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Full Version: Gratitude
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Well, first attempt at EdxAl, so no flames please. Enjoy!

Alphonse loved the beach. He loved the feel of sand beneath his feet, he loved the cool ocean water wash over his skin, and best of all, he loved being able to experience these things again. It had been nearly two months since the 15 year old regained his body, and he still wasn’t quite used to the sensations of touch, taste, and smell yet.

He enjoyed deeply breathing in, letting the salty air fill his lungs, letting the shrill squawks of the seagulls overhead invade his ears. It was getting near sunset, and he knew he ought to be getting back to he and Edward’s flat about a half a mile away, but he couldn’t resist watching the sky turn vibrant shades of orange, pink, and purple. He leaned back against the cool rock, and took everything in.

Near the entrance to the beach, stood Edward searching for his younger brother. He knew Al would be here, he knew how much he enjoyed the beach. He knew because he felt the same way. He let the refreshing breeze rush through his golden hair, freed from it’s usual braid, as he scanned the shoreline. Finally Edward spotted him, nearly overshadowed by an overhanging rock.

He felt a jolt in his stomach as he saw Alphonse, a jolt that was new yet familiar. It had been a little over two weeks since Al had confessed his feelings for his older brother. He remembered, with a grin, how shell-shocked he felt(and must have looked) when he heard it. He had walked out of the house mumbling,’ I’m gonna take a walk’. And he had. For three hours. When he finally made it back, he found Alphonse huddled in the recliner, with swollen eyes and a half-finished cup of hot chocolate, long since cooled.

He smiled as he remembered how he had picked Al up and set the boy down in their bed. Being moved from the chair to the bed had woken him up, and as he saw Edward, he began to stutter out an apology. Ed had put a finger to his lips, soon to be replaced with a pair of his own.

As he made his way towards Alphonse, he couldn’t help but notice how peaceful and content he looked, staring out over the calm water. A look of cherubic innocence dominated his soft features. He quietly made his way over to Al and snaked his arms around him.At Edward’s touch, he jumped, but when he realized who it was, immediately relaxed.

‘’Thanks for making dinner.’’, he said in Alphonse’s ear.
‘’No problem, nii-san.’’, replied Al, almost absentmindedly. He seemed to be entranced by the setting sun. As Edward entwined his warm hand with Al’s cool one, Al leaned back into Ed’s chest with a contented sigh. He smiled as he thought how appropriate that was, Edward hot as fire and he cool as the wind. That’s the way it always was. Still grinning, he thought about how right this moment felt, about how much he loved being with his brother, just the two of them. This was what he had always wished for, a quiet kind of life, with someone he loved.

The sun was nearly down, and twilight began to descend upon them.

Al asked, ‘Do you want to head home now, nii-san?’’ Edward nodded as he got up to stretch. Alphonse got up, too. As he looked at his brother, he felt a rush of gratitude that threatened to overpower him for everything Edward had given him. Thinking of this, he leaned forward to kiss Ed, gently at first, then harder. At first, Edward tensed in surprise, then relaxed and ran his fingers through Al’s soft chocolate-colored hair. Time seemed to stand still for them as they melted into one another. They broke apart, breathless.

‘’Whatever that was for, I need to do more of it. ‘Edward joked lightly.
‘’It was just for being you. Come on, I’ll race you home.’’Al shouted over his shoulder as he sped off like a shot towards their apartment, leaving Edward trying, and failing, to catch up.
Well, what do you think? wink.gif

Awww, that's so cute! Me likey. happy.gif
That's really sweet Ed'sgirl. I like it alot, but then again I'm a fan of the Elricest pairing even though its more than sorta wrong. This is a great start keep it up.
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