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Full Version: Which FMA Character Has The Best Clothes?
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I chose ed for some reason i have a thing for long coats, and his clothes are the most original for the steampunk genre.
Dark Night Alchemist
I chose Izumi, simply because none of the other outfits stand out alot. Ed's is cool but everyone would have gone for him so he doesn't need another vote xD

I like Winry's outfits though - people call it inappropriate, but if you think about it:
The boob tube she only wears at home. And why not?
When she visits central, she wears a dress, or a skirt and a jacket. What's wrong with that?
And in the movie she wears a more... toned-down outfit.

Winry ftw!
Winry, although I'm not really sure why. ph34r.gif
I wouldn't have picked any military officers, because it's just a regular militay outift.
I'll have to say Rose. No matter what she wears...

[Possible spoilers]
First two episodes: Cute little dress/skirt; gives off the traditional "innocent girl next door" vibe
Return to Lior arc: Hood gives her a mysterious, unknown look. And no offense to my fellow fans who respect her as a character, but the fact that she's a mute only serves to compliment it.
Last few episodes: In Lyra's dress, she's an outright babe. That scene in which Lyra/Dante runs her hands across her face and neck is the ULTIMATE fan service moment, hands down!
End of episode 51: She pulls off the "country girl" look surprisingly well with her Risembool clothe
Edward's clothes are awesome, especially the boots and the red jacket/cape. xD Anybody ever thought of the possibility that Ed might have just stolen Superman's cape and fashioned a jacket out of it? =3

I do like Ed's clothes on Alphonse (in the movie) better...whoever first drew him like that deserves a level-up, bonus points, and a chocolate cookie. >D

Technically voting for movie Al would be voting for Ed, so I voted for Alphonse's armor instead. Just look at all the spikes! And the purple loincloth! And the holes under his eyes which remind me of Naruto's whiskers. Lol! >D
Fullmetal Windex
I like Ed's clothes... I dunno they're just cool.
Personnaly I love ed's clothes, his jacket (or whatever...) his pants, I want so much to cosplay him *.*

I also love Riza's clothes, the cop style in her gets really cool.
Ed all the way!! I mean come on!! Who dosent love those shiny thight pants *Drools over keyboard!! And that awesome jacket!! i love it!! I want one too!!! And that awesome bod... Wait that isnt clothes jeje *sweatdropps*
by far manga kimblee has the pimp suit and its made of WIN!

Firearm Alchemist
Riza.She looks cool in her uniform.Without it she looks well,nice.She hardly/never over dos it.
Ed! He looks so comfy in his clothes, while the Military uniforms look so stiff.
by far manga kimblee has the pimp suit and its made of WIN!

hell yeah! his pimp suit looks totally awesome on him!
I had to say Hughes, I loved his purplish dress shirt whn they where at the train xD
SS Android
Greed of course!

I mean, his clothes are just sooo bad a$$, so bad a$$ in fact, that they remain stylish after 100 years later! Also, how can you not look at Greed's clothes and just think style; I mean, out of all the characters he is one of the few that it seems like he really would have picked out those clothes because they were so stylish and nice (because he is greedy) - if he chose clothes like normal people that is...

(also, since I'm new to the forums, should I have said a** instead of a$$? If so, I would really appreciate it if someone would just pm me and I'll be happy to edit it instead of getting banned)
Hagane no Baka
Edward Elric! I'm a sucker for a red/black combo and I think the alchemist sign on the back is totally awesome! And the white gloves are a nice touch too. Add the platform shoes and Rockbell automail and you get a perfect match!

My second favs would be Greed (the original one), Kimblee (manga style - the white suit) and Greed (2nd version^)
Ehhh... Ed. dry.gif Because I love trench coats and those... shiny pants. O.o *drool*
But really I think they're all cool, but especially the Elric brothers. happy.gif
I like Roy's outfit alny cause I feel like its a really smart looking uniform and the extra "Flap" that goes over the pants is a really good touch and cool biggrin.gif
Not to metion without the jacket just the plain white shirt does wonders.
I'm just a roy fangirl.
well i choose the person that is winning in this poll. ( ph34r.gif edward ph34r.gif )
I think lyra has awesome outfits, and psiren looks cool as well smile.gif
I have to admit Ed's coat and black shirt make a really nice combination. And his movie suit is really nifty too. I'm also fond of Heiderich and Roy's civilian outfits. Classic, but great.

My very favourite is Kimbley 'tho. White pimp suit (and hat!) for the win!
For me its Edward or Winry... but since clearly Ed is winning I voted for Winry... I love all of her outfits
Witty Alchemist
I voted for Ed because he does have the best outfit in the anime. It makes him look good and is also quite well made.

(The same goes for the movie Al's outfit, because they are the same! But I obviously could not vote for both of them, so...)
Ed- cool clothes
Roy- he wears the uniform the best( despite the box-y shape)
Kale Mustang
Roy: The black topcoat makes him look really professional in his uniform. The white collared shirt is one of my favorite things as when the sleeves are down, you look really business-like but roll-up the sleeves, then it looks very casual. I wear a lot of long/short-sleeved collared shirts as they work both in formal and casual settings.

His civilian clothes are probably my favorite, as I really dig the classic style. Though I tend to wear t-shirts and jeans/shorts most of the time, I'll wear a collared shirt (either long or short-sleeved) & tie with my jeans (shirt is untucked) if I'm going out with friends.
Oooh I loved Winry's outfits and I always love seeing Arakawa draw her in cute stuff like in the artbooks and things? I especially loved the little black skirt and jacket outfit with the black boots. Winry is a doll.

2nd on my list would be Edward, but I especially love seeing him in a white button-down shirt, black slacks (not his shiny pants) and a black trench coat. *drools* I love with when Arakawa draws him wearing stuff like that. Not that I don't love the all black with the red coat look, I just think he looks incredibly hot in those button-down, collared shirts with his pants falling over his shoes. Yummmm.
I think Ran Fan wears the coolest outfit. I love her ninja-like clothing, and the mask adds to her mystery and awesomeness. Of course Fuu wears the same but who is crazy enough to find an old geezer attractive? biggrin.gif
I agree with Hotmustard, Fuu's and Ran Fan's outfits are pretty neat. I like how when put together, they're masks make up Ying and Yang.

I suppose you could cross out anyone in the military since they where that blue uniform the majority of the time. Right now I'm liking Riza's outfit, with the coat and black shirt and all. I wish she was wearing wrist bands, it'd make her look a little more awesome. Other than that... Right now... Ling/Greed is looking so hot. I dont know why. I just dont know. But that long coat and all that black...

Winry. Especially when she wear the miniskirt and black boots and jacket. Awesome! happy.gif Very fashion forward.
Envy's Lady
Envy's outfit is pretty sexy....and I certainly love dressing up in it. XD
I voted for winry coz she looks really cute in her outfit
Zolf J. Kimblee all the way! It's a pity he's not an obtion, this man knows how to dress up!
Ed's outfit is pretty damn good looking and it makes him look awesome too (or does HE make the clothes look good instead haha)
Al! That loincloth is awesome!

I say that Kimblee does. The dude has the best clothes! (i.e. the pimp suit)
Kimblee, no contest. The white pimp suit and the matching hat seal the deal - the slick ponytail and the scarf just put it over the top. There's really no competing with the Smooth Criminal as far clothes go.

Close second is Roy - not just the military outfit, but he's a darn snappy (pun intended?) dresser outside of the uniform. Even when he's "casual," he's sort of dressed up. It's very masculine chic. biggrin.gif
Forsaken Love
I voted for Roy, I think he looks really good in his soldier uniform, but his casual dress scense won me over XD I love his casual outfits
alphonse <3
he looks so good in ed's outfit <33
wayyy better than ed does. <33333
Royai plz :3

Does this count as an outfit--- *shotshotshotshotshot*
Misty- Nala
I like all the clothes in FMA, especially Winry's outfits but I still have to go for Hughes. Why? Because his style is unique and it makes him memorable. Unlike other Military characters, we don't only see him in that uniform but in various outfits. Really, he has about as many different outfits as Edward.

What I like about his clothes is the colors. Who could forget the duckie pajamas? laugh.gif In promo pictures, the clothes are so colourful it makes my eyes hurt. Yet, my two favourite clothes of his are the purple dress shirt from ep 5, and the oh-so-sexy black shirt from ep 23. Man, if that doesn't make you to fall in love with a character, nothing will. Although, Havoc also was very sexy in that tight black t-shirt of his.
Oh, Hughes. I'm a sucker for his dress shirts. The purple one, the red one, and as aforementioned, the oh-so-sexy black one. XD

Plus his birdie pajamas were about as amazing as Bradley's tulip ones. XD

Also like Misty-Nala said, they're very bright and memorable and he's seen in more than just his undershirt or military uniform....Heck, does Hughes HAVE an undershirt? XD

Anyway, he's rather fetching. ;D

Other than Hughes, I'd die for Ed's coat. It's big, warm-looking, and is very simple. ^^
Misty- Nala
QUOTE (hoprabbit @ Jul 20 2010, 09:15 PM) *
Also like Misty-Nala said, they're very bright and memorable and he's seen in more than just his undershirt or military uniform....Heck, does Hughes HAVE an undershirt? XD

I hope not, I mean, of all the characters we got to see naked, why couldn't it be Hughes? wink.gif
I think Lust has such pretty clothes. Also Greed and his furry vest, haha.
Then there's Dante and her ballgowns...
And I love the Briggs long coat uniforms.
Ed's clothes are the best *does a dance* but Lust's clothes are pretty cool too...

Well, Kimblee is ever so stylish... He gets the award for the men.

As for the women? Gotta go with Winry. I love the skirts and the sun dresses. Only thing I'm not into is the boob-tube with overalls and the slide-sandal-flip-flop things (I don't know what they are, all I know is they should be destroyed).

I voted for winrys ecause sometimes she wears really pretty outfits biggrin.gif
Winry is AWESOME!! I love her outfits! (Fave is the one with cargo pants and the shirt ties around her waist!)
I can't remember if I've posted here or not...

QUOTE (TheWolfenAlchemist @ Mar 8 2011, 09:34 PM) *
Winry is AWESOME!! I love her outfits! (Fave is the one with cargo pants and the shirt ties around her waist!)

Yeah, that is the classic Winry outfit!

I like her black jacket/white shirt/black miniskirt outfit the most; it's so cute! And I also like the outfit she wore in Briggs. Absolutely adorable. :3

But which character has the BEST clothes? Hmmm...for boys, probably Roy or Al. I love their classic sweater-vest and formal shirt and pants look on boys. And for females, probably Mei...I adore Xingese outfits. tongue.gif Well, honestly, probably Winry AND Mei would get my vote. happy.gif
Roy. He's so well dressed with his ties and jackets and what not smile.gif
The Stubborn Alchemist
Edward smile.gif I totally love his red cape with his symbol on the back! I also like his 'elevator' boots and the I-don't-know-how-to-call-it with the collar that has a white errr edge/rim/... (this is so difficult in other languages) and he looks well in the simple tank top too.
(Ow and let's not forget his awesome gloves ^^)
The whole looks good and suits him well.

Even when he's not dressed as usual I like his style, it always looks so comfortable.

I also enjoyed the fact that he changed his usual red cape into a warmer one with fur on the hood (correct?). smile.gif
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