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Full Version: Best Years Of Our Lives...?
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Phyco girl
A/N: Whoopee! I’m writing my FMA AU High fic I’m soooo happy to start this thing!

Well, yes, there ARE a few Highschool AU fics but I hope to make it enjoyable for all you readers and maybe you'll keep on reading ^^

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the first chapter. It's long, from now on all my chapters will be, I'll at least try : )

Disclaimer: I don’t own FMA T.T. Darnit!



Highschool, they say they’re the best years of your lives but I don’t know...

I mean, I’ve already experienced one madness-filled year. Yeah, it didn’t exactly go over well.

If you’ve understood a word that I’m saying then you’re probably getting the impression that my freshman year was sucky. The usual getting my lunch money stolen, getting bullied by the older kids. Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone. It was because of...ahem... height related reasons.

But now summer’s ending and I’ll have to start my crappy new year as a sophomore. Plus I’ll have to drive this year and we all know that I’m a reckless driver. I can’t help it if I knock down a few school walls!

Well, at least I’ll have my friends with me... right?

-Edward Elric, 1 day before the first day of school

“Dammit! I can’t believe I’m late!”

“Well I tried to wake you up! It’s your own fault that now all three of usare late!”

“WHAT! My fault! It’s your fault you didn’t yell loud enough!”

“SHUT UP SHORTY! What kind of argument is that anyways! I didn’t yell loud enough my ass!”


“Brother, Winry! Fighting isn’t going to solve anything, it’ll only make us even later!” Alphonse Elric sighed as he hesitantly moved from in between his brother and childhood friend.He was right, Ed and Winry stopping in the middle of the sidewalk was only going to make them later.

A few incoherent grumbles were heard from Edward as the threesome continued onto the school, Central High which was quite a walk from Ed, Al, and Winry’s neighborhood, thus the need to get up early.

“I feel really sorry for you Al,” Winry turned her head towards him as they approached the school, “You’ll be late on your first day ieveri and it’s all thanks to your pudding headed brother.” Ed gave a scowl as Al smiled nervously and headed inside the large building.

There were faded-red lockers lining the plain walls. They seemed to go on forever, almost as if it would be impossible to find the one that belonged to you. A few teenagers were still hurrying to theirlockers to grab their textbooks before heading off to class.

Winry pulled out a neatly-folded schedule and began to look over it. “Alright, I’ve got math first period, you?”

“Huh?” Ed looked confused and Winry sighed, exasperated.

“Your first period jerk-wad. What is it?”

Edward glared at her for a moment before finally sorting through his things and pulling out a crumpled up piece of paper. “Same, I have math too.”

“Alright, I’ll see you guys later then,” Al said, beaming as he walked down the hall and hurried towards his locker.

Realizing that they were, in fact, late the other two quickly rushed off to the classroom.

They were expecting whoever was teaching the class to instantly blow up on them and then send them to Principal Bradley’s office. Then there would some sort of long, winded lecture about their tardy which would basically contain different variations of the same sentence.

Instead they walked into a tired looking class and in a moment they discovered why...


“So then when my beautiful wife, Gracia, made her pie... Oh! Her pie is the BEST! You should really try it sometime! Well anyways, then my little girl, who has the cutest little voice– oh! Here, I’ll call her up and you can hear her!”

“Mr. Hughes...” A student in the front row warily lifted his head up to look up at the teacher, “Aren’t we supposed to be... you know... learning?”

“Huh?” The math teacher turned around from his place near the phone.

“Yeah, Winry over there’s already asleep,” he pointed to the blonde haired girl with her head placed on her desk, obviously snoozing off.

“Really?” Maes Hughes looked slightly off for an instant before looking over to where the student had pointed to.

“Yes really,” the annoyed voice of Edward interrupted. This teacher was clueless wasn’t he? What kind of idiot hired this man in the first place? Ed felt more like giving the man a good punch in the face than sleeping at the moment.

However he did end up falling asleep as well a few minutes after Maes started to show them the first of his picture albums. And when he woke up it was only because a huge stack of paper was slammed on his desk.

“Hey Edward! Can you pass these out?” asked the ecstatic math teacher.

“...sure...” Ed slowly got up from his seat and put the papers on each desk, slamming down a fist alongside on each one to wake the person sitting there up.

So this class was like nap-time in pre-school and then they got a bunch of math homework later.


xoxox Meanwhile xoxox

“School’s great! I wonder why brother seemed so down about it,” Alphonse wondered aloud as he strolled down the halls, happily headed towards his next class. His teachers were all nice to him and he had friends from his old school there as well so he had plenty of people to relate to. In fact all he had to do was calmly explain to the teacher why he was late.

Besides, all the teachers are pretty lenient on the first day of school.

“Ouch!” Al fell to the ground, all the things he had been carrying scattering across the ground around them.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” A raven haired girl replied, helping him to pick up his things, “I guess I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Oh, no it’s my fault. I guess I wasn’t either,” he said, trying to straighten out his now very messy hair.

“Well, I better get going! We’re both going to be late,” she handed him his things and stood up, curls bouncing down her back as she rushed off to class.

He couldn’t help but wonder that she looked the tiniest bit farmiliar...

After awhile of just staring Al stood up as well and headed for class.

Maybe highschool was even better than he first thought.


“Meh, whadda you have next Win?” Edward asked as he took a large bite out of his sandwich which was a messy combination of chips, bread, and turkey.

“Reading, you?” Winry winced as he took another bite of his lunch, causing an ear-shattering crunch. “Ugh, you really shouldn’t be making your own lunches you know,” she said, as she took a small bite out of her own sandwich.

“Well, it’s better than the food here and it’s not like mom can make it...”he trailed off and paused for a moment to just stare blankly at his meal before setting it down on a napkin.

“Hmm, yeah. How’s she doing?” Winry asked, setting down her own lunch as well.

“Not well, more chemotherapy.” A dissapointed look flickered across his face for a moment.

“Oh...” there was a moment of unbearable silence before she started to speak again, “So, how do you think Al’s doing?” It was a good idea to change the subject.

“Well, I met up with him in the hall after second period English and he looked fine, a little distracted if you ask me,” he replied, cheerier, sandwich now abandoned. He was happy for his brother even if he himself was already having a crappy day.

“Oh really?” Winry replied, raising an eyebrow in curiousity and we all know what that means.

“I know exactly what that eyebrow raise ‘oh really’ combination means Winry! You think it’s girls don’t you?” he asked, obviously pissed.

“Geez, Edward,” Ed glared at her for a moment, trying not to create a scene in the middle of the cafeteria. “What do you care if it’s girls? Is it because he’s maturing faster than you or something? I mean if you look at it he’s: one, taller and two, now he’s taking an interest in girls. Is something wrong with that?”

“He’s only an inch taller than me,” the blonde-haired teen retorted, “What do I care about the girl... thing. I like girls too...”

“Right and that’s why you’re soooo annoyed whenever any girl comes near you. You cringe for god’s sake!”

“WINRY! IT’S JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL A BUNCH OF MORONS, FAWNING OVER A BUNCH OF LOSER GUYS!” he yelled, attracting lots of attention to himself as he did so. Edward sat back down to saying in an annoyed whisper, “Besides any time I get near a girl you glare at her mercilessly!”

Winry pouted. “Fine,” she managed to say, “Okay. I won’t tell then. I really think telling Al would be all in good fun though. It’ll lessen the embarrassment of whatever happends to him to learn about your embarrassing moments as well.” The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, there was a rustle of papers and various brown bags being crumpled up as the students strived to get to class on time and avoid the ever popular speech their teachers would probably give.

“Fine then! I don’t care!” Ed replied angrily, grabbing his sandwich and suddenly shoving the rest in his mouth. “GOOB IY DEN!”

“Sure, see you later Ed,” Winry answered with an eyeroll as they split into different directions.

“OE’RE OU CALLIN A ORNY LITTLE ERVERT!” he attempted to yell while still eating the unbelievably hard-to-chew sandwich. Winry just smiled at him.

"I didn't say that."

He had brung his things to lunch and just stuffed them under the table so he had no need to go to his locker as he headed for the senior science class. He was a “child prodigy” in school, especially in science and math. They even considered him to go to highschool even earlier by moving up several grades but he wanted to stay with Winry, it would be hard to go through school without his best friend. Thus he and the rest of his family decided it would be best to stay the way he was.

However he wanted more challenging scientific classes after taking the incredibly easy freshman class so he was taking the senior class this year.

Edward walked into the room and took a seat in one of the empty chairs. He took in his surroundings, first and foremost wondering what all the girls were fawning over... he soon found out.

“Hello, my name is Roy Mustang and I’ll be your science teacher this year.” came a voice from the front of the room which in “girl’s” terms deep and mysterious. They would probably refer to his looks as the classic, “Tall, dark, and handsome”.

Ed just blew at one of the strands of hair in his face and looked around, in complete boredom searching for at least one girl who wasn’t so shallow. He wished Winry was here. At least she wouldn’t be caught dead looking like a puddle of goo.

“Sorry, I’m late sir.” In stepped a girl with black hair which was straight and cut a little above her shoulders.

“Name?” Mustang questioned.

“Lyra,” she replied, taking a seat next to Edward. Well, there was one but this Lyra girl seemed so serious...And as he settled down more into his chair he felt a pair of eyes boring into him.

It was kind of creepy...

“Okay then.” And so Mustang started the lesson. Edward raised his hand nearly everytime but was never called on. What was this guy’s problem? He could at least let Edward answer once!

After awhile Edward noticed a pattern: This blonde kid in front of him was being called on everytime!

And then the realization hit him. Mustang couldn’t see him in the first place! That one guy was blocking the teacher’s view. Damn his stupid height!

Ed spent most of that period glaring at the back of the guys head as the teacher explained something about something... that is until Mustang rudely interrupted him by setting a piece of paper on his desk. It was some sheet going over the things they had learned etc. In school work, probably to see “where the students were” or some shit like that.

Even though Edward hadn’t been listening very well, it was a pretty simple lesson. Something he and Al had learned from his teacher when they were kids who just barely got the concept but then understood it after a nice long time to think which took place after their ass-whooping.

“Here,” he grumbled as gave the paper to Mustang and the teacher mentally checked over the answers.

“Nice job, you got most of the questions right. And here I was, giving you tomarrow’s pop quiz all because I thought you weren’t paying attention. But then again, I couldn't exactly tell. You're sooooo short after all.” he replied with a shrug, handing Edward back his paper. Ed could feel the rest of the class staring angrily at him, hating him for making them take a quiz that was supposed to be delayed until a day later.

Edward walked back to his seat and mentally imagined Mustang being fired.

“Hi, my names Russel Tringham,” the blonde-haired boy sitting in front of him suddenly turned around. “I’ve heard a lot about you. Edward Elric right?”

Edward just nodded without interest.

“I’m a freshman here. Nice to meet you.”Russell held out his hand for Ed to shake but he did nothing sohe reluctantly pulled away his hand. Damn! He was one year younger and already so much taller!

The bell rang, signifying the end of class and so the students all placed their papers on Mustangs desk except for Edward.

As Ed passed into the halls, Lyra caught up with him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hi, I’m Lyra. Um, I was just wondering if you’d like to have lunch tomarrow?” she asked.

“Um, sure. You’re a sophomore right? Otherwise we’d have different lunch schedules. Seniors and sophmores don't have the same schedule...”


“Okay then, why don’t you sit with me and Winry?” he answered. At least he’d made one new friend on his first day back.

But who’s Winry? Lyra wondered at the same time.

Was she a possible obstacle? Because nothing would stand in her way, she would make sure of it.

“Sure,” the dark-haired girl replied before walking away towards her next class.

This year’s obsession: Edward Elric, child prodigy. She wanted to be just like him, be as smart as him and excel to the highest level.

Lyra couldn’t help that a slightly obsessive crush came with it.


The rest of the day went along pretty well though Edward felt as though he was being followed, Al was distracted by hormones, and Winry had to constantly yell at the two for being weird (especially Ed, even though he really wasn’t doing anything in the first place).

“Hey Winry!” Ed hollered at his friend as she walked out of the school with Nelly and Paninya at her side.

“Coming!” she yelled back as she dashed over to the two boys.

And as they walked back to their neighborhood everything seemed just a little bit stranger than that morning.

But if what they say is true than that had to be on account that this must have been the best day ever.


A/N: So there you go! Al is starting to like girls (it's not an OC, don't worry) and Ed seems to have a stalker.

Don't worry, Winry'll get herself into some problem soon...

-Phyco girl wink.gif
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More please, onii-san.
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Nice one! Keeep the fabulous work up Physco!!
I swear someone is writing the same thing....

Amestris High
This is really awesome! I hope you put some edwin in it tho. Keep up the good work. smile.gif
QUOTE(darkangelslayer @ Sep 6 2005, 12:46 PM)
I swear someone is writing the same thing....

Amestris High

There are a bunch of stories like this, but I never get bored of reading them! wink.gif
Phyco girl
QUOTE(darkangelslayer @ Sep 6 2005, 02:46 PM)
I swear someone is writing the same thing....

Amestris High

Oh, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of AU fics and I have to tell you the writing and plotline is totally different.

QUOTE(Summerlover01 @ Sep 6 2005, 05:48 PM)
This is really awesome! I hope you put some edwin in it tho. Keep up the good work.  smile.gif

wink.gif (<---- it means something!) I'll suprise you although it's probably pretty obvious happy.gif

A/N: So here we go again!:

Disclaimer: No, no, NO!!!



Things have been going weird lately.

More specifically, Ed and Al are acting strange.

I know what Al's "problem" is but I still can't seem to place my finget on what's up with Ed.

Does it have to do with Lyra? I'll keep an eye on her.

-Winry Rockbell, on a piece of scratch paper

"Oh, hi Lyra." A slim girl sat down next to Edward, setting down a crumpled up bag on the surface in front of her.

"Hello Edward." She smiled at him a bit before looking over at Winry who shot her a cold look from the other side of the table.

"Hello Lyra..." she managed to choke out before picking at her food, leaning on the table with one elbow. It had been a week and she was getting tired of this. Lyra was plugging up the openess she and Edward had shared and it was getting on her nerves.

Edward just looked between the two. You could feel the tension between them as Ed gave another awkward smile to help lighten the mood.


A voice from behind beckoned to them and as soon as Ed saw Winry staring up in confusion he was curious enough to turn around and stare at the person behind him.

No need.

Instead said person seated themselves on the other side of Edward, followed by a bundle of other girls who chatted excitedly until the first girl gave off a, "Shhh!" commanding silence from the others.

"How ya' doing?"
He finally caught a glimpse of the girl Winry was now glaring at. Her pink bangs were being brushed out of her face oh-so-carefully and smiled at him. Beside her an almost countless number of girls giggled, that is until the "leader" glared mercilessly at them.

"Roze?" One of the most popular girls in school. Almost every girl tried to suck up to her since her daddy was "rich" and she got whatever she asked for.

Anyways, that's what everyone thought. Especially since she started "bullying" Winry in grade school. Edward had never liked her too much, although she never did this before...

But who knew? Maybe there was some force compelling her to do these things and she was actually a REALLY nice person.


Maybe? Come on! At least a maybe.
Never mind.

Lyra hesitantly scooted over, inviting the others to sit down. So now Ed was squeezed between piles of girls while the blonde girl was left by herself on the other side of the table.

Winry was slowly deciding to move somewhere else until two others sat on either side of her.

"Sorry it took us so long," whispered a girl on one side. "Nelly had to get a checkup on her leg everyday this week since she had twisted it on Monday. She was rushing to class and tripped and fell."

"Paninya?" The girl beside her nodded and smiled. Her dark hair was pulled up in a ponytail, tanned skin complimenting her black tee-shirt and jeans.

"Yeah, I'm so clumsy I tripped and fell. This guy bumped into me and then I had to run all the way to class and that's when... BAM!" Came another voice of a girl with dark curly hair and dressed in a purple shirt and light jean skirt. Throwing her arms up in the air to compliment her words.

All the while this was going on Roze was trying to chat with Edward and the other girls behind her were listening intently as Lyra just stared blankly at them.

"Glad you're here, thought I was gonna die."


"Oh, do you like my cross? It's white-gold, daddy said it was really expensive!" Roze tugged hopefully at Ed's sleeve. Who knew she was so into religion? But what he was more concerned about was where Winry was. She was his best friend! He couldn't just ignore her and suddenly felt guilty that he had.

After all, they were childhood buddies! She'd been there practically all his life for god's sake!

"Don't you like it?" Roze said again, tugging harder at his sleeve.

"Erm, yeah. I gotta get to class. See you later?" He smiled awkwardly before walking off, Lyra at his side.

"That was interesting." Lyra spoke up suddenly.

She'd have to make note of this.

As Winry wandered down the hall, she lookedbehind as Edward walked off and out of sight.

Seemed the world was turning twisted.
Thank you so much for updating! happy.gif
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that was so good! I can't wait to read more hun!
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MORE!!!! btw, are there any royai bits??
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~cheers~ YAY! for updates! YOu get a cookie for updating! happy.gif ~hands P.S. a cookie of her choice~
Roze snobby and bratty?
Wow, that's new. However, this is your fic, do as you please.

I was wondering if you can fix up some of the sentences. I had to read a few a couple times because I couldn't understand them. Other than that it's going pretty good.
Phyco girl
About Rose? Well, it's just a first glance. It's just a surface thing. We all know she's not REALLY snotty like that. It think she's a really kind person on the inside and you know peer presure at this age.

Anyhow that sort of thing will be revealed later.

I typed it on here so there are sure to be a few sentence errors. I checked it later on word and found a few mistakes that irked me out of my mind @___________@ I'm usually one for grammar but I was in a hurry and had some things to do.

Wow. XD This AU is so... Fantastic! x) I really can't wait for more. *devilish grin* <3
please update soon
Very Nice, I Love Fanfics (Reading) Keep Posting!! biggrin.gif
still waiting for a update
Phyco girl
A/N: READ IT! ABOUT THE ROZE ISSUE!!! I know people are “bashing me up” (This was for the people on fanfiction mainly tongue.gif ) because the Roze thing but hey! I have a plan and remember the “popular girl” appearance is just a surface thing. You know peer pressure at this age! Besides she’s been through a lot— erm I mean ^^” Find out in another chapter...?

Disclaimer: *sigh* No, I don’t own Edo or FMA :’(

I don’t even have a plushie... *breaks down in tears TT.TT*


Recent observations:

Subject seems to be worried about something. Also Element R has been moving in lately. Shall investigate Element R to get closer and better understand subject.

Note that Factor W seems to be disturbed at recent events.

-Lyra, Subject Observation journal


Winry groaned as she dumped herself over the edge of the sofa, lazily leaning back her head and closing her eyes. Next to her a bored looking Edward was picking out of a bowl of popcorn and Al was sitting up straight, looking around to see if there was something he could do to close the silence. They’d been sitting here for the last hour, ever since they had gotten out of school and the silence was sickening.

I mean things seemed too quiet, why couldn’t they at LEAST take a short walk outside?

Oh yeah, it was raining.

A sigh escaped Edwards mouth as he set down the bowl, having eaten only a few pieces unlike usual. Eventually he managed to fall asleep against the soft cushions beside his brother who had done the same.

She hummed silently as she closed her own eyes for a moment. She opened them again upon the napping boys by her side. Erm, Edward!

Winry glared violently at his sloppy ponytail. Why did he always have to be so messy instead of just asking her to help him?

Then, determined and obviously bored, she instantly thought of redoing it. Yes, it was such a stupid idea but waving that feeling off she slid her hand gently under one side of his head and struggled to keep it from lagging back.

Giving up from frustration, she dropped his head back onto the cushion after serveral minutes of trying.

“Ed...?” Winry tapped him on the shoulder and soon his eyes shot open as he glanced over at her and sat up.

“...Huh?” he asked drowsily.

“Your hair’s so messy!”

“Please, don’t compliment me too much,” he replied, in a grumpy mood after his short snooze on the sofa.

“Here let me redo it,” Winry grabbed at his ponytail as he grunted in dissaproval.


“Stay still!” Yet Edward continued to try and scramble away from her.

“QUIT IT!” he yelped.

“THEN STAY STILL!!!” Quickly seizing her wrench by a nearby table she soundly hit him on the head.

“WINRY!!!” he yelled in pain as he rubbed his head and glared at her, “...fine,” he mumbled finally accepting defeat and turned his back to her, inviting her to begin.

You two are so stupid... Al smiled to himself, careful to not distract the other two. You have no idea what you’re doing when it’s so obvious to outsiders.

And so they sat there, Winry braiding his hair cautiously as Ed leaned against her, eyes closed while she hummed softly into his ear. Al lay beside them, smirking at the two people he knew best in the world.

Maybe things were starting to change... but was it for the better of for the worse?


“Mustang!!!” Riza Hawkeye bumbled down the halls, staring angrily at all the stupid things the students had left on the floors. “MUSTANG!!!” she yelled again stomping over to his door and throwing it open to find a man sitting behind his desk, silently reading through a book.

Riza sighed, “Sorry for yelling sir. I was looking for you for over and hour.”

“No need to be so formal. Here, sit down,” he gestured towards at seat ajasent to him, “Why didn’t you check in my office before?” Roy asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at her in curiosity and setting down his book on his desk.

“I did sir you were out.”

“Oh, sorry there were some new female teachers, I was showing them around.” Riza sighed and rubbed her forehead in vexation. “So what did you need?”

“The school dance is coming up in a few months Sir–”She was cut off by Roy.

“I’m not your superior Hawkeye. Roy is fine...”

“You’re certainly taking like it. Besides you’re older and I have to babysit you so it’s almost like I’m your underling–”

“Am not. Besides your only two years younger Hawkeye. I mean, come on, we knew each other in highschool. And do you really babysit me?” His eyebrow twitched at that.

“Anyways sir,” Roy sighed as she changed the subject, “Are you volunteering for the upcoming play? They need some people to help chaperone and help with scenery and stuff.”

“Are you sure you’ll have time? I mean, you’re coaching the volleyball team this year and you only have a rest period during 6th and 2nd periods...”

“I’m fine, I can re-arrange the practice schedule to work. Besides teaching PE isn’t that hard.”

“Okay then. Sure sounds like fun.”

“See you there sir.” She saluted and began to walk towards the door.

“Why are you saluting? It’s not like we’re in the military.” However Riza had already departed and so Roy was left alone in his office... again.

“I really wish she would loosen up.” He closed his eyes and leaned against his chair, letting out and exasperated sigh. Why can’t we just be like normal people and stop being so damn formal?


Meanwhile Roze lay on her bed, head lying in her pillow and soaking it with tears.

“Roze can I come in? I have laundry,” a soft voice beckoned from the door. She didn’t answer. Genna would just have to deal with it like any other day.


A/N: In awhile you’ll figure out what’s up with Roze ; ) About 2 or 3 chapters from now.

I’ll keep ya’ waiting tongue.gif
Water Achemist
MROEMOREMOREMOREMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ish hyper~ Thank you for updating, though, onee-chan.
Thanks so much for updating!!!!! biggrin.gif I cant wait for the next chappie!
More More More More More Please
Thanks So Much For Updating!! biggrin.gif Can't Wait To Read More!!! smile.gif
Great story so far! Update soon! biggrin.gif

-Hopes this will soon turn into an EdxWin fix- xD
Phyco girl
A/N: Okay, sorry I haven’t gotten around to this I’m such a lazy ass aren’t I? XD

Oh well, enjoy this chapter okay? tongue.gif

Disclaimer: I don’t own FMA, though I can’t deny I’d like to...


Me and Riza are supposed to do the scenery for the play. I guess that could be fun...

We’ve been so cold towards each other lately. She won’t even call me Roy anymore. I’m afraid something will happen to our friendship. I know I’ll regret it if we lose our trust.

Something’s been wedged between us.

-Roy Mustang, Random planner space in the back

“HEY!” Roy scrambled away from Riza as quick as he could, slipping on some paint on the floor as he did. He looked ridiculous as he lay sprawled out on the floor. And although the man attempted to get up he just collapsed again.

For awhile she just looked at him, one eyebrow raised. It seemed the young teacher was very cold, infact she always was, but it happened that she was suppressing a laugh.

But of course then he made a gesture, as if cheering her on to do so. “Would you help me? You know it's your fault for getting this green paint all over my face.”

"And you for getting all this purple smeared on mine."

"Stop it! Would you help me already???"

“Sure I’ll help you,” Riza rolled her eyes but managed to laugh softly as she grabbed onto his hand. “You really should be more careful sir–”

“Tsk, tsk!”Roy scolded as he led her back to the scenery they were supposed to be painting. He smiled at her, he missed her laugh though. He wished she would do that more.

He got just the opposite when the she scowled at him, “...roy...”

“Aw come on!” He nudged her in the side as she glared at him.

“Are you watching where–”

“I mean really Riza you could be a little more tolerant.” He shrugged and ignored her.

“Really, I think you should–”

“Now I know you can conquer this little setback. Just stop calling me sir. Let's be good friends like old times, hmmm?”

“SIR! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE–” But it was too late, the damage had already been done. They had slipped and fell, breathing heavily as the embarrassed coach toppled onto him in a quite suggestive position. Her hands slapping the ground on either side of his shoulders to catch herself.

Neither of them said anything. They just lay there not getting up.

“You know you should probably get off me before someone comes in and gets the wrong idea,” Roy said calmly, playing up a smirk as she attempted to elbow him, in the process her arms giving out.

“Mmmm, I’m too tired...” The woman sighed in uneasiness as she fell limp on top of him, not able to get up. “Six hours of painting can do that to you. Besides it’s ten at night, who’s going to find us at this hour? I doubt anyone is still here in the first place.” But she glared at him anyways.

“I guess...” There was a long moment of strange tranquility as Roy trailed off. Hesitantly he smeared some of the paint on her face with his thumb, grinning suspiciously as he did so. “Now what’ll we do with you? You know wearing purple all over your face is distracting.”

She looked at him quizzically and then prodded him playfully. That’s when they began to laugh like old friends. The same as years past when faded allusions were brought up.

Even so he couldn’t help treasuring that rare and special smile.


ARGH! EVERYONE WAS ACTING SO GOD-DAMN WEIRD! Winry glared at Edward as he looked upwards.


He continued to look up until she slapped him across the back of the head in annoyance.

Getting a goofy look on his face and then smiling sheepishly, Edwardseemed to come back from wherever the heck he was. He was mentally apologizing with a sincere glimpse over at her in which she responded to with a nod and a playful smack across his arm.

Beside her Al was also staring into space but Winry knew he had good reason to. He was thinking of girls after all, right?


Lyra walked slowly beside Edward, dressed all in black and sending a blank look her way. What was up with this girl and why was she hanging all over Edward all of a sudden–

Her thoughts were RUDELY interrupted when a red-eyed Roze shoved her way through the crowd, rubbing her eyes excessively. Winry glared at her for a moment.

Wait? Was she crying?

On a whim, she grabbed Roze by the shoulder. The girl just glowered at her but all Winry could see was a girl wallowing in sorrow. She looked at the girl softly before turning her loose and letting her stomp through the crowd and into the school.

“Edward!” she hissed, pulling his sleeve so they were cheek to cheek, “What’s up with Roze?”

He shrugged and pulled away in a fuss, looking stranger to her, almost as if he’d turned a pinkish color. He wasn’t looking back at her. Had she done something wrong?

She shrugged and glanced one more time before shooting a sad and confused look at him. What was tearing at their friendship?

Nonetheless all day the only thing she could think of was the pitiful look on Roze’s face. Why was she feeling sympathy for a girl that had taunted her since her first days of schooling? Winry shook off the notion as she entered the school and then the class room as Mr.Hughes started to ramble on about his family.

Things would just have to wait.


All day the teachers were gossiping, whispering loudly to others as their eyes went wide in shock at the “scandal.”

And the worst part? They thought she couldn’t hear them!

Riza ignored more whispering as she continued down the halls and into the gym, changing into her track suit. She was about to exit the office when a young woman stumbled into her room, frantically picking up the books she had dropped when coming in only resulting in more of a mess.

“Uh! So sorry... I-I j-j-just wasn’t t-thinking!” The woman straightened the round glasses that sat on her nose andhastily smoothed her hairwith one hand. She shakily set down the books on Riza’s desk. “H-hi I’m, Sh-sh-sh-shezka!”

“Yes, I know. Librarian right?” Riza said calmly with a sigh as she rearranged the pile of books into a neat stack.

“Y-yes...” Sheska seemed to calm down a little at the gym teacher’s cool demeanor. “This is very high on the literature level. Are you sure you’ll be able to–”

With an annoyed look towards the librarian Riza replied, “Just because I’m a gym teacher DOESN’T mean I’m stupid!” She glared at Sheska.

“W-why aren’t you an English teacher then?” She inquired, getting a little jittery again. The woman scared her.

“Roy and I both worked at a middle school where I taught English but there weren’t any spots open when I came to teach here. In a few years me and him are thinking about moving to teach at a University. There I’ll probably be teaching English.” She replied sharply. It was amazing the only time she hesitated to call him by name was to him himself

Sheska nodded and headed for the door. “O-okay. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you!” It looked as if the brown-haired woman was about to run off but she came back into the room just as soon as she darted out. “Are the rumors true?”

Riza managed a small smile towards the sudden pang of courage in the meek librarian when she turned more serious and walked closer to her. “No. We fell asleep while painting scenery that’s all. The rumors aren’t ture. It’s why they’re called rumors Ms. Sheska.” And with that she really did leave, abandoning the cold woman in her office.

No, there was no love affair between her and Roy. They were friends and there was no way she was going to let go of that trust.

So that could never be.
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A/N: Today some answers will be solved... however I think I’ll use a cliffhanger at the end tongue.gif Be warned and sorry for not updating for so long... luve you guys (hug)


I hate my life so much. God, please save me from myself. I don't know what to do, just please keep us safe, just try. I'm begging.

-Roze, diary

It was a bright day outside and it had been since that morning. Winry sighed in a bored manner as she turned her gaze from the window to her English teacher who had decided to ignore that she wasn't paying attention.

“Uh-umm...” a shaky voice was heard from the doorway and Winry found herself looking at a wobbly sort of woman standing at the entree in a dazed sort of manner, her glasses askew on the edge of her nose. The teacher gave her a quick nod as if cuing her to continue.

“W-well I need some people to take these boxes down to the storage room in the library,” she continued, shoving in a large, heavy looking box into the room (with some help from the English teacher of course), and straightening her glasses as she did so. “Any volunteers?”

Nobody raised their hand.

Seriously, who wants to push a large, heavy box all around the school? Especially when you have the perfect chance to doze off while your english teacher starts reading poetry to you.

“Edward.” The blonde snapped his head forward at the sound of his name.

“What?” he snarled. The teacher ignored his hostile behavior and instead pointed towards the librarian.

“Go help Sheska.”


“That’s, umm... m-me?”


“Ed, just go already!”

“WAIT! WHAT! I CAN’T PUSH THAT STUPID BOX ALL THE WAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING! IT’S MURDER!” the boy suddenly yelled out, flailing about as the English teacher calmly grabbed him by the arm and started to drag him towards the seemingly confused woman.

“Y-you can have someone go with you if you like...” Sheska offered politely, backing off from a thrashing Edward.

“Okay. Who’d like to volunteer to go with Edward?” the teacher asked while holding Ed up by the back of his collar.

A few hands shot up, most of the girls. Well, except Winry who glanced over at him in question as he practically started begging her to go with him. Praying her give him a break and just give him some sort of friendly company while he attempted to push this shitty box across the hallways of the highschool.

In return she rolled her eyes and was beginning to raise her hand when...

“Roze.” Winry felt her hand drop to her side. There was the slightest pang of dissapointment left tingling in her chest but she decided to shake it off. It was probably because she hadn’t talked to Edward a lot today and she had wanted to sometime soon.

The tan girl got up and pushed a strand of pink hair out of her eye, smiling seductively at Edward. She strolled towards him and they left the room.


Edward sighed as he and Roze arrived at the box-infested room. He leaned against the box and gave it one final shove into the corner, sweat covering the bangs framing his face. Roze crawled over next to him and sat next to him, sort of snuggling up to him and resting her head on his shoulder.

“Eh? Uh-um Roze... do you mind?” he asked, scratching the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

Roze smiled, “Well why not?”

“B-because!” he protested, “It’s just... it just feels uncomfortable.” Edward sighed as he got up to his feet, causing the girl to slip and grasp the edge of the box they had, or more specifically Edward had, pushed in. That in turn caused books to tumble out all over the floor. She didn’t bother picking them up and instead stood up on her feet and approached him slowly, smiling toxically sweet as she backed him into a corner.

“I think it’s comfortable enough...” She attempted to get closer to him but stumbled instead and slipped on a book and fell backwards, resulting in Ed trying to help and instead tripping himself and falling on top of Roze, hands on either side of her head and knees beside each of her thighs. Boxes tumbled down from the wobbly shelves, deciding to graciously land on Edward and all around the room so it was impossible for either of them to get out.

“Wow, this was... unexpected.”


“Winry!” The English teacher, Mr. Falman, spoke abruptly causing the young girl to squel and swing her head around to look up at him as he approached her.

“Eh... oh, yes Mr. Falman?” the blonde asked, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Do you mind going to get Edward and Roze? Oh! And please drop this off on the way.”

Winry nodded and held out a hand for the envelope he was holding out to her. Looking it over a smile spread across her face, “You want me to turn in your love letters? Ah, and to–”

The man grabbed at it and finally got it, crumpling it up in his hand. However by then half the class was trying to desperately suppress giggles. She gave a sympathetic smile and left, on the way supressing a giggle of her own.


Roze looked up at him and smiled. “You can’t hold that for long. Why don’t you just lay down?”

“Erm, that’s okay...” Edward looked scared as she leaned upwards and he found he was starting to panic, “Roze what’re y-you doing?” He asked as she pressed her cheek to his.

“Please, just...” she moved over to peck him on the lips, Edward looking shocked as ever. He couldn’t get away, he couldn’t go anywhere, there was nowhere to escape without crushing Roze and he was starting to wonder which was actually worse.

“I really don’t think that...” But he didn’t get to finish as she kissed him again, and more deeply, that is until she finally gave up and decided to hang on him, burying her face in her neck. Hot tears streamed from her eyes and into his tee-shirt and for a minute he was confused.

“Are you, uh okay?” he asked, really wanting her to get off of him and for them to sit on a bench or something instead. His back could only take so much.” She sniffled and continued to hang onto him, her voice cracked and fragile.

“It all started when I was small. I hated my life. My father had died and my new stepfather was cruel. That’s why I was always pushing Winry around. Her life seemed so perfect, she had plenty of friends and...”

Edward pushed on her shoulders, resulting in the girl being forced back onto the floor. Ed looked angrily at her, “I can’t believe you thought her life was so easy! Her parents, BOTH of them died when she was only five!"

“B-but! Then my boyfriend died... in an accident last year and–”

“I can’t believe you! Do you even know how much she’s been through? And look, she isn’t moping around while you are.” He gritted his teeth and pulled his face closer to hers, causing the boxes to shift and fall off, “I can’t believe it.” Obviously Edward was too angry to notice he was free. He didn't even recognize the farmiliar voice from behind.

“Hey guys ! Mr. Falman said to...” The voice stopped as the light, fast clicking of shoes was heard and Edward stared in horror as he stood up and a saw a flash of light blonde hair dissapeared into the hallways.
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2) Spelling. What's this? At least three misspellings at first glance? ohmy.gif Shame. Run the damned spellchecker already. tongue.gif Also, as for names, while you may want to be creative sometimes, I'm almost sure it's "Rose" with the s and "Schiezka." Well, almost.
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Thank you guest happy.gif Yes... I started spelling it Roze for some unknown reason. Also Sheska can alternate. Some authors use it differently. Even in some of the official spellings it differs. However that one was a bit easier so I decided to use it instead. (Besides it's also the one they use in the translated manga happy.gif)

I'm using Word Perfect up here -_____-" XD Sometimes words end up running together and get misspelled. I'd love to perfect that in the future ^^" I'll be sure to check it twice before putting it up here biggrin.gif I do use spellcheck but spellcheck isn't necessarily your friend wink.gif

Ah, yes.... meanwhile. I do use the separators like that instead of starting a new paragraph with the word meanwhile. I like to put my x's and o's and then put the word meanwhile in to give a better idea of separation. Maybe I should just stick with the x's and o's and put the transition word in the starting sentence then? huh.gif

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