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Full Version: Silas Baroque... Intorduction
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Silas Baroque: Requiem Alchemist
This is how I first set up Silas Baroque, my FMA original character to become part of the series. It's a very workable deal... Somethings to know before you start:

Silas is a 23 year old priest at a well known church in Central. When he was 19, he earned a State Alchemist title/license, but a year later, it was revoked because he refused to follow certain orders due to his of religious and moral beliefs... unheard of by alchemist! (alchemists are supposed to be agnostic). Ever since then, he has lead a catholoic church (and no, I'm not catholic) in Central. He is called the Requiem alchemist because... with the help of a transmutation circle (duh!) he can convert matter into sound enerfy and vise versa. He uses instrumnet, and even his own voice at times. Now... here is the intro.

Ed threw open the church’s doors and marched inside, Al following closely in suit. A monk was busy mopping the cathedral’s floor as Ed approached. The monk looked up to see his visitors, a smile gracing his face. “Ah, welcome, sojourner. Have you come to pray to Jehovah God and be cleansed of your sins?” asked the monk pleasantly, his sun-tanned skin crinkling as he spoke.

“Nah.” Ed said, waving off the offer. “We’re here looking for someone. Tell me. Have you heard of someone named ‘Silas Baroque’? Our sources say he attends this church.” Ed asked, shifting his weight and raising an iron fist to his waist.

“I should hope so.” Said the old monk. “He is the father of his congregation.”

“The Priest?” Al asked.

“Indeed, and an alchemist of the top quality. He has such beautiful talents, and he lays them out for the Lord God. A finer alchemist has never graced these halls.” The elderly clergyman said, sweeping his arm across the cathedral.

“That was before I showed up.” Ed said with a huge grin, pointing a thumb to himself. “An Alchemist priest… isn’t your God against alchemy too?”

“Not at all.” Came a soft voice from behind Ed. He turned to see a white-haired man in a black robe walking towards him. His white hair and fair skin seemed to accent his visage giving him a holy appearance. His ice-blue eyes seemed to gaze straight into Ed’s mind. “Our Father says to avoid witch craft and being ignorant. These are tied together in the subject of alchemy. As I’m sure you know, alchemy is a science, and only the ignorant condemn it as ‘witchcraft’. God has given us all sciences, to benefit us as well as help him understand this beautiful world that is Creation. Wouldn’t you agree… Edward Elric… Fullmetal Alchemist?”

Edward was aghast! “How did you…”

“You think you’re the only one who does research? I was at one time a dog of the military myself. I assume you are here on a mission of your own design.”

“That’s right. The military has no knowledge of our presence here.” Alphonse said… his voice echoing eerily through his shell of a body.

“And so your reason?” Silas asked.

“Three years ago, you were an active State Alchemist and had many dealings with the theological as well as philosophical aspects of the government. Tell me. In all the theology you’ve studied… what can you tell me of Ishbaal?” Ed asked emotionlessly.

“Are you interested in that religion?” Silas asked, rather taken aback.

“No… there is a man, an Ishbaalan, that we meet on a continual basis. I want to know what makes him tick…”

“Right. Follow me to my office.” Silas said as he turned and led the way…
Admitedly this is interesting. Its a new consept I haven't seen before. I'll be sure to check in once in a while to see how this one is coming along. But deffinatly no lack of creativity went into thinking of this one. Nice start all in all.
Silas Baroque: Requiem Alchemist
@.@ problem in, (as stated) this is all there is.... its normally my intro into FMA RPG's (my own excluded).... great, now I'm obligated to spin a tale...
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