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Full Version: Flower
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The bunnies. It wasn't just gunpoint this time; they had knives. KNIVES!

Maybe there should be more Wrath/Winry out there. *Drifts off onto a cloud of crack*
Warnings/ Specifics: End of series spoilers, Drabble, POINTLESS, fluff.

Her work was interrupted when he, quite out of nowhere, shoved a little yellow flower, half wilted and dripping petals all over her desk, into her face. His gaze was cast downward, his posture in that childishly pidgeon-toed attempt at some sort of confident stance that he often assumed, and his arm was straight as a board as his fist squeezed the life out of the poor little plant's stem. He quickly took the moment to make a declaration in the attemptedly anti-social one-worded sentence dialect he had tried so hard to maintain since staying at the Rockbell residence.

"Flower." He mumbled, trying to sound as indifferent and annoyed with the situation as he possibly could.

Easily taken by the guesture she found to be irresistably cute, she smiled, and took it.

"Aaw. What for?"

He scratched his left arm with his new automail and twisted on his heel as he pursed his lips.

"Wanted to... say thanks." He said, moving his prosthetic arm half-heartedly to indicate the subject of his reluctant sentence.

"Well thank you, that is so swee- mmph!" Winry found herself unable to finish her sentence, as she was interupted by his descending upon her with what, if she had more to compare to, she would have described as the most ridiculously amateur kiss ever attempted.

"'Kay, bye!" He stammered as he retreated as quickly as possible, exiting the room with a triumphant blush.

Winry froze, quite unable to get her head to work straight for a few seconds until the boy's footsteps had frantically pattered to far out of hearing distance. Once her initial surprise had whirred down, the reasoning behind the shock began to register with her growing coherency. That was... not quite expected. She'd had no idea the mouthy little brat felt... that way. It hadn't really even crossed her mind before to think of Wrath as a boy, rather than just a child.

She just sat and scratched her head.

"Well, if that dosen't make that whole bathing thing akward..."

laugh.gif Naughty Wrath.
LOL! laugh.gif Toby! That was funny and so cute! Never thought of the pairing before!
Phyco girl
^O^ So cute it could kill XD

Love it as always laugh.gif
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