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Full Version: Dreams Of Love
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ed's numbuh 1 fan
Okay! i finally found the courage to put up a story! thanks to animefangirl my beloved younger sis biggrin.gif
it's about Roy and Riza,i'm more of an Edo and Win win fan but drabbling in differnt pairings could'nt be all bad...could it?
this is also my very very first fanfic sooo it may maynot be good so cut me some slack kay?this is just a sample chap tell me how ya like it and maybe i'll try to add more...

okay enough wth my rambleing on with the story:

Dreams of Love

by:Ed's numbuh 1 fan

type:romance,maybe humor

i don't own FMA or the characters,if i did i would own don't want that to happen now do you MUWAHAHAHA

It was another boring day at Central and to make it more boring is that is was raining so Roy and his subordinates were doing what all came natural to them:
Master sergent Kain Fury was playing with Black Hayate,Black Hayate was starring at a very scarred 2nd lieutenant Breda who was playing some chess but now somehow got himself up on top the filing cabnents.Warent Officer Falman was shaking his head at Breda,2nd lieutenant Havoc was lighting another cigarette(which seems to never go out)and lastly 1st lieutenant Hawkeye was of course:polishing her gun and beyond the mountain of paperwork was the one the only:Colonel Roy Mustang who was the most bored out of all of them. "Why can't the Fullmetal pipsqeak be here,i need somone to annoy"said a very bored Colonel.

"Well sir Fullmetal won't be here for awhile remember?" "You let him have a break for a month." Riza said in her usual tone

"Oh right...Why in the world did i do that."Roy said while he yawned

"I don't kno-" but before she could finish she was greeted with some of the Colonels snores.
So she chased Roy's subordinents away so the the poor man could sleep,"Stupid man" she muttered under her breath while she covered him up with her coat and sat down to work on some of her own paper work while Roy fell into a deep sleep...

sooooooooo how did ya like it???? Hmmmm?short chap i know like i said,my very first fanfic just don't hurt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! XD
Well, it's true, that IS short but for a beginning, I guess it's not bad. You still need to work a bit on it. You should work on the grammar and the ponctuation too. It's not very nice to read when it's presented like that.
Squirrel of Doom
I like it so fr keep going! By the way are you my concience? huh.gif
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