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Full Version: Meanest Anime Sin Character?
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N.C. StormEye
Envy, hands down.
envy definitely because he killed Meas Hughs!! =[ but i also love him 'cause he's so evil! ^^
Demon x
I believe the 'meanest' character would be Envy as a lot of people have stated he kills without mercy or hesitation, and Lust isn't that nice either, she rips all that she thinks would stand in her way, she's just heartless.
Envy.. he doesn't care about killing people..
Probably Envy...
That One Dude
Envy is obviously the worst... tried to kill his own brother and his father for God's sake... ...but yeah I'm still a fangirl... *points at shirt that says, 'envy 4evur!!!'*
gunslinger alchemist
Envy or Pride.... Can't decide. (see epi 50)
ENVYY !duhh
ENVY!!!!! No contest!!!!! I believe he's responsible for the two most horrible murders in the whole series. Who can even hope to compete with that?
Easily Envy, a lot of anger there, and really likes to mess with people's heads.

Lust would be right up there though. Very twisted kind of power. Knows that men will lust after her, and uses that to her will as well. Didn't she basically sentence an entire town to death?
Envy's the meanest! All reasons have been listed already.
And about manga!Pride... I can't forget he frightened Riza. *shudders*
It's gotta be Envy. Envy does what he wants and has no consideration for the way others think. I'm sure that the many other reasons I would list have already been given, though.
Winter Phantom
Envy.He's the less innocent and most violent of them.
envy's the best happy.gif
Wooooooowwwwww! This is a real tough one. I don't know, Envy being the one who got rid of Hughes, who was only along for the ride to hurt people, who was obsessed with revenge and causing pain. You know, I think we've got a winner here.

P.S. Who the F*%&K voted for Greed?! How in the HELL was he cruel?! He LET AL GO! He told Ed how to BEAT THE OTHERS!
Hmmm...I think I'll rank them from least to most cruel, all in my own opinion, of course -

Lust - I'd rank Lust as the least cruel because I think she changes the most throughout the course of the show and ends up the most human. She makes a huge sacrifice to help Ed just before she dies, and even though she had her own personal motivation for doing so, I think she had also developed a sense of morals and sympathized with Ed and Al, as well as realized that she couldn't let the stone fall into the hands of someone like Dante. Sure, she caused a lot of mayhem and destruction, but I think she redeems herself, or at least tries the most to redeem herself.

Greed - At first glance, he seems like he could be a top contender, but when you think about it, he really is one of the least cruel, perhaps less cruel than Lust, depending on how you look at it. Yes, he's greedy and wants everything for himself, but he also frees a lot of people from Dante's tyranny. Sure, they only shift from being under Dante's control to being under Greed's, but all of the Chimera are extremely thankful to him for freeing them, and he certainly treats them a lot better than Dante did, and he does seem to care about them, since he regards them as his. Then he kidnapped Al, and made some threats, but hey, he let him go, and even refused to fight Izumi, didn't he? And then there's his dying act - to tell Ed how to defeat the homonculi. He had ulterior motives of revenge, but at the same time, he was helping Ed, so I would say he was definitely greedy, but not to a cruel extent.

Wrath - Ok, I'll admit...I love Wrath. He's my favorite character... soooooo, I might be a bit biased. But I think his cruelty can be somewhat excused in that he really is just a highly confused child, often to the point of desperation. I think Izumi's handing him over to the gate was far more cruel than anything he does throughout the series. He's just a small child who gets caught up in a lot of things he doesn't really understand, and longs for a mother. Even though he hates Izumi, his utter devotion to Sloth is kind of sweet, albeit a bit misguided. And if we're counting the movie, then he definitely gets a lot of redemption points which could bump him a bit further up the scale, so to speak.

Gluttony - He was a hard one to place, since he is probably the least characterized of all the sins. The only thing that isn't cruel about him is his inexplicable love for Lust(Well, maybe it's just that she's the embodiment of Lust XP). Otherwise, he doesn't really seem to have any sense of morals, and just wants to eat everybody he sees, sometimes getting rather scary in the process. I guess you could make the argument that since he's pretty mindless, he's not really being cruel, but still...eating innocent people...not nice! And he doesn't really have any redemption, either, so yeah, I'm putting him in the middle.

Sloth - I'm surprised she didn't get more votes. Wasn't anybody else rather horrified at her motivation for trying to kill Ed and Al? She knew they were her sons, had memories of being a loving, caring mother, and rejected them out of fear of not being able to live up to them, going so far as to try and kill her sons in an attempt to liberate herself from them. You could almost call her greed. And she manipulated the fact that she was, or at least once was Ed and Al's mother, trying to use it against them to protect herself, or take them off their guard. Really, that is incredibly cruel. I'm tempted to make her the 2nd to most cruel, but she does have a tiny bit of redemption in her last words, during which she seems to accept that she is/was Ed and Al's mother, and tries to comfort and encourage them, though it seemed to really just freak them out a bit more...whoops!

Pride - 2nd to most cruel in my books, Pride took a lead role in corrupting the government and military, and brought about a lot of war and destruction in doing so. Of course, these were all higher orders from Dante, but he still had little regard for anybody's life, and had entire countries whiped off the map without so much as a second thought. He also has a bit of a pleasant facade at first, which makes his cold hearted cruelty all the more noticeable later on, especially when he is being nice and fatherly to his (adopted)son one moment, and strangling him the next. No redemption for him, either. He's just a ruthless bastard.

Envy - Really, Envy is quite undeniably the most cruel of the 7 sins, hands down. He's not just a ruthless bastard, like pride, but a purely evil. And he enjoys it! Either while he's kidnapping Al or after he's kidnapped Al, he reveals that he isn't even in it to become human. He knows that Dante is just going to use the stone for herself, and doesn't care - he just wants to kill humans! For the pure fun of it, presumably. And killing Hughes while in the form of his wife, man, that's just sick. It's completely pointless cruelty, he's just being cruel for the hell of it. He pulls the same trick during his big fight with Ed, too, transforming into his dead friends, and even his mother, in an attempt to break him mentally. We can hardly blame him for hating Hoenheim, but hey, Ed hates Hoenheim too, and he's not a cruel character at all. Envy is just an evil, obsessive, insane bastard, and all of the other homonculi pale in comparison in terms of cruelty.

Soooo...yeah...can you tell I've been bored today? tongue.gif
In the anime, definitely Envy, his only competition for meanest is Pride, but I think Envy committed more horrendous acts than Pride.
Envy sticks out in my mind at the cruellest one... Then it'd probably be Pride second.
i definitely say envy. he's doesn't even care about anything, as long as people get killed. and if they don't then he'll figure out a way to divide the people into two or more sides and make them kill each other, which is fairly easy due to his shape-shifting.
but a close second would be pride, he killed his own son a second after being really sweet and nice to him.
i can't understand how anyone would vote lust, unless they were thinking about the manga lust. she was really cruel and horrible.
For anime, Envy probably is the worst. (Wahh!! He's not as bad in the manga!!)
Yeah, Lust seems nicer in the anime so she's out. (Please note that I've only seen the first 4 episodes though)
Gluttony is kinda stupid (sorry, looks can depict a lot), I don't know the anime wrath or pride or sloth whatsoever and Greed is just... I don't know the anime greed very well either. haha.
Not much to choose from.
In the anime...I think Pride and Wrath are cruelest. Pride, among everything else kills his little son. And I think Wrath really takes advantage of Izumi's feelings. True, he seems innocent, but he is in my opinion one of the worst.

Envy is very cruel, although I think less so in the manga...but a lot of its cruelty doesn't come from nowhere. It/he spent hundreds of years living with someone who is sort-of his mother and sort of not...Dante, who really messed with him and the others. That's got to screw you up. He does awful things, but I feel bad for him.

Lust is not someone I can see as cruel. She changes a lot, changes into someone more human than some of the actual humans in the show.

Gluttony is Gluttony. Not cruel, just...hungry.

Greed isn't cruel either. Selfish, yes. But he loved his friends, didn't he? And he wasn't nearly as bad as the other sins.

Sloth doesn't mind being cruel if it helps her survive. I don't really think she is that bad. She just doesn't have any other option but to just do anything she can to keep sane and stable and protected. And I understand that.
Misty- Nala
empty wrote a very good reply here, expressing many of my thoughts *bows* but I check if I have anything to add.

Envy is the cruellest, there is no doubt about it. Yet, one must remember that he has deep traumas. Hohenheim left him as a Homunculus and I'm not sure if he even thinks of Envy as his son. Probably not, I think he considers Envy as one of his biggest mistakes, along with making the Philosopher's Stone and leaving Trisha behind. Anyone who watches the show can see Hohenheim left very deep emotional wounds in Envy's... um... I can't really say heart, I'll go with psyche. Envy punches the ground as he wants to be the one that kills Hohenheim, he probably thinks killing his father erases all the pain and hatred he has for the man. And when he can't get Hohenheim, he satisfies himself by torturing Ed and Al, his step-brothers. Yeah, Envy is one of the most interesting characters.

He is cruel, kills people for fun, likes war and destruction, doesn't care about anyone, likes to torment people and play with their minds as empty said, transforming into different people who have all had a major effect on Edward's life.

Other Homunculi are nothing compared to Envy. Some of them turned good (Lust, Wrath) and some were just puppets (Gluttony). Envy had a mind of his own and incomparable powers, which was a deadly combination.
Envy's Lady
Probably Envy...although Pride is up there(speaking about the manga/Brotherhood version here).

Anyway I love Envy though, despite what he does....I understand him. I've felt a lot of the same pain.
Oh totally Envy o_____o; Don't mess with him.
Envy without a doubt. He's such a sadist.
SO ENVY! No question! Although I have to say, I'm surprised there's not any more votes for Lust. In the manga and Brotherhood, she's pretty evil... But Envy really tops all in the crazy, screwball, evil category >=)
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