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Full Version: Changing It Around For Fun!
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~ Changing What They Say: *Spoilers* But funny ~

I decided to use some pictures from the manga and change what they say.

I've done this with other manga series before, but I just now thought of doing it to Fullmetal Alchemist.



You have been warned =o

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


It's late, so I'm not going to check for spelling errors at the moment. But if you spot any, feel free to tell me.
That was very funny, but wouldn't say it was spoilerous. I mean all you used we're the pictures not the actual text from the manga so as a result nothing that reveled during that part in manga was given away. Anyway very funny I enjoyed them. Do some more real soon.
Frozen Ice Alchemist
Lol, I simply luv them~ Their so funny! *ha ha* biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
PUAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif
Nice ending!

Also, I would agree with harmony_kh_kairi-san, it's not that much of a spoiler.

XXD Al's scary face was soooo funny!!
Thank you all very much. ^.^ Yeah, I guess you are right. Not too much of a spoiler, but I just didn't want any complaints. I'm working on more, so as soon as I'm finished I will post them up. smile.gif
LOL! I like it very much. hope to see more soon smile.gif
ed's numbuh 1 fan
biggrin.gif very funny tongue.gif

you really must PH34R Aru-kun when he's angry ph34r.gif you would'nt like it when he's angry ph34r.gif
xD lol

I thought that was pretty funny...
Lol No kittens MICE!!! Theres millions of mice out in the tthere and even BIG ASS ONES Have anybody seen the movie Willard!!! Mice takes over the world!
And here I am again... With more FMA crack. xD


EDIT: I come with two others as well. ohmy.gif

Part 1

Part 2
You did a good job on those edits. They're hilarious. Especially the gerbil-cat one. laugh.gif Will you be making more?
I am the Only sister Elric
Thoes are all really funny ^.^! I wish I was that creative. sad.gif unsure.gif
The_Fallen_Angel_Demetri: Thank you! Glad you liked them. ^^ Yes, I plan to make more... As soon as I think of something. Lol.

I am the Only sister Elric: Thank you! =D Aww, don't say that! Everyones at east somewhat creative!
@snwbnny - LOL!! You are really good at this!! laugh.gif
Kittens and Gerbils!?!
How foolish of them.It's Piegons and Penguins that will dominate the earth.
*Maniacal laughter*

Good stuff.
Tombow: Thank you very much! =D

popogeejo: Pigeons... -Twitch- YES. They wiiiill. e.e Lol, anyways, THank you! happy.gif

And I come with more. And these are a bit different from what I have been doing...somewhat. But I hope you like. -Is in very strange mood- o.o

Bradley Wants to Duel!

Ling's Father Said Strange Things...

So How Many Bones Did The First Dog Have!?

And now I should go to bed before the sugar reaches my solar plexis and I pop from nonsense! G'night!

^^ Tehehe!! I like the bradley one!! It's so silly!! laugh.gif
And, the dog bone one!! XDDDD
Thanks for the good laugh!! happy.gif
Those were all great! Will you be making more (Maybe one of Barry the Chopper?), oh great master of taking -comics-and-making-them-funnier-than-the-originals!
slate alchemist
woah al was on a roll about cats

this is very funny.
heyz... great job... they're funny... XD i've enjoyed reading them... laugh.gif
Ahaha..I love your great sense of humour and creativity! laugh.gif Hehe, they're all hilarious! XD Can't wait to see more! tongue.gif
OMG!! Ling's dad one made me laugh!! laugh.gif
The Bradly one's awsome too!

Q: Is it okay to post some of mine here??
~ Making Fun Out Of Inuyasha Pic ~

Hey yeah I wanted to make fun of something with out making some one cry so I figured I'd post something here and then disapear for another year, sooooooooooo here ya go. And yes I know it's the same damn picture! Get over it!

and another one

now if you'll excuse me I'm just gonna go back to my hidey hole I go to when I feel like being a hermit. Bye foolz!!!
When do we get to thet funny?
Pop-culture reffrences aren't always funny.
Also how do sun glasses make "ol' fuzzy ears" in the Matrix? He could easily be in Reservoir Dogs...
Uh? It might be not funny at all, but the good part is the we won't see JudasPriest1 for one year now. tongue.gif
Hmmm... *taking a look*

It's fun, for sure. You know, like adding mustache to the school pictures!! laugh.gif

Anyway, since this is more or less "manipulation of pics", and not original drawing, I think it's more suited for Fanworks forum, than Fanart forum?? smile.gif
"those ninja's were fast as lightning!" -lol- ya....
Not really funny but not all that *coughN00Bcough* bad. unsure.gif
Sorry for the forwardness... I just got back and am totally off my forum-game.

I edited this message because I thought it was rather rude.
But the pictures still aren't funny.

-Skips away whistling-
*twitch...twitch* Make fun of...*twitch* MY SEXY HANYOU!! mad.gif
*twitch...twitch* Make fun of...*twitch* MY SEXY HANYOU!!

Get over it. And your 'sexy hanyou' isn't that sexy at all. At least that youkai brother of his has SOMETHING going for him besides being a complete pussy.

And these aren't funny. They're stupid and poor quality. Even I can do better than that and I SUCK.
QUOTE(Demon-Dog @ Nov 1 2006, 04:34 PM) [snapback]469028[/snapback]
*twitch...twitch* Make fun of...*twitch* MY SEXY HANYOU!! mad.gif

He's not really all that sexy.

And those are not funny. I've seen better.
QUOTE(Migchao @ Nov 4 2006, 06:34 PM) [snapback]469947[/snapback]
QUOTE(Demon-Dog @ Nov 1 2006, 04:34 PM) [snapback]469028[/snapback]
*twitch...twitch* Make fun of...*twitch* MY SEXY HANYOU!! mad.gif

He's not really all that sexy.

And those are not funny. I've seen better.

*sniff* ouch... sad.gif *sniff* sorry, big fangirl...
Now, now children.
I know these pictures are not funny nor of excellent quality,
and the fact may just tear off a part of your soul and cast it into the cold, dark oblivion which is reality, but some people's sense of humour are really this bad.
I mean, she seems to be taking this relatively well considering all the bashing Demon Dog is taking, so I propose you forgive and forget.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that he is not, nor ever will be, sexy.
So, you can discard that thought whilst visiting FMA fan-ridden forums, such as this one.
After all, that's the name of the website.

Soree. ^^
QUOTE(Demon-Dog @ Nov 4 2006, 07:45 PM) [snapback]470021[/snapback]
QUOTE(Migchao @ Nov 4 2006, 06:34 PM) [snapback]469947[/snapback]
QUOTE(Demon-Dog @ Nov 1 2006, 04:34 PM) [snapback]469028[/snapback]
*twitch...twitch* Make fun of...*twitch* MY SEXY HANYOU!! mad.gif

He's not really all that sexy.

And those are not funny. I've seen better.

*sniff* ouch... sad.gif *sniff* sorry, big fangirl...

It's okay, but many people here loath Inuyasha. *Hands a cookie.*

We should spare JudasPriest1 the flames, just because I feel bad for her.
I mean, Judas Priest.
Same signature.
;-; Crap.

Ah, well.
I agree, although I loathe Inuyasha quite fearsomely.
~ Merry Manga Manipulations ~

I don't know how people feel about photo manipulations. I know it's not art, but I thought I'd post some of the silly altered manga I came up with.

~ Armstrong Was Not The First Sparkly One: Anime parody pics ~

yes let the epic sparkleing man battle begin.
Here's some more Armstrong humor. Sadly, my talent doesn't measure up to the vision I had for this piece. But here's a rough idea of what I had in mind:

I wanted to get a picture of all the men with mustaches, but I couldn't get it to look right.
QUOTE (Animeoldtimer @ Jun 4 2009, 02:44 PM) *

wow that is so cool. i like it. lol.
I did this one a long time ago. I couldn't resist when I saw Envy's face. It's kind of a spoiler, but not really cuz it doesn't give anything away...
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