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Through a twist of fate, Ed has to be an Alchemy teacher for twenty-five female students. This won’t end well for the poor guy.


GYRAX Presents…

Fullmetal Sensei Edward Elric! Volume 1

Lesson 1: Alchemy 101


“All right, ladies!” A girl called out. “Ready for this?” She appeared to be in a circle of seven girls. They each had their hands overlapping one another, and they were all encircling one large transmutation circle.

The girl who spoke had black hair that extended to her shoulders, and it parted from the center of her face. She wore slim glasses over her thing gray eyes. Her outfit consisted of a nice white blouse that nicely embraced her figure, and a pair of blue denim jeans that hugged her hips. Her blouse was hiding a few colorful bracelets, as well as a gold necklace. Her shoes were brown.

A brunette had her brown hair was almost shoulder length, a bit ruffled up, and it parted from the right side of her face; a long strand of hair covered her right ear and a shorter strand covered her left one. The hair color suited her large sapphire blue eyes very well. She wore a pink t-shirt with a red heart in the middle, which apparently showed how slender she was, and denim blue skirt. Her shoes were all black.

A blue-haired girl stood at the brunette’s left. Her hair also split from the center of her face, but it only ran halfway down to her neck; two short but thick strands went over each of her ears. Her eyes were a grayish yellow shade, but they glimmered brilliantly in the sun. They were large and very innocent looking. She only wore a baby blue short-sleeved dress over her slim and frail body, and sandals covered her feet.

To the blue-haired girl’s left was a shorter girl with her hair tied up in a ponytail. It was shining black with red streaks running down her head. Her hair parted from the left side of her face, the first two strands to the right being red. The strands of hair covering her ears were also red. Strands of hair in her ponytail were red as well. Her eyes were a good dark shade of brown. Her outfit was just a green summer dress with a daisies pattern, which held her surprisingly curvaceous figure tightly and extended halfway to her knees, as well as black leather boots to cover her lower legs and feet.

To her left stood a tall girl with a nice tan. Her hair was in an extremely dark brown, almost black really, and it extended to her back. Her bangs didn’t part, but they went over her ears. Her eyes were a lighter brown, but not much lighter. The blouse she wore over her white t-shirt had fine and vertical lavender stripes on it, and her shorts were a good tan shade, matching her top nicely. Her socks were white with a purple stripe near the top, and covering her feet were white shoes.

To the tan girl’s left stood a taller brunette. Her auburn hair extended all the way to her kneecaps, and it parted from the center of her face, completely covering up her ears. One long hair antenna came out of the center. Her eyes were also brown, but of a darker color. Holding on to her remarkable figure was a dark red blouse, buttoned up only to the top of her chest below the collarbone. Her flowing skirt was tan and extending almost all the way down to her knees. Her pantyhose were brown and she wore black leather shoes.

A redhead stood at the taller brunette’s left and the black-haired girl’s right. Her orange hair was wavy, her strands squiggling and nicely curling at the ends, extending to her lower back. Her bangs parted way from the center of her face and two shorter hair antennae sprout from where the bangs separated, plus a thick and wavy strand covers each of her ears. Her hair matched her yellow eyes very well. She was currently wearing a blue long-sleeved single dress that extended halfway down to her knees, with green stripes crossing the midsection horizontally, and blue slip-ons to match.

“Is everything as it should be, leader?” The brunette said.

“Everything is in order.” The black-haired girl answered. “We’re here to put up a show, and a show the military will definitely get. Once they see what we can do, they’ll have to let us in.”

“I’m nervous. Are you sure this will work?” The blue-haired young girl said, obviously nervous.

“No need to worry.” The black-haired girl replied. “We practiced this for several weeks, remember?”

“I guess.” The blue-haired girl sort of replied; she was still nervous.

“I just wish that cute alchemist boy was here to watch.”

“Enough small talk. Let’s do this.” The girl at the center replied. As the seven girls were getting ready for the massive-scale transmutation, an audience watched on in awe and curiosity. Among that audience was Alphonse Elric, and the Fullmetal Alchemist himself Edward Elric. Like the rest of the audience, the two brothers were also curious as to what was going on. They had to push over to get a clearer view of what was happening. Once they got through the crowd, they looked over at the circle of young girls and the transmutation circle they were standing around. Ed took a minute or two to analyze the situation in front of him. His thinking cap was put into full motion as he inspected every slight detail of the great circle before him, and finally he caught on to something.

“This doesn’t look right.” Ed said quietly. He turned to Al, who was standing on his right. “Al, do you notice something here?”

“That’s quite a display those girls are putting up.” The suit of armor answered with a pinch of enthusiasm in his voice.

“It’s not just the display.” The shorter but older of the two replied. “Look closely at the transmutation circle.” They both took a close and thorough look at all of the circles. Their faces became those of concern as they took a step back. Al didn’t have facial expressions to show worry, but you could see it in him through that pokerfaced helmet.

“Their transmutation circle is a bit sloppy.” Ed remarked. “Whatever they’re going to pull off won’t work. A few key parts of the circle are completely absent.”

“I see it now.” Al replied. “Should we tell them?”

“I don’t see why not.” Ed answered. “But it looks like we’re too late to make that move. Look.”

“Commencing Operation Concrete Tree!” The girl in the center shouted. Instantly after, the entire circle began to glow in a brilliant blue aura. The aura grew brighter every second as everyone watched the display in shock and awe. Then something started to come out of the circle. Concrete ribbons sprouted out of the circle and seemingly grew higher into the air. They began to wiggle as if they were struggling to get out. But in a split second, those ribbons suddenly became even more alive and threw themselves into a fit of rage. The concrete ribbons have gone flinging themselves wildly and went into attack mode, causing immediate panic. One of them sliced a tree in half, cutting the wood nicely, and causing a few of the weaker branches to fall off.

A few more struck the floor directly, throwing a few spectators back from total shock. The physical impact could easily be seen in the form of the large cracks on the concrete. Ed and Al had no choice at the moment but to high tail it out of there for the time being.

A couple more of the monstrous ribbons grew right towards two offices. They came at lightning speed and shattered the windows, as well as break through the walls that separated the offices from the outside, crumbling them to bits. Add to it that they completely destroyed the hardwood floors and tore the rugs into pieces, as well as break the desks and throw everything that was placed in them on the floor and into total disarray. The military officials that were placed in them didn’t see it coming, so they were shaken once the attack happened. Luckily, none of them were injured.

“ABORT OPERATION!” The black-haired girl shouted from the top of her lungs. All seven of them broke off and backed away from the glowing monstrosity of a circle after immediately. That was all they needed to do to stop the rampage. The concrete ribbons, which were wreaking massive havoc a second earlier, have now been subdued; a better term would actually be frozen in their tracks, as they seem to have been after the transmutation was terminated early. The girls took a few minutes to assess the damage.

Ed and Al stopped and looked back after they noticed the silence that came after the impending siege stopped early. What they saw was concrete ribbons going every which way, some have already stricken the floor, some have taken out a few trees, splitting them in half and taking out a number of branches, a few went farther and destroyed a few offices, the damage clearly evident, and the rest were just in the air like they were out reaching for the sun. They also saw the seven girls encircled around it, all of them with expressions that were clear evidence they knew they were in deep trouble.

The small brunette turned to the black-haired girl, shaking in absolute fear for the impending consequences. “Oh God! We’re in deep trouble!”

“What now?” Asked the redhead. “How are we going to explain this?”

“We can’t.” The black-haired girl replied. “This was clearly our fault. We missed something crucial for the operation to run successfully. That was clearly a mistake on our part.”

“But…” The brunette trailed off.

“You’re right about one thing.” The raven-haired leader put her right index finger on the bridge of her glasses and pushed them up. “We’re screwed.”

“I assume you’re going to be on trial soon.” Said a male voice from behind the black-haired young woman. All seven turned to see whom it was. It came to their utter surprise when they saw Ed and Al behind them. All of the girls felt her hearts jump up and almost break out of her chests as the pure shock practically electrocuted them.

Ed spoke again. “Well, since you’re going to trial, I’ll save my superiors the trouble and we’ll come with you as witnesses.”


“I want each of you to stand up and identify yourselves.” Demanded an inquirer with a stern look in his eyes. He stood at the front of the rather immense military courtroom, with the seven girls standing behind the defendant’s pew. The courtroom was spacious, white concrete walls nicely separate the inside from the out, white marble covered the floor, and the ceiling was seemingly five stories high. In the center of the front wall hung a nicely woven green rug with gold fringes and the state insignia sewn in white and in the middle of the rug.

The center area consisted of two rows; each consisting of ten pews, excluding the defendant’s pew on the left and the plaintiff’s on the right, each filled with five to twelve people, a center walkway, and two more walkways at the ends of the center area. Nicely decorated pillars were all that separated the center area from the two hallways at the ends of the courtroom.

All seven girls geared up for their trial. The raven-haired leader girl was the first to speak. “The name’s Lebia Malkovich, age seventeen.”

The small brunette was the next to stand. “Lisa Franksteiner, age fifteen.”

The blue-haired young lady followed her. “Meryl Burgundy, age fifteen.”

The shortest of the group, the girl who had black hair with red streaks, stood up after. “Zhang Han, age nineteen.”

The young tanned woman was next. “Marcia Del Rey, age sixteen.”

The taller brunette followed her. “Alex Miyamoto, age seventeen.”

The redhead was the last one to stand. “Enya Milosovich, age sixteen.”

“Very well then.” The interrogator complied. “Now let’s get to the topic.” He took a few seconds pause to get ready to question the seven young women before him.

Lebia looked back at the others and nodded her head, suggesting that they were to let her do all of the talking.

The inquirer spoke again. “What exactly was your intent? What were you trying to pull off?”

“It was all the result of a grave error on out part, sir.” Lebia said sounding as composed as any professional could be. Her unruffled tone was a bit of a shock to Ed and Al, who stood at the center walkway at the right end of the defendant’s pew.

“An error?” The inquirer asked.

“I couldn’t explain exactly what the problem was, but the disaster was not intentional. That we’re sure of.” The others nodded furiously.

She continued. “All we wanted was to put up a display, to show the military that we had the potential to become state alchemists.”

“A display?” The inquirer said, raising an eyebrow.

“They intended,” Ed interjected. “To transmute the concrete into the form of a large tree of sorts, but a few minor parts of their transmutation circle were missing and their transmutation had gone completely awry, throwing itself into a fit or rage that cost a bit of damage to Central.” He turned to Al. “You noticed it too, right Al?”

The large suit of armor that was his brother nodded. “Of course.”

“So in short, we overlooked a few things.” Lebia replied. “That goes to show you that all we need is refinement and we’ll definitely have potential to become alchemists for the Military.”

“Excuse me?” The inquirer said, his eyebrow almost reaching for the ceiling.

“Well, you heard Mr. Ed’s testimony.” Lebia answered. “We overlooked a few key parts and our alchemy was sloppy. We had potential, but we made a horrible judgment in actually puling it off without fully understanding the transmutation circle that we have drawn. We were ignorant and didn’t know better, and we paid for it with the current disaster that befell on us and on Central. If we can only receive the discipline, hone in the skills, and gain the knowledge needed to perform more advanced transmutations and get through the more advanced levels of alchemy itself, then we may prove to be very useful to your cause, whatever it may be. We have potential and willpower, we just need permission to further study Alchemy.”

“Way to go, Lebia.” Han gave her the thumbs up.

“It’s nothing really.” Lebia replied. “I’m just trying to find another way out of our scenario. But they say if you aren’t helping, then that means you’re digging up your own grave, and probably that of your friends.” She pauses to analyze something. She spoke again. “Hmm…it doesn’t look like this man is going to change for the better, so I think I dug up our grave pretty nicely.”

“So,” Lisa replied, her eyes tearing up. “We’re screwed!”


“You’re lucky.” The older Elric said as he, along with Al and the seven girls behind them, were walking down the main road. It was ten minutes after the trial was over and Ed was already irritated at something. “The Fuhrer just happened to be at the trial and he just had to the usual crackpot that he is. It was his idea that I had to be assigned with the temporary job of being an alchemy teacher for the seven of you.” He turned to the girls behind him. “You have to thank Fuhrer King Bradley for that.”

“So that was the Fuhrer?” Lebia asked as a response.

“Yep.” Ed replied. “Also, thank whatever God you have that the Brigadier General wasn’t at the trial.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” The black-haired leader complied.

“So anyway,” Ed added. “You’ll be taking Alchemy class next week, so you need to be prepared.”

“That is good to hear.” Lebia replied.

“Not for me.” Ed remarked. “I don’t really feel like teaching, I’m really busy with something, and add to it I have to study all of the principles alchemy myself.”

“You’re the legendary Fullmetal, right?” Lebia asked as a response. “You got your state license at age twelve. I’m sure you’ll teach us all we need.”

“Why do you want to be in the Military so badly?” Ed asked.

“That we do not wish to disclose at the moment.” Lebia responded.

“Ok…” Ed replied. He turned forward and thought to himself. She acts a lot like a certain Colonel. Come to think of it, she even resembles him. The thought made him cringe mentally. He attempted to regain his composure. “All right, so Alchemy seminars will start next week and will run Mondays through Fridays at 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. As for the rest of this week, we’ll open this class to anyone who wishes to sign up and join the program.”

“Sounds good.” The raven-haired young woman replied. “It seems like you’ll be a busy kid.”

“Spare me.” Ed replied.

“While we’re at it, you can make me the class rep.” Lebia continued.

“Why should YOU be the class rep?” Alex protested.

“Because I was the one who went through the trouble to cover your asses and get us a shot at Alchemy class.” The young woman replied. “And thus, I should be the class rep as some sort of a reward for my efforts. Equivalent Exchange. Isn’t that right, Ed?”

“Yeah.” Ed sighed, more and more convinced that maybe she might be related to that big-mouthed colonel with a possible pop star complex Roy Mustang.

Poor Elric Brothers; they have a hell of a lot of work ahead, and they never even took a babysitting job before.


As the week passed by, Ed and Al mentally and physically prepared themselves for the upcoming challenge at hand and the obstacles that may be in their way. It was a strenuous exercise the two brothers went through every length they could ever go through to get ready for their new teaching job. That Sunday, they received news that twenty-five students will be taking the class, so Ed and Al were to expect a difficult test in the teacher position themselves. By the time that Sunday was over and evening passed, Ed and Al were ready to take on the challenges ahead of them and all that they needed to do was take some rest, so they did so.


Monday morning has finally arrived. Ed awoke to the bright orange sunlight beaming down on his face. Since he got the position as Alchemy instructor, he and Al managed to get their own house at East City; the Alchemy seminars were also to take place here. Their home was a modest one in a brand new neighborhood originally built for more high-class homeowners and families of military officials. Al was asleep sitting on a wall near Ed’s bed.

Ed pushed his body up, which was the first chore of the day. He took in the sunlight that planted on his face and looked at Al. He shoved himself off the bed and approached him with calm and confidence. “Wake up, Al. Today is the day. You ready for this?”

Al awoke. “…Yeah.” The seven-foot suit of armor paused for a moment and then got up. He looked down at his older but shorter brother. “This will really cut back some much-needed time to look for the Philosopher’s stone.”

“I know, but we can’t do anything at the moment.” Ed replied. “All we can do is flow with the scenario and hope for the best. We can always look for it on our free time.”

“We can.” Al agreed.

“So how about we get this day finished and over with?” Ed remarked.


It was decided that Ed’s class was to take place in the cafeteria, since they didn’t have a proper classroom for the seminars. Ed was to teach from the other side of the cafeteria’s window; he stood next to a blackboard on wheels, which was convenient because what’s a classroom without a blackboard? A few minutes earlier, a military official handed Ed the student roster, which he was to look over and memorize. Al stood beside him as the two of them were taking a good look at the book that contained the student roster as part of its contents. Something bothered Ed, as he looked it over and over again.

“There are no guys here.” He said with frustration in his voice, mixed in with bewilderment.

“What do you think the reason is?” Al asked.

“No clue.” The older Elric replied.

“Scientists theorized that girls’ brains develop faster that boys do.” Said a female voice. Ed and Al turned towards the entrance of the cafeteria and they saw Lebia standing with the other six girls that they met from last week.

“You sure about that?” Ed replied.

“It’s only a theory, so don’t jump to anything.” Lebia answered.

“I noticed you aren’t in your uniforms.” Ed commented after a bit of analysis on Lebia.

“Well,” The black-haired young woman replied. “The jackets are itchy as hell. I know; I had to wear the damn thing while getting my photo taken in Central for your student roster.”

“Speaking of, can I look at it?” Han said.

“Knock yourself out,” Ed replied. “But return it to me before class starts, I need to memorize it.”

“Okies.” Han walked over to look at the book. “Wow, they really did put everything about us on this thing.” She took a closer look and found her won photo. “I’m student number 4.”

“You should already know that by looking at the number on your jacket’s right sleeve.” Ed remarked. “Match that number with one of the numbers on one of the tables and that’s your seat.”

“…Interesting system.” Lebia commented. “You know what? I think I’ll change, now.” She heads towards a restroom at Ed’s left, but before she gets in, she turns towards her friends. “You guys going in, too?”

“Sure.” Lisa answered. Just after, she and the other girls followed Lebia to the girls’ room. Han was the last to follow, as she returned the student roster to Ed’s desk, or rather, Ed’s personal wooden table, which was in front of the cafeteria’s tables.

Just as Ed picked up the roster book off his desk, the door at his right opened up and another girl got into the cafeteria. She had a big smile in her face and looked very prepared. Ed took a look at the grinning girl. Her hair was short, like halfway down her neck short, and it curved up a bit at the end. It parted at the left side of her face and it curved at the sides of her face and covered her ears. The color of her hair was a beautiful light pink, the color of cherry blossoms. Her eyes were gentle but confident, like Ed’s eyes, but they glimmered like marbles and they were in a pretty blue-violet.

Ed looked back to his student roster and looked for a picture of her. In a second or two, he found it. Under the picture was her identity; she was Student #15, Nami Hayashibara.
Ed also noticed something else about Nami; she was wearing the school uniform. The outfit consisted of a navy blue blazer jacket, her left pocket had the State’s crest sewn on it and her right sleeve had the number “15” on the edge of it. Under the blazer was a pure white button-down shirt with a navy blue tie, which was tucked in the blazer. Her skirt was tan and brown plaid and it went halfway down to her knees. Under her knees were navy blue socks and black shoes covered her feet.

Nami was looking around the cafeteria. “I heard I was going to have a pipsqueak for an alchemy teacher. So where is he?”


“I wasn’t talking about you!” The pink-haired little girl spat back.

Ed approached her with a demonic glare in his eyes. “You need to do something about that attitude of yours, you little brat!”

“For your information,” Nami retorted. “I’m seventeen!”

Ed looked down on her; she seemed to be ten centimeters shorter than he was. “Well, you’re awfully short for your age.”

Before he knew it, Nami’s right foot reached for the sky, striking Ed’s chin in the process with a monster high kick. Ed fell on the ground, rubbing his chin in attempt to take the pain away hastily. He looked up at her and intensified his glare.

“You can’t attack your teacher! That’s against regulations!” He shouted.

“HAH! YOU’RE my teacher?” The small girl spat out.

“Yes he is.” A voice said from behind her. Before she could turn, though, she was hit in the head by something. She rubbed her head in pain and turned around to see who had the gall to smack her in the backside of her head. She looked up and saw Lebia, standing there in her school uniform and holding a paper fan; it was unfolded.

“What the hell is your problem?” Nami cried out.

“You are to treat Mr. Ed with utmost respect, got it?” Lebia replied. “Unruly behavior will not be tolerated, or Mr. Ed will have no choice but to chastise you.”

“Fine,” Nami retorted. “Just leave me the hell alone.”

“That tone of voice will not be tolerated, either.” Lebia replied.

“You don’t need to make my decisions for me!” Ed shouted.

“Besides, this isn’t YOUR class!” Nami spat out. “So keep your fish lips shut!”

“YOU DARE CHALLENGE MY UNPARALLELED BEAUTY!” Lebia screamed out, holding her unfolded paper fan over her mouth to cover up her expression.

“I’ll go a step further,” Nami retorted. “And give you a makeover!”

“STOP IT!” Alphonse cried out to abruptly break off the fight. “WE HAVE AN HOUR UNTIL CLASS STARTS AND ALREADY YOU’RE MAKING A RUCKUS!”

“Who’s that?” Nami was kind of baffled over seeing the behemoth suit of armor in front of her, speaking in a child’s voice even.

“Al Elric.” Lebia answered. Nami just looked at her with a vein popping in her forehead. The black-haired young woman continued. “And beside him is his older brother, Mr. Ed Elric.”

“How could a small boy walk around in that armor?” Enya asked, walking around Al and inspecting him, looking for an opening so she could see if there is a little boy in there.

“Let me show you.” Ed answered. He went to Al and took off the helmet, revealing nothing inside the hollow suit, no body, no head, nothing at all.

All the girls threw themselves in a whole new world of panic, as they all screamed as loud and powerful as their voice boxes could allow them. They quickly ran to the other side of the cafeteria, all pushing their bodies along one of the large windows, looking back at the helmet-less armor that was Alphonse Elric.

Ed just looked at them funny. “Relax, ladies. He won’t hurt you. He just has his soul fused to the suit of armor. Now come back here so you can take a closer look at it.”

“Ok…” Lisa replied, a little tremble in her voice. The eight young women carefully walked back and approached Al with great trepidation. They took a look in the hole on top of the armor where the head was supposed to be. Upon closer inspection, they found a symbol on the rim of that hole, drawn in red. They grew from apprehensive to curious, as they looked closer and closer at the insignia inside of Al.

“What is it?” Han asked the older Elric.

“An anchor seal.” Ed answered. “It keeps Al’s soul in the suit of armor you see before you.”

“Why though?” Nami inquired.

“That I don’t wish to divulge at the moment…” Ed trailed off, looking for a way to change the subject before he was forced to disclose any personal information about their history. “Well anyway, since we have an hour before school, I like to ask if we have a school bell installed somewhere. I would like an indication as to when class will start and end.”

“Why don’t you look?” Nami replied. “It’s on the wall behind you.”

Ed looked back to see a large brass bell hanging on the wall behind him. He started to feel a bit uncomfortable, and a few drops of sweat down his right cheek showed it. “Great. I’m going to be startled out of my wits every time class starts AND ends.”

“To think they would’ve found a better place to put it.” Al added.

“I think they’re just messing with you.” Han said. Al put his head back on.

As the hour passed, more and more students started coming in the classroom, or military cafeteria, whatever you call it, and started walking around the place to get themselves adjusted. Ed and Al grew a bit more and more uneasy when one more girl got into the room, but they managed to keep themselves composed. The last of the students, #24 Allison Bluecrow, finally entered the room three minutes before the class started.

The bell rung, and it wasn’t as loud as the Elric brothers thought it would be.


“All right,” Ed cleared his throat. “First off, look at the numbers on your sleeves. If they don’t match the number on the seat you’re sitting at, then it’s not your seat.” A few girls stood up and switched seats with one another. After they found their proper seats, Ed continued. “All right, then. Allow me to introduce myself. I am your sensei, Edward Elric.” He motioned his right hand towards Al. “And this is my assistant Alphonse Elric. He’s also my little brother.”

He walked towards the blackboard and picked up a piece of white chalk. He began writing. “You can call me Ed-sensei, Mr. Ed, or Mr. Elric, etc. What you aren’t allowed to address me as, is ‘Shorty’, ‘Shrimp’, Pipsqueak’, ‘Tiny’, ‘Ant’, ‘Tiny Ant’, ‘Mr. Shortpants’, ‘Shorty McShort-Short’, ‘Flea’, Ant-Flea’, ‘Shrimp Cocktail’, ‘Little Shrimpy-poo’, or ‘Unicellular Diflatulent Algae’. Nothing that’s derogatory against my size, got it?”

“Got it.” Every student spoke in unison.

“Next order of business,” Ed continued. “Since Lebia Malkovich is student #1, she’ll be the class representative.”

“That little protohominid bitch with a God complex is Iincho?” Nami protested.

“Watch your mouth, child!” Lebia replied. She went over to the blackboard and picked up a piece of chalk that Ed didn’t already have. “You want me to fling THIS at you?”

“Try me, human tadpole!” Nami spat back. Without hesitation, Lebia did just that, but Nami dodged the flying chalk and came right at her, tackling her on the spot, and starting a massive fight. A large cloud of dust and smoke covered the fight as Nami and Lebia were going at each other’s throats. A few of the other students joined the fight, and the dust cloud got bigger as the fight got worse. The girls who didn’t join the fight were slapping their foreheads, obviously showing embarrassment.

Ed had to do something, so he screamed. “STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, OR I’LL HAVE TO SEVERELY CHASTISE YOU!” That apparently didn’t get through, as the big cloud of dust was still there. Out of the blue, an empty bucket hit Ed upside his cranium, knocking him on the floor.

Al only looked over at his elder brother, who lay on the ground in front of him. “Brother…” A sweat drop ran down his helmet of a head.


“I can’t take it!” Ed cried out. He and Al were walking down the main road, as class has now ended, or better to say ‘finally’ ended in their case. “I was supposed to be prepared for everything, but throughout all three hours of the class, it was just fight after fight between Nami and Lebia, with nine or ten other students in it. Sometimes, their fights became gladiator-scale battles, with buckets swinging all around the place, some of them still had water, and they spilled all over the floor, leaving me to clean it up.”

“I helped.” Al added.

“But it even got worse from there!” Ed retorted, showing his frustration without hesitation. “One of the girls threw a chair and almost killed me! Add to it another piece of chalk broke a light on the ceiling! That light almost fell on me. I would’ve been electrocuted!”

“That wasn’t all it was.” Al replied.

“Yeah, it was.” Ed said back. “What progress do you think we made today? Tell me.”

“Well, let’s see…” Al trailed off. There was a long pause as Ed and Al stood absolutely still for a minute. The silence was apparent as the wind was heard blowing the air in the direction it felt like blowing, wherever tit wanted to blow. The bulb finally lit up in Al’s head. “You introduced yourself to the class.”

“What else?” Ed added.

“I have to think harder.” Al answered, a bead of sweat on the back of his head.

“Face it,” Ed cried out. “The class went nowhere!”

“I don’t think so.” Al replied, in a failed attempt to cheer up his older but smaller brother. “Anyway, where exactly are we going?”

“Somewhere.” Ed answered, with a hint of frustration in his voice. “I’m thinking of just stopping altogether.”

“You’re going to give up after the first day?” Al protested.

“You think we have what it takes to survive another day of that hell?” Ed retorted. “I’m going to Mustang’s office, and I’m going to have him relay a message to Central saying that I demand my resignation as an alchemy teacher!” Ed started to pick up speed. Al noticed this and started to accelerate as well.

“Brother?” Al tried to get through his head again. What they didn’t know was that Lebia and her friends were hiding in a bush, overhearing the conversation they just had. What Ed screamed out worried them. They turned to one another.

“Not good. Not good!” Lisa trembled, and why not? Their alchemy class just might be canceled after just one day.

“Damn!” Enya muttered. “And we all know whose fault that was.”

“I know.” Lebia replied.

“C-can’t we do something about it?” Meryl stammered. “This will put all of our ambitions in jeopardy!”

“I don’t know what I can do,” Lebia answered. “But hell, I’ll try something.” She left from behind the bush. The other six followed her.

Al began power walking along with Ed, so he can still try to talk sense into the shorter Elric. “Brother, aren’t you going to reconsider-“

“I already made up my mind, Al.” Ed replied, with a vein popping in his forehead. “Now leave me alone, I’m off to Mustang’s office.” He almost went from power walking to just running, but something grabbed on to his left arm. Ed turned to see who it was, thinking it was Al, but what he saw was quite a determined-looking Lebia; she looked like she wasn’t planning on letting go of him.

“Iincho…” Ed trailed off.

“Sorry, Ed.” Lebia said. “But you can’t go yet. I won’t let you. In case you forgot, you have an obligation to stay as our teacher.”

“Obligation nothing!” Ed snapped, hastily forcing his arm away from her grasp. “This was all your fault, and not just you, but almost every other student screwed it up!”

“I’m very aware that I was partially responsible.” Lebia complied.

“Then why didn’t you stop?” Ed retorted.

“I couldn’t handle it alone, Mr. Ed.” Lebia answered. “A whole class of rowdy students is hard to get out of, much less bring under control.”

“I repeatedly commanded you girls to stop, but you refused to listen.” Ed replied.

“And that’s all you did.” Lebia said as a response. “You just screamed at us to stop, and that suit of armor you call a little brother just begged us to stop. It didn’t help one bit.”

“What are you getting at?” Ed asked, his eyebrow heading for the sky.

“What I mean is that you didn’t accept any responsibility and you took no action to stop the fights yourself.” Lebia answered. “As a teacher, you’re supposed to set up authority and regulations and you’re supposed to enforce those policies upon the students. You didn’t even come up with a punishment that was enough to motivate us. All you said was that you would chastise us severely. If you were going to do it, then how would you?”

“I was trying to get to that.” Ed replied. “But you wouldn’t listen to a thing I said.”

“Then you’ll just have to work harder.” Lebia said. “You didn’t work as hard as you should today, and now you’re finding the easy way out by just going out and quitting.”

“…” Ed stood silent; letting those words sink into his head.

“She’s right, brother.” Al added. “I think we need to try again, and this time, we should put all we got into it. We worked so hard to prepare for our new job, but we didn’t even put that same effort to the actual job itself.”

“Please stay, Mr. Ed.” Said Lisa, who came from behind them, along with the other girls.

“You shouldn’t worry too much about those little riff-raffs girls.” Enya added. “Through out the nation, villagers and city goers alike referred to us as the band of seven, and we’re quite famous. We can do any damn thing. Just give us another chance and we’ll help you two whip the class into shape.”

“But we’ll have to do most of the work ourselves.” Al adjoined.

All Ed did in reply was close his eyes and smirk. “Fine. I’ll give it another shot. Just get off my back. And one more false move, and it’s over, understand?”

“Well do our best!” Lisa exclaimed.

“I really hope so.” Ed responded. “I don’t want to turn you girls down, after all you probably did to get here. In the long run, just canceling the class and leaving you with your hopes dashed will leave a nasty aftertaste.”

I’m glad to see brother came to his senses. Al thought to himself.


The school bell rang that Tuesday. Ed stood behind his table one more time. He looked at the students before him one more time. He was ready to teach alchemy one more time, and this time, he was ready for real. Al stood beside him one more time.

“Stand up!” Lebia commanded. Every student stood up.

“Bow!” Lebia commanded. Every student bowed in respect to Ed and Al.

“Sit down!” Lebia commanded. Every student sat back down. Things seemed in order for the time being.

Ed cleared his throat, indicating that he had an announcement to make. “All right, students. First of all, your misbehavior from yesterday almost cost you the entire Alchemy seminar. I was penalized myself form my superiors for the damage you caused to the cafeteria. Military officers eat here, and they were all over me like barnacles once they found out about the damage. If it reiterates itself today, than the seminar will be canceled early with no exceptions, so I sure hope you don’t repeat yourselves. Now that I got that point across, we’ll finally get down to the actual Alchemy class. Be aware that the road you’ve chosen will be a bumpy one, and the obstacles along the way will not be easy to overcome, but if you’re still willing to take this course, the you should prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations that go along with a course such as this one. While there is the Law of Conversation of Mass, Equivalent Exchange, and other basic rules that go with alchemy, but it runs much deeper, and it gets much more complicated than that. I’ll do what I can to help out, but you girls will have to learn to solve all the problems yourself. For your sake, I hope you young women have the stamina and sheer willpower to persevere and pass the seminars, so you all will become state alchemists.”

He opened a textbook that lay on his desk. “All right, we’ll start with the first lesson. I assume all of you are practitioners, so you should practically breeze through this.” And from there, Edward Elric started the class’s first lesson. After a start as shaky as a plate-shifting earthquake, things finally got on track, but it was all a day behind schedule unfortunately.

Lesson 1 End

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Fullmetal Sensei Edward Elric! Lesson 2

The Feminine Touch

Psiren escaped from prison? Wait a second? Five minutes after her escape, she slipped off a roof, slid on a gutter, and fell on a wheel barrel. The wheel barrel then rolled down a hill and crashed into an oncoming car and she flew off and fell in a trashcan, where she was caught again. What’s really funny is now she’s my assistant. But I already have Al help me out, why have her come, too. As if work as a sensei wasn’t hard enough for me.

Edward Elric


(A/N)I believe Incho is a Japanese term meaning "class representative", in case you don't follow context clues, like me. tongue.gif

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