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Full Version: Have You Ever....?
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blush.gif ..yes....

HYE stepped on a lego and had it cut you?
A Pierrot's Aria
I've stood on lego but it has never cut me. ohmy.gif

HYE been stung by a wasp/bee?
yes. On my ankle. then I had to walk a mile home. LOVELY memories....'''

have you ever bite you tonge so hard it bled?
Lucky Lucy
Yeah, when I was ten. I was surprised by this dog that came out of nowhere and I bit my tongue really bad. It was painful laugh.gif

HYE been so hungry that you couldn't even think well anymore?
. . . sad enough. . . yes.... T_T

HYE typed something so wrong that spell check couldn't even help you? Or google??
Oh yeah all the freakin time... well maybe not all the time, but quite a few times.

HYE drawn a chibi of someone who wasn't from an anime. (a musician, actor, actress, best friend, family, etc.)
Once or twice...

HYE tripped over thin air>>
pfft who hasn't done that? haha I think we're all guilty of that happening at least once.

Have you ever made your own song. (Doesn't matter if it was legit or random in the moment stuff)
I literally outburst into made up song daily. about anything. like cookies, feet toes, anything.

HYE got cut by saftey sissors>
Not recently. laugh.gif

HYE cooked outdoors?
Yes! I camp, therefore, I cook outdoors. IT SOOOOO much more yummy than indoor food!!!

HYE drank so much water that you can hear it sloosh in your tummy???
Lucky Lucy
Yeah I drink a lot of water all the time. Maybe too much(I'm starting to get worried because of this whole polydipsia thing but I might just be hypochondriac.)

HYE visited the ruins of a medieval castle?

HYE screamed randomly in public becuse of somthing that happened in you manga book?

(i did)

HYE seen Milky Way?
Candy bar, yes.


HYE not havea question to ask someone?
Oh yes... ~awkward moment~ laugh.gif

HYE won a lottery?

No. wish I have though.

HYE cussed out in front of a teacher cuz u were mad? (I did that this was an accident. sleep.gif )
^ Hope you got out of it all right. ^^

Nop. I know better. tongue.gif

HYE fixed/changed flat tires? (car, bicycle, tricycle, whatnot XD)
narp tongue.gif

hye crossdressed?
I can't remember specific examples, but I'm sure I did for Halloweens.

HYE put the wrong stuff in the refrigerator?
Lucky Lucy
Yup, the teriyaki sauce.laugh.gif

HYE tried any extreme sport?
@tombow if u were too cross dress would u be taping down breasts or junk? Lol

Extreme sports? I can barely do regular sports!

Hye watched anime naked?
^ sweety_pie, no, I'm not into that. xd

Watching anime naked? No. I'm not into that either. XDD

HYE watched rap music with caption "on" because otherwise you can hardly understand what the singer is saying?
I have never done that before.

HYE toliet-papered someone's house? ( I haven't)
No, Parents would kill me if they found out
HYE met Vic, Edwards voice actor
Ada Burton Elric
QUOTE (Lunar_Crescent_45 @ Oct 28 2012, 09:46 PM) *
No, Parents would kill me if they found out
HYE met Vic, Edwards voice actor

No but I wish I could've

HYE gone to an anime convention in a cosplay costume?
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