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Full Version: Al's Art
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Here you can find whatever artwork I decide to post. I don't draw very much so I doubt that I'll be posting here very often. Also, my drawing skills are pretty crappy so feel free to laugh it up. laugh.gif Anyway, here is my first fanart that I did about a week ago.
Hey, for a "crappy" art, that's actually pretty good. smile.gif
Yeah, but I was looking at that exact picture while I drew it.
Envy's lil' miniskirt
But you didn't trace it and that's what's most important. biggrin.gif
*claps* Very nice, Al! Yer drawing form is great, and, as Mini said, ya didn't trace. Good for you! happy.gif
Well, thanks. I feel a bit like a baby after Lucky's comment.X) I will try to get another up soon, this time of Alphonse. smile.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Your proportions look good. Now you have to worry about line smoothness and shading.
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