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Sort of, I did that with orange rinds smile.gif

HYE eaten a whole pizza by yourself?
Broken Chouchou
Only about every time I have it.

HYE had more than 5 meals in a day?
Yeah, I feel like a monster.

HYE touched dead jellyfish?

HYE been bit by a spider?
Thankfully not... D:

HYE been bitten by your little sister/brother? lol
No... don't have a younger sibling. And my brother's 8 years older than me, so he'd be in real s*** if he bit me! XDDD

HYE gone a whole day without eating? (I got busy and forgot to... >_>; )
AzhiDevn can't seem to stop eating for a day...xD
I always manage to get something, anything, to eat. I eat air~ LOL
I'm hyper right now, sorry for my hyperness..xDDD

HYE fallen from a stool?
me: many, many times...I'm a real professional-klutz in that...xD
I'm speaking nonsense again...haha xD
Broken Chouchou
Stools, sofas, chairs, shelves, stairs, ledges... you name it. I fall from things on a regular basis.

HYE been so seriously injured/sick that you had to spend several weeks in the hospital?
no, knock on wood.

HYE seen a play?
Oh, yes! I saw MacBeth (and was in it xD), A Midsummer's Night Dream, and The Crucible... tons! biggrin.gif

HYE needed to get stitches?
^Ive seen a midsummers nights dream and romeo and juliet...this year Im hoping to see fiddler on the roof and the "phantom" show in vegas.

and yes..i cracked my head open at one point...

HYE taken an IQ test?
Broken Chouchou
Ouch... mind if I ask what happened?

And yes, I've taken an online IQ test. Don't know how accurate it was though.

HYE felt that your intelligence (may it be high or low) has been a problem for you?
Eh, not really. Being smart annoys me, but it's not a problem.

HYE had a wish come true? (Like, blown out the candles on your cake, or throw a coin into a well kind of wish.)
^I was around two..and we had hardwood floor so I started sliding across it in my socks and crashed into my moms bed frame... >>

...ummm no...i dont think so...

HYE fallen out of a tree?
Broken Chouchou
That qualifies for a big Owie! ohmy.gif

I've probably done that when I was younger, can't recall a specificly painful event though.

HYE had a dream so F:ed up you started to wonder about your mental state? :S
XD Quite a few times, to be honest. laugh.gif

HYE woken up crying from a dream?

HYE had multiple dreams in one night?
Broken Chouchou
Yeah... once had like 4 completely different dreams that I could recall. That was sort of weird.

HYE had a dream that was so pleasant you were dissapointed when you woke up?
yup...well sort of....does bizarre count as pleasent?

HYE been burnt on a lamp?

HYE laughed so hard you puked?
Broken Chouchou
Can't say that I have... xP

HYE wanted something so bad that you felt you'd do anything just to get it?
Heck, yes. But not something material at all. My goal in life is what I'm after, and nothing will stop me. <3

HYE stolen something?
Yep. One day when I was young(er) and stupid(er), I decided that I needed to do something rebellious, so I while I was in a clothes shop I bought a top (which was over-priced anyway, so I suppose there's a bizare equality to what I did), and as I was leaving the store I slipped a... *dramatic pause* key chain into my bag.

Uh-huh, that was my hard-core venture into criminal activity. I took a $5 key chain, just for the hell of it. Afterwards I felt so guilty, and I couldn't go into that store again for weeks because I was afraid I'd be arrested or something. These days I find the whole thing quite funny.

HYE bought something then taken back to the store after you've used it?
of course...

^lmao XD for some reason i doubt they ever even noticed...

HYE eaten breakfast at 3 in the afternoon?
Probably. I'm willing to bet I've had it later also.


Felt bad for not giving a homelss person spare change? (I gave this guy some money the other day, and I felt terrible because he was so nice and polite and could've given him more).

HYE been suspicious of people walking behind you on the streets?
YES!! o_<

HYE licked a cold flagpole (or piece of metal) and gotten stuck to it?

HYE slept over at a friends house then started bawling in the middle of the night wanting to go home? (I went to sleep overs allot as a child, cant you tell...)
Nah, I was such a carefree child back then and I rarely get homesick. I was always going with the flow. Not much has changed, I still like the flow of things.

HYE had a paranormal experience?
Innocent-malice house and my previous job are both haunted.

HYE thought you saw a ghost and it might have been real?
No... I wish

HYE eaten a really gross food combination?

Today me and my friend tried to see what kind of things we could dip in chocolate... the fish oil was the worst. tongue.gif
XD I tried whipped cream on garlic toast one day. Wasn't really that bad... >_>

HYE laughed so hard a piece of food came out of your nose?
No, but that happened to my friend with a gummy bear

HYE tripped over your own feet?
(I'm so talented.) XD
Hahah, too many times.

HYE managed to keep your eyes open while you sneezed?
No... I don't think I've ever tried.. maybe next time.

HYE sneezed more then 10 times in a row?
I don't think so.

HYE had to miss more than a week (7 days) in a row of school due to illness or injury?
(I missed two weeks, TWICE. In the same year, because of broken bones. >_< )
I don't think so.
I've never broken any bones. biggrin.gif

HYE been able to do a perfect cartwheel?
(I can't tongue.gif )
Haha, I can't do ANY kind of cartwheel.

HYE taken a martial arts class?
(I'm a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do!)
Yup, I'm a white sash at poekoelon. (I don't know how to spell it. tongue.gif )

HYE had a beagle sneeze in your ear?
Ew, no.

HYE had a cat steal your food? -3-

HYE been harassed by a chicken?
Little Washu
No...but I'll add that to my bucket list.

HYE wanted to improve your art skills so much you practiced for hours straight?
Not for hours, no

HYE known some one who dressed their dog up as Hitler?

HYE gotten extra credit for 'debating' with someone in class?

HYE aced a test without studying for it at all?
Not in my memory... X]

HYE been able to get a teacher really off topic?

(We concluded that Jesus was adopted, and that tuna is bad for your health.) XD
^ XD

umm...yeah...we where talking about worse fears and then it just turned into whatever came to mind...

HYE had a teacher know you where doing something wrong without even looking?
If they did, they never told me...

HYE seen your teacher on a sugar high?
(don't give her chocolate covered coffee beans.... ever) XD
XD No.

Have you ever seen your teacher stoned?
(Lol, we didn't have to do any work.)
No... I wonder if it's kind of like a sugar high?

HYE had a pizza (or other food) eating contest?
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