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There was very little noise in the small apartment Edward shared with Roy. All that could be heard was the rush of cars and the sound of a clock slowly but surely marking time. Edward had not slept well these past few nights. His slumber had been haunted by the memory of his mother, and Al. He was no closer to restoring his and Alphonse’s bodies then when they started out. It was beginning to feel hopeless, but either Alphonse pushed these thoughts away, or he simply didn’t feel them as sharply as his older brother did. Edward worried so much that he would fail to keep his promise to his brother, that it was sometimes difficult for even Roy to calm the young boy down.
Edward gave up trying to get some sleep, so he slipped carefully out the bed so as not to awaken Roy, and padded down the hallway to the living room, clad in only a t-shirt and boxers. He sank onto the inviting couch and leaned his head back. He enjoyed the peace and calm that only the middle of the night can bring. He had almost drifted off to sleep when he felt another’s presence in the room.
He jerked open his eyes to see Roy leaning against the doorway, looking at him with an indecipherable expression.
“Did I wake you up?”, Ed asked. Roy shook his head as he went to sit down on the couch beside his young lover. He slipped his arms around the golden haired boy as Edward leaned into the embrace and sighed as contentment washed over both of them, however temporary.
“What’s got you up this late? More nightmares?” Roy inquired as he laid a feather light kiss in top of Edward’s head. He merely shrugged and snuggled more deeply into Roy’s arms as he avoided the question.
“Just couldn’t sleep.” He mumbled. Roy sighed and lifted the boy’s face with two fingers under his chin and stared into the golden depths. He almost gasped at what met his eyes. Tears stood in Edward’s eyes, and he raised a hand to quickly wipe them away, but the raven-haired man grasped his wrist before he could accomplish it. As Edward blinked, a single tear found its way down the smooth surface of his cheek. Roy, still staring into Ed’s eyes, softly brushed the offending drop away. As golden eyes met ebony eyes, there was a moment of perfect understanding. Both had seen and caused unspeakable horrors, and both had lost more than they thought they could ever bear. But, at the same time, both had gotten up and walked forward, and that is something not every person can pull off.
Edward brought his hand up to touch Roy’s face, hair, neck, chest, finally ending with his hand, until their fingers intertwined, flesh on flesh. Few seem to realize how desperately important the soft caress of a lover’s touch can become. That pure, shining warmth that goes through your body like a liquid elixir becomes so needed that it’s almost like a drug you come to crave constantly. It’s not sexual in nature, though it can be misconstrued as such. No, it’s more like comfort, security, and support all at once.
Edward seemed to concentrate on this until searching out Roy’s eyes with his own. He stared so long and intensely that it prompted Roy to ask,” What?”
It seemed as though Edward was taking his time to choose his words. However, when he spoke, it struck Roy as if Edward had hit him.
“I wanted to make sure you’re real, and not something I dreamed up.”
Roy looked at his face for several moments, wondering if Edward knew how many times he had wondered that himself.
He finally asked, “Why wouldn’t I be real?”
Edward looked up at him, and this time there was no hesitation in his voice, only love in his eyes.
“Because real never feels this good.”

What do you think? biggrin.gif
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Omakase Shimasu
This was very good, decent grammar, nice sentence structure, only a few typos I could pick out. Overall, a very refreshing little ficlet compared to the ones I've read recently. biggrin.gif Nice job!
I loved it!!! I love the EdxRoy pairing (not as much as EdxWinry though or EdxMe LOL!!!) I don't read a lot of ones like this...I love it. Nice work!!!!
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