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Full Version: Ebony's Junk
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Hmm, my first post on these forums. I always feel so oddly nervous when posting for the first time! At any rate, I thought I'd share some of my FMA-related scribbles with you guys. I've only fairly recently discovered FMA, and I'm already obsessed! lol. I guess that's a good thing...a girl's gotta have something to do to keep from going insane in college.

My style is a bit weird, so I apologize if the characters don't look quite "right." I guess it's just my interpretation of them? XD

Guess I'll just post the first, and then link to the other two doodles or something.

IPB Image

I dunno. Just...a doodle.
Thats what you call doodling!!!
HOLY CRAP, dude! You'
Ed looks a little girly, but hey, who can blame you. tongue.gif

I like you non-anime style. I always wondered how Ed would look like if he wasn't, you know, an anime character.
And woah, you actually use those "helping lines." I'm a little weary using one of those cause I'm too lazy to erase them later on. Kudos!
You are so good in drawing! I love the 2 ed arts.
Hi Ebony, welcome to the forum!! smile.gif
Nice drawings!! They have your own distinctive ambience. Good work!!
Thank you kindly for the comments, guys! They made my day. biggrin.gif

Here's a sketch I was messing around with in Painter, even though I should be in bed...

Click me! XD

Take care everyone smile.gif
nice, you should color it. happy.gif
Ed Elrich
It's a very nice picture. Hey it's better than what i can do.
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