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Full Version: Have You Ever....?
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HYE screamed at someone in the middle of the class and everyone stares at you? x3

HYE puked in class?
^how embarrasing..xD


HYE been in a fight?
no...everyone is scared of me unfortunately.

HYE bent one of your nails? (it hurts so bad..)
no...I bet it hurts... D:

HYE broken any part of your body?

me, my right shoulder...x_X
I wasn't able to move it for 2 months...T-T
Little Washu
No, actually.

HYE been so anxious you couldn't sleep?
ugh..yeah~ >_<

HYE go to a stadium?
have you ever played on a sports team?
uhy...does it count from school? x3

HYE went to surf?

HYE got glass stuck in your foot?

HYE seen a horror movie that gave you horrible nightmares for lots of nights?
no, horror movies make me happy.

HYE made a website?
Broken Chouchou
No, wouldnt have the skills to make it look good

HYE punched/slapped someone in the face?
If you count my siblings yes.....And other people by accident XD

HYE been so bored that you do stuff you HATE with a vengeance to do without being nagged or told too?
Yep. Today and I was so bored...I listening to The Jonas Brothers...O_O

HYE broken a bone yet you never felt any pain?
(That was me and my arm.)
Broken Chouchou
No. But I have a buddy who fell 6 metres (about 19 feet) from a diving tower and smacked his arm and his leg on the pier before landing in the water. 2 minutes later he was laughing about it =/ (though I suppose he was in chock).

HYE dreamt something that came true?
Quit often, actually. But it's never anything cool like dreaming of next week's lottery numbers! It's usually just some every day activity, like I went to the mall and saw so-and-so there--boring things like that.

Have you ever eaten something, and didn't know what it was?
Not that I can think of at the moment, but my dad has. He was over in Asia somewhere during Vietnam, and he was ate this meaty-stew thing. Later on he found out that the meat was dog.

HYE performed in front of a large audience?

Little Washu
No. But I'll have to for Tora-con.

HYE loved an anime so much, you felt depressed when it ended?
(Kodocha ;__;)

HYE tried to lick your own elbow? (And I bet you'll try it before you answer! XD)
Little Washu
Yes I have. It's hard to do.

HYE watched an anime that made you cry?
Yes, FMA! I cried so many times, too! >_<

HYE re-gifted something?
Innocent-malice!?...never! *gives an innocent bug eyed expression*

HYE found out you bought more then one pair of the same shirt/pants?
Yes, because I bought them on purpose! Such comfy jeans!

HYE had a crush on one of your teachers?
ew! no! its unusual for me to have a crush on a fellow student much less a here are ugly.

HYE gotten up before sunrise?
Yes! I used to have to wake up at 4:30 am to catch my school bus. *Shudders.*

HYE named a part of your body?
yes..I gave my toes names when i was 5...I was a strange child...

HYE felt like you dont fit in anywhere?
A long time ago, yes. But now I've found many more freaks like myself! biggrin.gif

HYE thrown something at your TV hard enough to chip/break the screen?
Broken Chouchou

HYE bought something you know you really can't afford?

HYE hicupped for more than an hour?
Broken Chouchou
No. I hate having hicups! As soon as I feel it coming I drink like 3 glasses of water.

HYE laughed at someone elses pain, physical or emotional?
Yes--but only physical... getting kicked in the nuts is just too hilarious for me not to laugh XD

HYE cried so hard you puked?
Broken Chouchou
No but I've puked so hard that I cried... not a pleasent memory

HYE played a HYE game in real life?
I don't know probably...

HYE had a cut/bruise/injury that took months to heal?
Yes, I bit the end of my tongue off when I was 3! Took forever to heal. >_<

HYE seen a UFO?
maybe...not sure.

HYE seen a dead body?
does my hamster's dead body count?
I've not seen a human dead body...

HYE cooked something edible?
yesh, I'm pretty good at cooking.

HYE had a rumor started about you?
Yes, and it pi$$ed me off to no end! D8<

HYE wished upon a star?
When I was younger. Thought it was ridiculous but tried it.

HYE ever worn any article of clothing inside out in public?
not in public...x3

HYE burned your finger with a candle? (or any other part of your body?)
nope...I'm very careful of that.

HYE eaten rotten cerial?
Eww, no.

HYE read manga for more than 12 hours in a single day?

HYE just wished everyone would shut up? >>
a couple of times, yes...

HYE got lost in some strange place you've never been before?
^when replying to that you have flashbacks of your family like me XD

um, no...Ive lived the same place my entire life and I don't wander around too often.

HYE laughed over the same thing for a week?
^ sister. u_

not that I remember...
but it could be...x3

HYE seen a movie you espected to be good, but it came out to be horrible?
not really, Im usually a pretty good judge of movies...

HYE thought something sucked that was considered like the best thing of all time? (for me...The dark knight, Jonas Brothers, etc.)
Does Twilight count? dry.gif

HYE been so bored out of your mind you tried playing several games at once to see if you can?
Innocent-malice ive played board games by meyself...

HYE fallen on your butt in front of someone you had a crush on?
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