Due to the overwhelming response from the community, we have decided to initiate a public posting system for news that appears on the mainpage. All registered members will be allowed to post to the Fullmetal-Alchemist.com News subforum, and may create news postings to share with the community.

These postings, however, will not be publically viewable until a moderator or administrator approves them. These posts must meet the following guidelines, or they will be deleted without question.

Your posts must pertain to the series, game, music, movie, or manga of Fullmetal-Alchemist.
You must check to make sure the information you wish to post, has not already been submitted.
Do not use excessive colors or capitals.
Do not embed extremely large images (restricted to 400x400px).
Do not use profanity, or any other sort of inappropriate or culturally incorrect dialogue.
Do not link to sites that are unofficial (no other fansites, etc).
Do not link to illegal materials including mp3s, emulators, or video files.
Do not provide commentary or opinions.
Do not post speculation or rumors.
If you recieved the information from another source, you must link to this source at the bottom of your post.

Here is how you can submit news: first, enter the news subforum: http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/forums/...hp?showforum=18

Step 1: Check to make sure the information has not been posted.
Step 2: Create your post.
Step 3: Preview your post and check for spelling, and to make sure it follows the guidelines above.
Step 4: Post your news. An administrator will be automatically notified of your post. This administrator will then view your post and choose whether or not to approve it. You will not recieve notice if it was or was not approved. If approved, the post will appear on the main page.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to reply to this topic. It should be noted that if you violate these rules you may recieve a permanent ban from the website, whether or not the post actually is approved or is publically viewed. You are representing a community of individuals viewed by millions of visitors around the world.