoming to receive them at a beautiful home, then a stiff office environment.

"If he doesn't come back with in the month, then we'll go looking for him." Pride said standing as a loud knock from the front door echoed through out the 'home.'

"Welcome King..." The young maid looked up seeing her mistake, the 'king' who's coming of she had been forewarned, was actually a woman.

"Song." The leader finished for her. "You may refer to me as a Queen if you find it easier." She said with an understanding smile.

"Welcome Queen Song." The maid bowed slightly in greeting. "If you would allow me to lead you to the tea room, King Bradley is waiting for you." A man who had been standing by her guards stepped next to her, by the differences in his uniform, the maid could tell he was higher ranking.

"Duro-" The Queen began in a foreign language, "General, there is no need for such high security in a house among friends."

"I am sorry for this, but I will not relax my security until the treaty is signed." He bowed his head and resumed a strict martial position next to his Queen.

"You may take us to King Bradley." Song said returning her attention back to the maid, who curtsied again and lead them to the tearoom.

Sloth watched as Envy announced the Queen and General, both of who looked much business then they had at the door.

Sloth found the Queen had friendly, kind features, but had the eyes of one who has seen and knows a lot, the woman was about forty and signs of age were about her, there was also a strict, motherly air about her, so much so that the homonculus wondered if she was indeed caring for a child of her own. Enough to her surprise, the leader was not ridiculously garbed in large dresses of fine cloth, but a simple green satin gown, the only thing indicating she was of any royal stature was a silver circlet that she wore on her ebony head, and a silver bracelet baring her father's crest.

"Welcome." Pride said giving a believable smile. "Please, sit so we may discuss the matter at hand." Song returned the mans smile, and walked up to him.

"Aha wa asu, kurna luako hurashamo." She touched her left side above her heart, her lips, and then waved her hand sweeping it towards herself. Pride stared at her for a moment, unsure of what to do. "I'm sorry." The Queen said explaining, "I haven't spoken in English in a long time, and I said 'hello, thank you for welcoming us to your home.' Forgive me if my English isn't quite up to par." She offered her hand in a friendly manner and Pride shook it accordingly.

When all were seated Sloth dismissed the cleverly discussed Envy and let the two Kings talk while she searched for the newly made treaty.

"So, King-"

"Please, just Miss Song, I never was fond of formalities. Behind closed doors please refrain from calling me anything royal." The general seemed slightly annoyed by Song's comment, but it quickly faded, as if it was long used to it by now.

"Miss Song." Pride began again, "I do apologize for scheduling this event so close to your holidays."

"No problem, the sooner the treaty is signed, the better it will be for both Amestris and The Henaku Islands." Her tone was polite and official; it was obvious she wanted to return home soon. Pride turned towards the general.

"Aren't you two brother and sister?" He asked seemingly out of curiosity.

"Yes," It was the general who spoke this time. "I helped my sister take the throne after our father died in a previous war." The general had odd features, for a being from Amestris anyway. Pride had seen soldiers in the hall with similar features, so they must have been relatively common on Henaku. He had a strong set face, and silvery hair that held wisps of a deep brown. He seemed a few years younger then his sister, and his eyes were colder, but his face held laugh lines showing that humor did not escape him. Pride also noticed a foreign symbol on the mans hand, but his eye had caught a dozen or so akin symbols among the soldiers.

"Here it is." Sloth said sliding the official document on the table. Song picked it up and studied it.

"It seems in order." She placed it back down and signed it with a pen Pride handed her. He signed it as well and gave the document to Sloth.

"If we might discuss something before you leave?" The fuehrer queried.

"We might." Responded Song, laying her hands on her lap.

"It's about weavers, soul weavers." Pride began, "It would benefit everyone if we know how to weave souls, it could revolutionize alchemy and any other science if you can get someone to teach -" The King was cut off as Sazaciu gave a sharp reply.

"We could not share that secret with anyone! The craft of weaving can be dangerous alone, but soul weaving is just plain suicidal to learn! No one has lived to learn any weaving that doesn't deal with the natural elements, soul weavers are /born/ not taught." He stressed his last sentence greatly.

"Excuse my brother," She said sharing the mentioned a sharp glare, "But it is impossible. Those secrets are that of the Other Realms, beyond our life. I will not share the secrets of or elemental weaving either, it has been kept on Henaku to long to share with others." She finished curtly.

"I'm sorry for bringing it up." He nodded as the two Henakians stood. Following the suit he added, "Our maid will show you to the door." That was Envy's cue, and he hit it perfectly as he entered the room, disguised as the maid from earlier.

"I hope our next meeting end on better terms." Song said leaving the two homonculus behind.

"Next time we need to get that information from Song and Sazaciu." Pride said sternly. Sloth nodded in agreement.


Minutes Envy returned in his favorite form.
"Aren't they joyful." He said taking a seat by the window.

"Did you hear them saying anything about weaving?" Sloth asked letting herself relax.

"They were talking in Henakian as soon as they left the room." He crossed his legs and rested his head in his hand.

"We'll have to get the information some other way then." Pride said sitting back down. There was a short pause.

"I think I know where the Wrath went." Envy said finally. Sloth looked at him quizzically.

"The soldiers were talking about groups of ships traveling back and forth from Creta and Henaku, I think the kid may have gone there."

"How could he get through Creta?" Pride questioned, "It's hundreds of miles away."

"I just don't think he's in Amestris." Envy seemed bored already with the topic of the young boy.

"He'll turn up." Pride seemed more assured then either of his companions. "We'll keep a eye out for him, and if he doesn't turn up we'll investigate."

The other two sins could only except Pride's words and move on with their pointless work. After all, how could they ever know the danger the young boy was facing at that very moment?


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Chapter 6
Danger At Sea

Everything seemed almost normal on the cryptic ship, or what normal would of been like if Wrath had always been part of the Darcia Caruta.

The thieves had a cabin area to themselves, mainly because they had offered to sleep with the cargo. Below deck had several rooms, the sailors had there own quarters and small mess hall, and the captain had his. All that was left of storage was the cargo room and the old Focsle, which was being used for additional storage. The captain had put them in the old room with the understanding they wouldn't mess with any of the items, which he was to deliver, of course, being thieves they ignored the rules and used whatever they wanted. After all where would they get the time to haul satin pillows and fancy dinnerware around with them?

The cabin in short, was a mess. Fancy items and gadgets were littered throughout the four rooms the thieves occupied. Beds were stacked with soft material and books were strewn around lying open on their poor already cracked spines. The main room, which they had eaten in earlier that morning, was now carpeted with toys and games Wrath had pulled out in attempt to get one of the thieves to play with him, but unfortunately for the boy it was to no avail. He had been told to go study his reading, and work on his skills, and in a raging fit he broke the puzzle box and it had again covered him in ink.

Sighing, Wrath jumped into one of the old string hammocks. He was tempted to fall asleep -mostly from boredom-, but knew that he had to get some of his work done or face Babcak and Kasien empty handed. He looked around the room, it was empty, they all went to the deck and told him not to come up until he finished his work. Sighing, he opened up the book "Creatures of Henaku" and attempted to understand the words.


"Readings a waste of time if you ask me." Wrath ignored the approaching footsteps that climbed into the hammock above him. "I don't know why anyone thinks it's useful."
"I didn't ask you." The younger apprentice mumbled, trying to make sense of the first and second sentences. He was having trouble telling some letters apart and he didn't need Manec being...well, himself at the moment.

"I have a name you know." Wrath cut the older boy off. That annoyed the young homonculus the most. Although he didn't show it, he hated it when people called him 'kid'. Ever since he had gotten his new name, it was the only thing he wanted to be called, but for some reason people rather call him things like 'kid', or 'boy', or 'hey you stop that', greetings had really gone down hill for him.

"Fine kid, what's your name?" Manec asked in a tone that could hardly pass for interested.

"Wrath." He awnsered with a smile, he had finished the first paragraph, and better yet he understood what it said.

"Michi?" The older apprentice swung his head over the side of the hanging-bed, "Michi's a funny name."

"No!" Wrath threw the books at Manec and crossed his arms. "I said my name was Wrath!"

"Relax kid." Manec dodged the book and swung off the hammock. "/Michi/ is Henakian for revenge."

"Yeah, well I'm not Henakian." Wrath was beginning to hate Manec more and more. What he hated the most was the Henakian accent, which had faded on the older members of the D.C. in their travels. The Henakian's words were strange, and when they tried to speak English the e's sounded more like o's, and all the words had a ie or a sound a the end.

"Well isn't that obvious." The older apprentice picked up the book Wrath had attempted to throw at him. "Look ki- Wrath. You’re going to be in a island of trouble if you don't learn to read by tomorrow." He turned the pages until he found the one Wrath had been trying to read.

"Yeah, what's it to you?"

"I could help you." Wrath looked at him with a confused stare.

"Why would you do that?"

"I guess Babcak didn't explain allot about the D.C., or thieves in general..." He walked over to the large table near the back of the room filled with paper, pens, and books of different sorts. Manec sat down in a large chair and looked over some of the papers, motioning for Wrath to join him.

"What didn't Babcak tell me about the thieves?" Wrath questioned sitting on one of the wood chairs.

"Just about everything," He began. "First of all." He showed a piece of paper to Wrath, "The thieves contract."

"Why would-"

"There /s honor among thieves, but some need to be held to it." He asked, "Do you even know the Darcia Caruta code?"

"Code?" Wrath wondered why Babcak hadn't explained this to him, it sounded really important for one of the thieves to know.

"Yep." Kasien sad picking up another piece of paper. "One must never steal from another thief of his order unless he has defied the organization’s code of conduct. One must never kill another thief unless he has defied the code, and then it may only be done of one of the leaders of that organization says so. Everyone else is a target, but killing is to be kept at a minimum for the good name of the guild." He said, "It pretty much goes on like that."

"Why didn't Babcak say anything about it?" The ink covered boy asked.

"Dunno. He must have allot on his mind." Manec paused for a moment, "Do you want me to help you learn to read or not?" Wrath looked at the old document Manec held and read the large words, 'code of conduct.'

"You’re doing it for honor among the older thieves?" Wrath questioned, "Is that why?" Manec titled his head to the side and gave an expression that mocked thinking.

"Well, yeah. But you need the help don't ya'?" Wrath nodded, "Then show me where you left off."


One hour. That was all the time spent the oldest apprentice spent teaching Wrath to read, and this time, it worked.

"The kr-kra...krak...kraken, is the on-ly sea an-ani..animal more da-da-dang-danger-dangerous then the d-dos-dosuko fish. With it's large cr-ab like claws, and thick shell it is a true-ly difficult opon-et." Wrath worked hard saying the words aloud, once he learned how to read, Babcak had said he would teach him about fighting and other stuff. Sazaciu had to know all that stuff to, and his own plan required him to be better then the old thief lord.

"See it's not that hard." Manec had taken his old position on one of the hammocks. The kid- Wrath had learned pretty quickly. The older boy had quickly discovered that the only reason the other apprentice was having trouble was because of the way Henakians pronounced vowels. Wrath was smarter then he looked, he just got confused easily.

“Why are people yelling up deck?” Wrath asked using a term he had heard one of the sailors use. Manec looked over to the narrow stairway.

“I dunno. We should go and see.”
As the two climbed the sailor-sized stairs they became more and more aware of the ship’s abnormal rocking. Manec moved to push the door open, but all he got was the sound of stressed wood.

“What’s going on?” The two apprentices were now shoving on the heavy, typhoon- proof attempting to shove it open. They could hear muffled voices through the door, voices that sounded like they were yelling. Finally with one last push the door flew open, and the two thieves-in-training immediately wished they hadn’t came up deck.

Wrath was almost hurled down the stairs as wind and rain mercilessly pounded down on the ship and it’s crew. The young boy attempted to find a place to hold on to, Sloth was preferred, but he made due with the nearby railing of the ship. He, of course being new to life at sea, didn’t know how dangerous it was to be near the ship’s edge during a storm, as Neela would tell him later, it was very dangerous. But it was at this time he had the privilege to see what very few non-sailors, even on Henaku get to see. The creatures from his book, the fonoukai.

Little creatures swarmed the now dark ocean; small screeches and cries made him want to cover his ears. He looked around the deck to see sailors running around, climbing to the top of the mass and covering their ears, he heard the screams of men who where wide-eyed with shock and screaming in pain. Some he saw jumped overboard.
He closed his eyes to block the sickening sight of the delirious men who jumped being eaten by the foul eel-like creatures. Was he the only sane one? The wind battered against him and his long hair got in his eyes. He scanned the ship for any sign of the D.C., none was found. Shakily he tried to step forward, away from the railing. He forced himself against the wind and found a half-steady pace; he didn’t stop until he reached the front of the ship.

The sight he saw frightened him, so much so it tempted tears in his eyes. The swirling gray mass before him screamed as each creature jumped to try and land on the old vessel. He cried out in terror as he heard them. The song of half-death, the book had called it Fonoukai, meaning his own name, and now he knew why.

Death haft’ taken from us,
So now we teeth' from you,
A treasure will be lost,
And we shall have gained,
But all have done for naught,
So Thirteen curses we shall give,
To ensure you suffer great,
With pain we could not envision.

The boy stood wide-eyed, both human and non-human hand white from gripping the railing. The wind beat him in every which way, and cold rain made him come close to freezing. He thought his ears would bleed from the torture of the fonoukai song. He was petrified in fear, could homunculi be cursed?

A curse upon your ship,
May her timbers brake.

A curse upon your wealth
May all coin Hades take!

A curse upon your home,
May it burn to the ground.
A curse on your possessions,
May they never be found.

A curse upon your spouse,
May they find different lives.
A curse upon your creatures,
May they all be killed with knives!

A curse upon your village,
May famine take health’s place.

A curse upon your knowledge,
By stupidity may it be replaced!

A curse upon your faith,
May no longer in God you trust.

A curse upon your luck,
May owls fly in your home.

At this point a strong gust of wind smashed Wrath against the railing, and toppled him over-board. He screamed as salt water filled his mouth and he attempted to break the water’s surface, to be shoved down by the hideous singing beasts.

A curse upon your children,
May the dark lord enslave them.

Wrath struggled in the water trying to shove past the red eyes that hated him. He felt their anger, their desperate need to kill, it was stronger then his had ever been, and he needed to escape it.

A curse upon your family,
Loved Ones,
And Dear Friends,
A curse upon all of them.
May they fall down dead!

And last of all we give a curse,
Of everlasting horror.
May -

The song had been cut short, as a single voice took its place. It sounded like a woman’s voice, an older voice, filled with sorrow and motherly love. The melody was quiet, like a lullaby, and reassuring. A light surrounded him, and he saw her, she had to be around fifty years old. She was tanned, like she spent all day outside, but held herself like someone important. Her hair was long and brown and just starting to fade color. She came closer to him, her face held lines of both worry and happiness. She kneeled down and took a white shawl from her shoulders and wrapped it around him.

“Don’t worry little one, all will be well.” She enfolded him in a hug and continued singing in the language he couldn’t understand. Her voice continued strong after she disappeared, and he was left again in the ocean, a ocean of fonoukai.
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