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Full Version: Who Is Your Favorite Actor? And, Why?
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No, Depp wins the the looks department in womans choice in most cases. I haven't seen Orlando in anything but LotR (and Midsommer Murders) and I don't want to.

Actually if it were looks Brad Pitt would in theory be doing well.
(and Midsommer Murders)


He was in the Pirates films and every scene he was in reeked of homoerotic sub text, the sword fight being the most blatant.
Haha how could I forget he was in Pirates? Oh yea, cuz I wanted to.

(oh yea, they forked him gooooood)
*just on the Johnny Depp wagon* Let's ride!

No, seriously, he goes for roles that many other actors could not really pull off as well as him. Finding Neverland in particular for me...I really liked the film, and I loved what he bought to the character of Barrie. I also liked him in Pirates, he was just the true Sparrow. They could not have got another actor to do it who would put as much depth into his character as Depp.
As both running gag and tribute, I say Christopher Lee.
i dont like actors
QUOTE(lone @ Nov 9 2006, 07:58 PM) [snapback]471694[/snapback]
i dont like actors

Any chance you could say why?
Synth Alchemist
johnny deep
Tom Hank's
He has so much talent, did you see how well he played Forrest Gump. Not much to look at but he can act.
Edward Elric_is_Love
I love Johnny Depp.

He's got incredible range, he picks whatever movies he likes and the become instant boxoffice sellouts. He's a great father he does movies his kids would like then has the money to support them and bring them up in a place where he won't be mobbed on a daily basis. He doesn't want the attention that hollywood brings he just likes acting and he wants only to do a good a job as possible in whatever role he picks. their not run of the mill roles either look at "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" or "Edward Scizorhands" or even "Blow" He's quirky, funny, sweet and talented. End of story.

He's also been said he's the most prolific actor of our generation.

However there are other actors I like, for example:

- Elijah Wood
- Jake Gyllenhaal
- Jennifer Anniston
- Hugh Laurie
- Scarlett Johansson
Meitantei Conan
Will Smith and Terrence Howard

Will Smith Cuz He funny and He does so good on he Shows and His Movies

Terrence Howard Did The greatest Job as A Pimp and trying to to be a Rapper in the Movie Hustle & FLow
QUOTE(The_Stealth_Alchemist @ Dec 26 2006, 10:49 PM) [snapback]488497[/snapback]
Tom Hank's
He has so much talent, did you see how well he played Forrest Gump. Not much to look at but he can act.

Another Tom Hanks fan! My favorite role from him is Saving Private Ryan.
Al Pacino - he immortalized Michael Corleone in "the Godfather" as well as played every other part he ever had to utter perfection.
Al Pacino certainly did well in the Godfather movies. He is a fine choice. Scarface was excellent too.
zach braff
my fav actor is Jim Cary or Jessica Alba , Jim makes me go gonzo and Alba is hot in movies she plays
Cillian Murphy!
I can't wait to see Sunshine(the next movie he's in ^^)..
I love Sara Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba. Those girls are so darn fine wub.gif
Russel Crowe-because of Gladiator biggrin.gif
^ Russel Crow isn't too bad. happy.gif

My personal favorite is Gerard Butler. He doesn't have many movies, but he's an amazing actor. Very talented.
George Clooney. He's dead sexy and he can actually act (as well as direct).
Indignant Judgment
Jim Carrey happy.gif He was an awesome comedian in his movies laugh.gif
Twilight Warrior Alchemist
Robin Willams..he can do funny films and serious films with equal quality.
Gerard Buttler

For the Phantom of the Opera of course!!!
And for the other movie: "300" laugh.gif

He is such an artist!! He sings very well
Did you guys knew that in the movie of the PO, he was the only one that sing?
I mean, all the actors (Raoul, Christine, etc.) were singers or have practiced but he didnt! and he IS the Phantom!! biggrin.gif

Sugoi mas!!!
Orlando Bloom...sighs, he is so awesome, I loved it when he played Legolas...*eyesparkle*

Jhonny Depp...because he is such a great actor, he could do practically anything

George Clooney...he's hot even if he is older, he's hilarious too.

and Robin Williams...he is so great! has anyone watched "Bicentennial Man"? It's from so long 1995 I think..? anyways, he was in it and that movie is still one of my favorites.
Robin Williams...he is so great! has anyone watched "Bicentennial Man"? It's from so long 1995 I think..? anyways, he was in it and that movie is still one of my favorites.

That movie is brilliant, touching and tear-jerking sci-fi movie I've ever seen.....I was crying at the end where....*sniff*.....dies (as human about very old) in deathbed with his wife....good damned movie.

He did serious in One Hour Photo, Insomia and The Final Good Will Hunting (he won an Oscar).

My sister saw RB at the Presidio beach long ago...he-heh!
Al Pacino: He's beyond acting. He becomes the character he's doing. You take any character he's ever done and try to imagine someone else doing it...oh, too bad; it's impossible. No one else could be Michael Corleone or Tony Montana.

What sucks the most is he won his first Best Actor Oscar for Scent of a Woman, which he made what, almost twenty years after the Godfather. It's a bunch of bull.

P.S. - Scent of the Woman sounds kind of a gay, but it's actually pretty funny. It's not a romance at all. Best part is when Al's character, a blind man, is taking an 80 mph joyride in a red ferrari down NYC streets.

P.P.S. - Don't worry, there was someone else in the car.
Meitantei Conan
Adam Sandler

He is My Favorite because, He is Funny, He Is good at it, and He likes to yell xD

He is my favorite =]
My favorite actor is Wendy Powell because she's Envy's voice actor.
Cillian Murphy is my favorite actor and I don't have a favorite actress.
His Name is Unknown
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford

Why? Deckard, Jones, Solo cool.gif

Favorite Actress: Vivien Leigh

Why? Is this question really necessary?! biggrin.gif

Honorable Mention (Male): Tom Hanks, Edward Norton, Humphrey Bogart, Christian Bale, Jim Carrey, Ian McKellen, Kenneth Branagh, Mel Gibson

Honorable Mention (Female): Audrey Hepburn, Sean Young, Ingrid Bergman
Favourite Actor: Jim Carrey.
Why?: 'Cuz he makes me laugh waaaay to much with his faces...xD
Favorite Actor: Heath Ledger
Why? beacuse his marvelous actuation as the Joker, he was just incredible, the best actuation I had never seen biggrin.gif, itīs a shame heīs death sad.gif .
Little Washu

Adam Sandler- Because he's just so awesome, and hilarious

Simon Pegg- Also funny.

Leslie Nielson- How can you not love this guy?


Ana Ferris- Another comedic one~

...I can't choose just one...
Ewan McGregor.
He is great actor and best Obi-Wan Kenobi.

^ Yeah, Ewan McGregor's great, but I'm not quite with you on the Obi-Wan comment. wink.gif

Um. I just saw Body of Lies, so I suppose the first name that pops into my head is Leo DiCaprio, mainly because I generally enjoy his movies (yes even, Titanic), and the only one I was ever iffy with was Gangs of New York, but I can't remember why... But yes, I think he's one of the best younger actors in Hollywood at the moment.

I adore Jamie Bell, once again, because I like his movies (Dear Wendy and Chumscrubber were brilliant) and he's also pretty easy on the eyes biggrin.gif , he's got this awkward-yet-intense thing going on, and I'm oddly drawn to it.

Ummmmm, who else?

Helena Bonham Carter, Nathan Lane, Harrison Ford ("Call him Doctor Jones, dal!"), James Franco, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet, Allan Rickman, Shia LaBouff, Anthony Hopkins ("Hello Clarice"), Kiara Knightly, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Ellen Page (go watch Hard Candy, it's brilliant), Dan Radcliffe, Zhang Ziyi, Claire Danes, and geez, this could go on for pages because I watch so many movies. I'll leave it here...

I have a lot of favourites.

I was torn between Heath Ledger and Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr had two great performances. I can't wait for him to tackle the demon in a bottle storyline in Iron Man and he's also going to be great in The Soloist.

Hard, hard choice, but I picked Heath because he pulled it off so well. His part in the Dark Knight was superb. Made the movie one of my all time greats just on his performance.

My favorite actor is Arnold Schwarzenegger! Shouldn't that be everyones? lol
yeah he's a great actor with big muscles so he's awesome.

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Heath Ledger.
He always got better and better in his movies, ans he was such a great person. We will never forget you. Rest in peace, my dear.
My favorite actor is probably Edward Norton-he's just great in everything he does. And for actress...hmm...maybe Meryl Streep, she's fantastic.
Omamori and actress...

For actor, I'd have to say...Jimmy Stewart (not based on his acting, but on himself, personality wise), Gerard Butler (...more of a crush ^^; ), Brendan Fraser (hilarious; I can't help myself!), and...Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi. 'Nuff said.)

As for actress...well, I don't may much attention to them,, I don't have one ^^;
Well.. for actor I choose Al Pacino, Johnny Depp and Anthony Hopkins...

For actress I choose Meryl Streep, Audrey Hepburn, Keira Knightley and Anne Hathaway.

They are really awesome actors, who can make any character like it is them.
Of all time, Tom Hanks, cuz he's that fricking awesome. He can play a verious assortment of characters- intellectual professors, soldiers of war, your everyday Joe- he can play anything. He is amazing. I love Tom Hanks.
Okey so for the actors it is Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan because they are just made of awesome smile.gif Also David Tennant and Keanu Reeves and Gale Harold and Jared Leto are great.

for the actresses I would say Keira Knightley and Kattie Cassidy.

I think Tom Hanks is superb actor and Heath Ledger was one of my very fav actors as well. Itīs a tragedy he passed away.
I like Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . (whoops, F in spelling ) He is cool especially in terminator . . .
Daniel Radcliffe and Shia Lebouf (spelling?)

I like Shia well, becuase he reminds me of one of my close guy friends, and he's just a great young actor in general, and I hope he gets even better as the years go on.

Daniel Radcliffe is my top choice though. Not becuase "like OMG HARRY POTTER! like OH MY GOD HE"S SO SEXXXXXYY"

No. I like him becuase he's a great actor and he's so incredibly down to earth! A guy with real morals and values and not in trouble with the law...>.> He's sweet ^.^

I don't really have a fave actress...>.>
The Copycat Alchemist
I have to agree with a few of you, Johnny Depp. And Maybe Taylor Lautner. Depending on the movie. He was good in Spy Kids when he was younger.
Lucky Lucy
For non-Japanese, I'll have to say...Jhonny Depp, of course! wub.gif
As for Japanese, definitely Kamenashi Kazuya. That might be because I used to have a crush on him, bu he's just way too cute.And sexy. And he's good at showing emotions and making them seem real biggrin.gif
My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock. That's because I've seen a lot of movies with her and I really liked the way she performed. She is kind of special biggrin.gif
Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Tom Hanks. They're great actors! I also like most of the movies they're in.
Adam Sandler

Hugh Jackman

Johnny Depp

Tim Allen

Chirs Tucker

Jackie Chan

cuz I love em! all of em great actors. there are a lot more but I don't feel like metioning them. laugh.gif
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