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Full Version: How Long Do You Keep Fansubs On Your Computer?
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Carnal Malefactor
Are you the type who just can't bring him/herself to delete anime until you start getting those messages from your computer telling you it's had its fill? Or do you watch once, then delete, like a consciencious supporter of the industry?
Me? I usually have to first decide if it's a series where I'll have to watch any given episode more than once to follow the nuances of the story [see: FMA, Last Exile, etc.] or if the story's simple enough that I can watch once, then delete [see: Bleach, etc.]. Usually, if it's the former and I decide I don't want to shell out the big bucks for the dvds, I'll burn the episodes to disc at some point. Though there have been times when I've neglected to do this and regretted it later [I'm re-downloading RahXephon as we speak dry.gif]
All I have kept is the entire FMA series. Everything else is a watch-and-delete business. I have a 32 GB hard drive, so sacrifices such as these must be made until I can get off my lazy backside afford another one.

I don't even have a DVD burner or anything because I'm too cheap to buy one. All the anime I want burned is relayed to my little brother, who does all the re-downloading and burning for me. biggrin.gif
i don't believe in supporting the american distributers of anime, so therefore i either burn em or keep em on my comp and keep buying more hard drives; as i have no problem supporting the nice people at maxtor. my newest 2 system raid setup has 5 terrabytes so i don't foresee having to delete for a long time.....
I haven't had this problem yet, but I will soon. I am going to copy the files to cds in case I wanna watch them later. I would delete it if I didn't like or something though, but that would suck to wait for something to finally finish downloading and then it sucks...I am lucky enough to not have had this happen so far.
I have 140GB in my computer so i don't worry about that [for now].
I usually keep them on my computer for months at a time.
It depends on the anime. FMA I kept for a while and just recently finished copying everything to CD. With Naruto, I watch and delete. With Bebop, I watch and delete. With the Inuyasha Movies (got those more recently), I have watched and still have for the moment, but I'm buying the DVD for movie 3 and when I do that, I can delete it off my computer.
i keep anime until the series ends, and then i burn it off my computer and delete it. for long animes like naruto, PoT, i just deleted them after i watch a few episodes.
I keep series I like and write them onto CD-R's but, if it's worth watching but not keeping, it's a watch'n'delete.
yeah, it depends on the series. FMA gets to stay on my computer, and will probably be the only series that will get to. i'm burning off Bleach right now, and i've already burned off Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Samurai Champloo, and some others. after Bleach, i need to start burning off Yakitate!! Japan and FMP! TSR. for series i don't think are quite worth burning or don't think i'll go back and watch, like Inuyasha and Naruto, i watch and delete.
I burn them in CD-Rs. But for super long series like Naruto, I just delete after watching.
Ronaldo Rodregez
FMA I burnt most of to CD-R's. But in the process I lost episodes 1-2 and 27-28. 30-something through 51 are still on my old HDD.

I keep animes because I know after awhile I'll want to watch them again.
i burnt all of my fma,fma soundtracks,and music vids for op and endings on cd-r's a few months ago and del them off my hd

but now im down to 6 gigs of my 120 hd with only 55 gigs of animes i think i should start burning some stuff soon
I have over 100 GIGs worth of anime and manga on CD-R's. o_O
Envy's lil' miniskirt
It depends on what it is. I still have FMA on the 'puter and it's been there since November. Most I watch and delete but if its something I'll watch again than I'll keep it. I would like to get a DVD burner since I am poor and can no longer afford to buy alot of anime. It would also be nice to just lounge on the couch and watch it instead of in the 'puter chair.

I still have lots of room on the hardrive so that's not really an issue with me.
I still and will have FMA in my computer untill the end laugh.gif
really? you guys still have fma? i mean i've seen it SO many times that i don't even want to see it anymore... its been on burnt dvds for the last 7 months or so...
The only shows that I've been keeping is Bleach and Kyou Kara Maou. Everything else I watch and delete. I might keep Advent Children for a little while longer.
First of all, I watch a few eps. of the anime to determine whether I like it or not. It can sometimes take weeks for me to get around to watch an eps. of a new series I d/led (that was the case with FMA, to my misfortune).

Anyway, I judge whether I like the show or not, and decide whether or not to continue the series. Since I d/l so few anime, I rarely stop following a particular series (unless I'm really unimpressed, such as with "Gun X Sword").

So when I get anime on the hard drive, their next stop is to be burned onto a CD/R. Once I do so, I watch the eps. on the CD, and delete the subsequent eps. on the computer. Sometimes, I am forced to re-download certain eps. of particularly favorite series since I noticed that the comp. has some trouble reading some CDs.

If I like the series enough, then I buy it on DVD, although the fansubs still stay around in CD form.
Ah... I have so little space on my hard drive that I don't have any other option but to delete the files almost immediately after watching. While starting a new series, I hope to detremine quickly whether I like it or not.. since now I have a burner and can save the ones I like more onto CDs. Usually I don't burn even my favourites if the series is long, although Prince of Tennis is an exception... wink.gif. Sometimes I'll download the eps again if I've deleted them but decided that the series is something spectacular after all.
Hmmm... aside from PoT I burnt(or am burning) FMA, Fullmoon wo Sagashite, X, Kyou Kara Maou!, Gravitation, Yami no Matsuei, Prétear, Tactics, Spiral, Sukisyo and Loveless... Also sometimes just random eps from (for example) CCS, Yakitate!! Japan, Hikaru no Go
Fullmetal Fugazi
I dont have any sad.gif I wish I did have all the FMA ones though. My computer is slow (dial up)
Haha, FMA had the honor of remaining on my HD for about 6 months, but I have a little 40 GB laptop, so I finally had to delete it to make room for new stuff. You guys just delete stuff? I've burned pretty much everything onto DVDs. (Yes, I'm one of those creeps who hoards fansubs and never pays for a thing.) I love my dvd burner sooo much! 4.7 GB dvds are so much better than crappy 700 MB cds, and it burns faster. Virtually everything I've watched made it onto dvds too, since if I don't like a show well enough to keep it, I generally don't bother to finish watching it.

Jellybean, I too am dismayed by the small number of video files a 700 MB disc can hold, so I have a few questions.

How many typical fansub files can a R/DVD hold?

How much is a DVD burner? DVDs?
I got 25 ep in a dvd-rw the ep where 147MB.
I keep all of them, for like, forever. tongue.gif

Unless I downloaded a crappy version. >.<
Hmm, I'm not sure what a good DVD burner price is, because mine came with my computer, but Dell's website has a bunch of external drives for between $100 and $200. Dell's stuff If you go to Sam's or someplace and buy the blank dvds in bulk, they come to about 40 cents per disc, if I remember correctly. They're more expensive if you buy fewer of them at a time.
And they're great because I can usually get a full 26 episode series on one dvd, if the episodes are around 130-150 MBs each, and the FMA fansubs for 1-51 fit nicely onto two discs (whereas it would have taken like 17 cds, and who wants to mess with that.)
QUOTE(Envious... @ Sep 21 2005, 12:47 AM) [snapback]289762[/snapback]

Jellybean, I too am dismayed by the small number of video files a 700 MB disc can hold, so I have a few questions.

How many typical fansub files can a R/DVD hold?

How much is a DVD burner? DVDs?

the average dvd is 4.7 GB, with the average 23 min fansub being around 150MB-ish it comes to something like 31 episodes per dvd.

you can get a decent dvd burner for around 100, i wouldn't recommend going for anything lower than that since those may die sooner. as for dvds.. well for a spindle of 50 4.7s you should have to pay no more than $35-$40.... now if you were to upgrade to 8.4s, and these are only needed to direct copy retail dvds without any compression, a spindle of 50 would is around $90-$100.
keep them until i have enough of said series to fill a DVD. i never *permenently* delete anything
QUOTE(Guest @ Sep 21 2005, 06:06 AM) [snapback]289880[/snapback]

keep them until i have enough of said series to fill a DVD. i never *permenently* delete anything

that was me forgot to log in
Thank you everyone, very helpful.

I have a Dell laptop, so I was finiky about adding a DVD burning device, but knowing there are external versions out there...

(plans on getting a DVD burner)

Hopefully they are not hard to install, I have never done it before.
i never delete,unless i realy need space,but that wont happen again...i got a extremly large hardive.
I never delete. All that time spent on downloading must be turned into something tangible. Burn, anime, burn!

Besides, my sister hasn't seen any of the ones I've recently downloaded, so I burn them and send them back home.
A Song of Storm and Fire
When one certain anime reaches over 4GB in its one file which is about 26 or so episodes usually...then I just burn them data-wize on a DVD disk. I'm so glad I got this burner TT. Instead of wasteing 10 CDs I can use one DVD! Saves space to biggrin.gif
Le Monkey
I am running out of space on my 80GB hdd for anime.. so I am backing it onto DVDs....
Afyter compressing it in winrar
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