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Full Version: A Sense Of Confrontation
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Summary: Winry has to the fact that she'll have to deal with her emotions and face her parents's killer.

It’s been a while since I wrote a story, and I really haven’t read a story that focuses on Winry in this light. It’s not an Oscar winning story, or at least I think so, but it’s pretty okay. So, here it goes.

‘I can’t believe it. Here I am, staring at the man who killed my parents.’ Winry thought to herself as she felt her throat dry up. There before her, was Roy Mustang and his assistant Riza Hawkeye. Edward, who stood beside her, put his arm on her shoulder ”Winry , say hello.” He whispered to her in a type of worried voice. As if mechanical, she forced the sound out her throat .”Hello.” It came out hoarse. Her grandma Pinako made up for what she didn’t say. ”Please, take a seat.”

Edward led Winry into the kitchen hurriedly as Alphonse and Pinako made conversation in the living room. ”What’s wrong with you?” He asked grasping her left arm in his hand. Winry didn’t answer. Instead, she let two tears roll down her face. Ed’s eyes widened with shock. ”You know.” Was all he could say. Winry nodded , dropping tears on the floor. Edward put Winry in his embrace, surprising her. ”I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna tell you. I just couldn’t.” His automail pressed against her, yet she didn’t feel pain. Winry sniffed a little. ”I know Ed. You just wanted to protect me.”

The way she found out was ironic. She had just found out about Maes Hughes death, and went to the house to see Mrs. Hughes and Alicia. Winry was going through a box of his old books and found his journal. She asked Mrs. Hughes if she could see it, and she said it was alright, making the comment that it might have some alchemic use to Edward and Alphonse. So she read it on the way home. And found what Winry thought to be the mystery of her life.

The date was marred, so she couldn’t tell when it was written. But the message was clear. ”Today Roy called me from Ishbal ” Hughes had written ”saying he did something terrible. That he killed two doctors today. They were no threat to them, but they helped the Ishbal people. He saw something with the name Rockbell on it and figured it was their last name. He was so distraught—“

Winry couldn’t read anymore. Tears rolled down her eyes as short, gasping noises came from her mouth. The driver immediately stopped to see what was wrong, but she wouldn’t stop crying. When she got home, she ran into her room, locked the door, and cried, pushing her face into her pillow to smother the sound. Somehow, it hurt more to find out who killed her parents than the fact that her parents were dead.

Edward looked into Winry’s misty eyes. “You don’t have to go back out there.” He said softly, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face.” No, I’ll go .”She answered, wiping the left over tears out of her face. She had to face that man. Needed to face him. If not just to look in his eyes and see if they were cold or not.

“Brother! Winry! Is everything alright?” Alphonse asked, oblivious to the problem. Winry, whose face was now clear as well as here eyes, smiled at Al. ”Ya. Ed just had to help me find some sore throat medicine.” Ed glanced over at Winry, who stood by the couch he had sat down on. She looked like she was glowing.” Good. Your voice sounded terrible.” Pinako commented, adjusting her glasses on her nose. Den sat on side of the couch facing Roy and Riza, who looked confused. Edward then decided to get to the heart of the matter. ”So, why are you here?” He asked bluntly. Riza answered without missing a beat. “We wanted to see what this town was like, seeing how you and Alphonse enjoy it.” Her authorative tone took the boys by surprise, as well as the Rockbells. “And?” Pinako questioned, at bay from Riza’s open statement.” And we would like to stay here for a while, if you don’t mind.” Roy’s voice hit Winry like a bee sting, and the words hit her like a fright train.

Did it suck? You can tell me , I won’t be mad. happy.gif But seriously, tell me if you liked it or not.
Thankies happy.gif
Yea there is
Alright so this is Chapter 2 of the story .Hope you enjoy it!

“Huh?” Alphonse was the first to respond. ”But what about central— “ Riza quickly answered. “ We’re on vacation Alphonse so at the moment central is in the hands of others.” Edward’s hand fell into place with Winry’s, making the blonde-haired girl look over at him. No one else seemed to notice. ”And I suppose you want to stay here.” Pinako’s question sounded more like a statement. Roy decided to use his smooth talking on this one .”Well since there are few rooming boards around here we figured — “ “ That you could stay here.” Winry interrupted. Ed’s eyes widened. “Winry, don’t—“ He whispered just so she could hear. She ignored him.” Is that what you want?” Winry had a sort of demand in her voice that was barely noticeable. Ed squeezed her hand in warning.” Yes, if you and your grandmother don’t mind.” Roy stated, locking eyes with Winry. His eyes showed that he was confused by her actions, but sensed some hostility.” I think that’ll be alright, if Ed and Al use the same room.” Pinako commented, oblivious to what was happening before her. ”And since you’re Ed’s boss, I can ignore the fact that you’re in the military.”

Edward thought that comment wasn’t entirely true, but was too worried about Winry to give it much thought. He looked over to where his hand held hers as, if it symbolized the support he was trying to give her .He eyes glanced over at Roy, who was still staring at Winry. ’He has no idea.’ Ed thought to himself.’ That she could possibly know about Ishbal.’ He stood, breaking Winry’s glance from Roy to himself. ”It’s gettin’ kinda late.” Edward said aloud. Alphonse picked up where Ed left off. ”Ya. Brother’s right. Den want me to walk you to your bed?” Al asked the dog in front of him. Den barked in response, getting a chuckle out of everyone, including Winry. ”I’ll show you to your rooms.” Pinako told Roy and Riza. Their three voices faded in the hallway, only hearing Riza talking about a puppy that she had.

“And I’ll walk you to yours.” Ed said to Winry once they were gone. When they got there, Edward gave Winry a worried look. ”Are you sure you gonna be alright? ”He asked her. Winry nodded. “I’ll be fine.” Edward was not convinced.” ‘Cause of need be Riza wouldn’t mind telling Roy they need to—“ Winry put a finger over Ed’s lips.” I’ll be fine Ed, I promise.” She removed her finger, leaving Ed with a warm smile .”Remember you promised.” Edward whispered, kissing Winry on her forehead. After Ed went to his and Al’s room, Winry went into hers. She sucked in a much needed breath. ”And you can never break a promise.”

I know, I know, it’s a lot of Ed/Winry, but it’s not implied. There just really good friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ed/Winry stories, but that’s not what I want for this story. So hopefully my personal feelings won’t seep into the writing.happy.gif
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