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Full Version: Ed/winry Drabble
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Title: First Kiss
Author: Shizuka85
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Ed/Winry
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Notes: This is a short, fluffy drabble that takes place when Ed and Winry are six years old. It's the first fanfiction I've ever written besides a crappy Mary Sue story I wrote when I was about twelve years old and never finished.

Winry Rockbell was happily playing with her pretend tools in her yard when her best friend Edward Elric suddenly walked up to her with a fistful of flowers and held them up to her, his face bright red.
"Here," he said. "For you."
"Why are you giving these to me, Ed?" asked Winry.
"Because I love you." replied the young boy.
"I love you, too!" she said as she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. Hugging her back, Ed kissed her on the lips.
"When I grow up, I'm going to marry you!" he announced.
"I'm sorry, Ed. You're my best friend, but I don't like boys who are shorter than me." Winry said, severely crushing Ed's ego.
"But... Fine, then I'll grow taller, then. I'll be taller than everyone, and then you'll be begging me to marry you," Ed promised.
"Okay! If you get taller, I'll definitely marry you," said Winry. "Promise me you'll get taller!"
"I promise! I will definitely get taller!" Ed vowed.
awwww....that sweet, cute, and funny all at the same time by the way im imagining it while im reading it , hehe happy.gif'
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