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"Nii-san?" Alphose gazed at his older brother hopefully, a broken train set in his hands.


And then they punched each other.

Of course they made up later, after much crying from Al ("Mommy, nii-san punched me!!!") and much persuasion from Trisha for Ed to apologize ("Well, I did NOT throw the first punch!!!"). Ed fixed his train set and Al went back to playing it. Each felt a little proud for himself and for his brother - Ed for apologizing and for being hit first, and Al for making Ed apologize first and for the fixed train set.

Brotherly love, isn't it a wonderful thing?


Ah, my first FMA fanfic! Hope everyone enjoy! ^^
Please give suggestions and criticism - they'll be much appreciated!
awww it's so sweet XD
short but genuine <(_ _)>

keep up de good work fishie~ looking forward 2 read ur next fic~

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