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Full Version: What Are You Wearing Right Now?
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A lavender shirt with a nasty case of static cling and denim bermuda shorts. And a purple scrunchie and gold hoop earrings, if accessories count.
A green "Life is Good" shirt, blue-jean shorts, my nike flip-flops, my Black Dog hat, and my contacts.
I'm wearing a red t-shirt with gold text that reads "Estancia Eagles Basketball" and in the back it says "varsity" and black shorts that feel silky. XD
I'm wearing a gray shirt that on the front has a pawprint with text in the middle saying The Bead Shack and my hometown, on the back it says my hometown Bulldogs with lots of pawprints and a giant bulldog head, maroon shorts, a peace medalion, and black flip-flops.
I'm wearing a black t-shirt that says in orange glitter-ish letters 'Sweet' with three candycorn's over it and blue with white on the sides soccer shorts and a black scrunchie holding my long wet/dry hair back in a low ponytail,basically PJ's XD
I'm wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that has a tiger on it.
I've got a very long green shirt and baggy black sweats on,in other words,PJ'S!Even when it's what *looks at a clock* ten to 2 in the afternoon?XD
I've got on my Asbury Park Bruce Springsteen shirt, my plaid green and pink pajama pants, my blue shoes, and my contacts. I'm basically in pajamas!!!!! XD
I am wearing:
A wetsuit,
Industrial work boots,
A WW1 British helmet with two bullet holes,
the top half of a french maid uniform.
I also have face paint in the style of a tiger.
Little Washu
^Similar to what I'm wearing, except I've opted for sailor fuku rather than french maid.
I'm wearing a life is good green t-shirt, blue jean shorts, flip-flops, a baseball cap, a peace medalion, and contacts.
Haha, how randomish is this thread? - (Yeah, I had to add "ish" on the end because otherwise the word changes to "curious". Why, people, why? The words have different meanings!!!)

Black skirt, socks, black singlet, white bolero, silver belt and a black and white knitted jacket (I refuse to say cardigan, because that makes me sound old!). Lot of black today, I should be more colourful tomorrow...
Little Washu
QUOTE(Saving_Grace @ Jul 28 2008, 12:55 AM) *
(Yeah, I had to add "ish" on the end because otherwise the word changes to "curious". Why, people, why? The words have different meanings!!!)

Congratulations! You're the 1,000th member who doesn't understand their errors!
Blue shorts with white on the sides,a black t-shirt with a green and yellow four leaf clover on it and a black zip up hoodie,in other words.PJ's.

And Saving_Grace it's because the words get used too many times so the word was banned and you get curious instead of r@ndom etc.
a black tank top with black jeans that are torn and a collar and black arm things. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
White shorts and a white/grey/black top
14 degrees no wonder why im so cold
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