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Full Version: What Manga Do You Want To See As Anime?
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Little Washu
Hmmmm, 'Skip Beat' is pretty good.
20th Century Boys, if they did it right. And touch up the animation from Monster, less bland, more defined.
Triss Hawkeye
I'd love Megotokyo to be an anime. But it might be pretty tricky, since Japanese, English and 1337 are spoken in equal amounts. I'd like to see how somene could maage that! ^^
Pokemon Special.

Before anyone goes berserk on this like, "#&!*@%! MORE Pokemon??," all in the world would be glad to have this as anime instead of the current, no plot changing fun fun Poke anime that STILL HASN'T ENDED. I really wish this could've become the official Pokeanime instead. T_T

And, Yotsuba&!, but probabilites of it turning into anime is dim cause of its theme. Probably off better not turning into an anime at all.

Finally, PHOENIX WRIGHT! <----- *shoots*
QUOTE(MasterKris @ Mar 19 2007, 09:48 PM) [snapback]519758[/snapback]
Finally, PHOENIX WRIGHT! <----- *shoots*

I wholeheartedly second that. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. XD
I hope the third Gyakuten game gets licensed in NA soon. I've already beaten the second one twice since I got it and I can't count how many times I've beaten the first one.
And, Yotsuba&!, but probabilites of it turning into anime is dim cause of its theme. Probably off better not turning into an anime at all.

I thought there was a Yotsuba&! anime already. o_o;

I must've just mistaken some of the coloured manga art for anime art or something...
I'm still waiting for an FMA anime based on the Manga. tongue.gif
Little Washu
Has Tarot Cafe been made into an anime yet?
There aren't too many manga series I want to see as an anime right now. But I DO want to see a new FMA anime series based completely on the manga! smile.gif
Sleeping Forest
Is there a Shinshi Doumei Cross anime yet...?
Sharingan Serpent
Well, I wouldn't mind seeing Immortal Rain made into an Anime series
Blade of the Immortal, it was an awesome series
Hot gimmick. I...need to see it move.
Vampire Knight. I would love to here zero's voice and watch all the blood-drinking scenes. It would be so cool!!!
Berserk. I know there's one already but a new one would be great.
An OVA of Yotsuba wouldn't be unwanted...
I wouldn't mind seeing Sensual Phase or Never Give Up as an anime, that is if they aren't already anime lol laugh.gif
I just finished this manga series awhile back, and personally I think Zombie Powder would be an okay anime ^^; It's made by the same author of Bleach too! Shame he never finished the entire series though since theres only 4 volumes...
Pyre Alchemist
Vampire Game or Alichino!
I think Absolute Boyfriend would be an intersting anime
and Godchild as well! biggrin.gif
Maybe +anima or Vampire Knight!
Those would totally kick butt! XD
The Hawkeye Alchemist
I'd like to see Chronicles of the Cursed Sword turned into an anime. After Claymore and FMA, this is my favorite manga. I think it would be awesome to see it as an anime.
Little Washu
Skip Beat! would make for a good Shojou. And an FMA and Negima! that follows the manga exactly, I'd like that.
I think if I ever found out that Kaze Hikaru was made into an anime, I would probably faint. So yeh I'd love to see in motion!
I think it was called "record of fallen vampires"
Its really cool but only in manga.......
I'd love to see Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden as an Anime. After seeing the Fushigi Yuugi anime, which I really liked, that would be so awesome. And seeing Rimudo in full color. xD

Also Alice 19th. They're both from the Manga-ka Yuu Watase, and I like her style. (happy.gif)V

Also the Legend of Zelda-Manga.
I finished reading Othello a couple of weeks ago, and it was really good! I was surprised because I usually don't like shoujo manga, but I was hooked after the first chapter. I would love to see this as an anime, if it's not already. I don't think it is. o_o
Cait the Cat
I would love to see 'Uzumaki' by Junji Ito as an anime. However, seeing its a movie as well it will probably not happen. Also, his art style would be hard to animate without being censored.
Little Washu
I wanna see Once Upon a Glashma as an anime. Theres' only 1 volume though, so there'd either be 2 episodes or 1 full movie. I say the movie.

Skip Beat! would also make for an interesting anime.
Star Alchemist
I'd like to see Crescent Moon turned into an anime. It's so cool! cool.gif
QUOTE(Cait the Cat @ Feb 21 2008, 09:34 AM) *
I would love to see 'Uzumaki' by Junji Ito as an anime. However, seeing its a movie as well it will probably not happen. Also, his art style would be hard to animate without being censored.

I agree, Uzumaki would interest me should it ever be animated. I think it would translate nicely into animation and I don't believe censorship would be a problem. 'Art style' has nothing to do with it.

I would actually like to see After School Nightmare animated. It would be nice to see something crazy done with the dream sequences.
I want to see O-Parts Hunter ^^
+Anima, and Happy Hustle High, I'd be pretty happy if they were made into anime. I would definitely watch it.
QUOTE (Daydreamer_Alchemist @ Nov 6 2008, 08:59 AM) *
I want to see O-Parts Hunter ^^

That's exactly what I was going to say! Also known as 666 Satan, it is a great story with awesome action. There are so many scenes in it I would love to see animated!

Wiki info and vague summary, lol:

O-Parts Hunter, known as 666 Satan (666~サタン~, Roku Roku Roku Satan) in Japan, is a Japanese manga series published by Enix (later Square Enix) under its Monthly Shōnen Gangan imprint, and created by Seishi Kishimoto, the younger twin brother of Masashi Kishimoto, creator of the highly popular manga series Naruto. The series draws heavily on Kabbalistic traditions and Judeo-Christian demonology for its plot, and less so on Japanese folklore. It is licensed for an English language release by Viz Media, which released it under the title O-Parts Hunter.

Ruby Crescent is an ordinary girl. Her life is changed dramatically when her father dies and she becomes a treasure hunter as he was. Her objective is to find O-Parts: magical items hidden in ruins which grant people superhuman powers and can only be used by an O.P.T. (O-Part Tactician), Angel, or Demon. She soon meets a mysterious boy named Jio Freed who, due to having a dark, lonely past, seeks to conquer the world. Jio is hostile to her at first, but ends up traveling with Ruby as her bodyguard. When Ruby is attacked by an O.P.T. claiming to be Satan, Jio rushes to her rescue and a battle occurs. Initially they are on the losing side, but Jio releases his true power and is revealed to be not only an O.P.T., but the real Satan. Thus, the two continue to travel together in hopes of unlocking their pasts.
Wynter Myth
I'd like to see The Cain Saga and Godchild as an anime. They'd be awesome -w-
I think InuBaka would be cool... doggies! o.O
I would really like to see Bakuman as an Anime. It's not done or anything, but it's a really good story.
Prince the Ripper
I'd like to see Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion as an anime....and maybe a longer story with the anime version than the manga version~ It was such a good series =w= And a friend and I are always saying that it would make for a good anime ^^

another good one: Deadman Wonderland. It's done by the artist of Eureka 7 so if it were made into an anime, I really think it would look great.
Bakuman, Alive-The Final Evolution, and Psyren smile.gif
QUOTE (kkg22104 @ Jul 2 2009, 10:55 PM) *
Bakuman, Alive-The Final Evolution, and Psyren smile.gif

I second all three of these biggrin.gif
Koko ni Iru Yo! by Ema Toyama
its manga's pretty sad and interesting wink.gif
Red Shrimp
DGM, again. I hope they get back where they'd left the series.
Akira Mikk
I really wan to see Aflame Inferno, Chrome Breaker and Defence Devil as animes because they are so good and I can imagine them as an anime in my head already
I think dream Saga, peach girl, and satisfaction guaranteed . . . laugh.gif
EniviD EiraM
beast master I should say ...

also ... if 'angel sanctuary' don't have anime series then I want to see it in action one day smile.gif
Dengeki Daisy..I dunno I just really loved this manga and I wonder how will be drawn in anime^^
Probably cheating because it's a doujin, but I'd love to see an anime adaptation of 'Onani Master Kurosawa'!
I'm not sure if Onidere is already animated but I'd love to see Onidere. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Neurotripsy @ Apr 25 2010, 06:43 PM) *
Probably cheating because it's a doujin, but I'd love to see an anime adaptation of 'Onani Master Kurosawa'!

I'd definitely watch that.
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