This Is My First Fanfic! I Hope You Like It! It Is About Winry Singing and Thinking But None Other Than Ed! Hope You Like It! biggrin.gif Feel Free To Give Me Bad Ratings! smile.gif


Where Are You? Why Have You Been Gone
So Long? I Miss You
, is all Winry Could think
to herself. She was standing there, on the
porch of her home, her hair swaying in the
stormy winds of the night. She always thought
of Edward no matter what she was doing.
All of a sudden tears started to roll down her soft cheeks.

Whenever she thought of Edward,
and if he wasn’t okay she thought of a song.
She’d sing the song until she could no more.
Thinking of him hurt her inside. So all she
could do was sing.

“Fading… In and out all the time.
Fading… All alone without you.”

More tears rolled down her face gaining speed.
Her memory of the lyrics started to fog, so she
had to concentrate. There were a couple minutes
of silence. She had to think, “THINK!” she yelled
to herself and continued to sing.

“I Seem Transparent to everyone around me.

Sadness filled the bottomless pit in my heart.

I look towards the light, then it’s gone again…”

After those lines came the worst one, she didn’t
want to say it but she did anyway.

“Cause when you’re gone… I’m slowly fading Away!”

All of a sudden it started to rain. It was
pouring down heavy droplets of rain. Winry’s
tears started to blend together with the droplets
like the sky was falling down on her. She
started to sob, and making sniffling noises
under her breath.

“...Ed? Where are you?

When I see you my eyes light up with joy, when
I wake up all I do is Cry.”

Winry walked into her house, soaking wet.
She took some towels and dried herself off
thoroughly. After Putting Her White Nightgown
On and tucking herself in to her bed she closed
her eyes. Right before falling into a deep slumber,
where in her dreams she will see Ed once more,
she sang the last lines to her sorrow filled song.

"Right Now…
All I Hope Is That…
You, Can Hear…
My, Voice…

F-A-D- I-N-G
Fading Away With, Out, You…"


Author's Note- Well I Really Hoped That It Wasn't That Bad! Thank You For Reading! I Know It Was Sort Of Short But I Want To Eventually Become A Really Good Writer Like Saturn_Stars, Chiyo, Phyco Girl, and All Of The Writers Here! biggrin.gif rolleyes.gif