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Don't think so, I don't have that much money at all T_T

HYE wanted to be a mangaka?
alchemist x
Ha, Yes, and I actually "technically" WAS one at one point of time. I was in fifth grade drawing crappy comics and selling them for a dollar a piece.

HYE scratched your scalp to the point of bleeding
No, but I DO cause myself to bleed every day. (To test blood sugar)

HYE dyed your hair an unnatural color?
No, but I did have some of those clip-in hair extensions that were red and black if that counts for anything...I don't wear them anymore...Ha.

HYE cried at a concert?
No. Surprising, since I cry at pretty much anything. Hell, I even cried during the Simpson's Movie! XD

HYE payed for lessons for something only to quit soon after?
Yes. Karate at the Y.... worst thing ever....

HYE cut yourself (accidentally) with a plastic knife...
I think I have.. >_> it goes with my family. (dad accidentally cuts his fingers with ANYTHING if he just is lucky enough.)

..HYE.. uhh.. broken something in fustration when you've got real far in a videogame, then you suddenly die and get 'game over'? XD (and nicely enough, you didn't save your game in the last 2 hours..)
that has happened.... I get so pissed off when i realize what I just did... Oh wow....

HYE painted or traced something like a straight line and when you stepped back, you realized it was crooked?
Well, I've drawn a LOT over the years, so I'm sure I have at one point or another.

HYE broken something by barely touching it?
Not that I can remember...

HYE danced in the rain?
No, but I have ran in the rain... That is fun right there.

HYE watched Ali G Indahouse? (if you haven't... I don't know what to tell you... it's just a [i]weirdp/i] movie... to say the least)
I haven't, but it can't be as weird as Paprika. (The anime movie)

HYE broken a bone?
No, but almost. It wasn't fun.

HYE kissed an animal?
My dog. And cat. And my friend's bunny once.

HYE screamed at the sight of a bug?
I always scream when there's a bug. I yell for my bro so he can go kill it.

HYE bought a drink, left it in the car, went to another store and bought another drink, came back to your car, and realized you already had a drink waiting for you?
Innocent-malice think so

HYE crashed into something in a car?
lolz, I don't drive (not yet anyways... I'm taking my lessons soon, hopefully); But I have hit a car with something- my baseball. XD

HYE drank milk, ran a lap, drank more milk, and ran another lap, etc. etc. (please don't try it if you haven't; it's NOT a pretty sight)?
yes... and more. It's not cool.

HYE done something completely out of character?
alchemist x
I'm sure I have. However doing things that normally wouldn't be in someones character is in character for me.

HYE been ON A BOAT, with your swim trunks and your flippy floppies?
Uh... yes. I mean... no? I don't wear swim trunks. XD

HYE gotten a headache just from hearing someone's philosophy?

Have you ever licked a hobo?
wtf? of course not! (ot: but what's weird is that your post count says "0"... that stood out to me like WTF?)

HYE killed a bug with Off!
QUOTE (sidekick.kep37 @ Jun 30 2009, 01:24 AM) *
wtf? of course not! (ot: but what's weird is that your post count says "0"... that stood out to me like WTF?)

HYE killed a bug with Off!

Maybe Huggalot only posted in Spam Central, where posts don't add to your post count.

No, I don't think I've ever used Off before.

HYE gone camping?
^ Huh, I didn't know that SPAM posts don't add to your total. Learn something everyday.

Yep, I've been camping. Last time I went camping I remember lying awake in a tent with my best friend thinking up concepts for a Snakes on a Plane sequel. We came up with quite a few (Snakes on a Boat, Snakes on a Bicycle, Snakes on a Wheelie Bin...).

Have you ever patted an Alpaca? They're so soft and cute!
^ Snakes on a Wheelie Bin? roflmao.... like seriously. I can't stop laughing. Hahaha.

No I have never petted an alpaca... But I have seen a funny video involving alpacas and the imperial march. Rotflol.

HYE listened to music and thought you could pull of a great amv because you've figured what scenes should go where?
Bringing the thread back! happy.gif

@Saving_Grace: Well, it's called SPAM central for a reason tongue.gif

No, not really because I've never made an amv before.

HYE played badminton?
Yeah. I got pretty good at it over time. My sister got a giant badminton set once. XD

HYE crossed a state border?
Yeah, I've been on sooo many road trips.

HYE panicked when you thought you lost something but really you just gave it to someone else for safekeeping?
I dunno... but I have panicked about losing something when I was holding it. laugh.gif

HYE stepped in dog poop with your bare feet?
(I have sooo many times. Dx)
No, but I have stepped in doggy poo poo with just my socks on. It be gross, dawg.

HYE had a twitching muscle for more than 2 days?
More than 2 days? That's a really long time. No, I don't think so.

HYE stayed awake for more than 24 hours straight?
Forsaken Love
ermmmm i dunno, I think yes on long car trips where I couldn't sleep for the unconfortableness XD

HYE eaten cake while juggerling XD
Umm... no. Oo

HYE made a homemade journal? (I'm making one right now! :D)
I'm making one now, too! biggrin.gif

HYE run a mile in less than 10 minutes? (I haven't. XD)
Yeah, fastest time I ever ran was 6:33. smile.gif And, no offense, but you're probably not much of a runner then?

HYE written an essay longer than 10 pages?
A single essay? Nope. But I did around 10 a for a history exam I did a while back with lots of smaller questions. In 2 hours. Yuck.

Haaave you ever...driven any vehicle into a river?
no. if i did i would be in big trouble for about 6 reasons. anyways.
ever fallen down some stairs
Little Washu
Yes. I've also fallen up the stairs.

HYE been to America, if you don't live there already?
(If you live in America, HYE been to Canada?)
I've been to Niagara Falls, but I was on the New York side of it, and I was little.
... maybe I just shoulda said, "no".

Anyway, HYE been in a car accident?
Actually, I have, when I was little. Fortunately no one was injured. The car was destroyed though.

HYE eaten a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting?
No... but I have eaten a lot of icecream in one sitting though.

HYE chugged an entire bottle of water?
Oh, yeah. I have band practice in 100 degree weather every night except for Wednesday because that's "church night", until 6 o' clock. I drink like GALLONS of water. I think we work a lot harder than a lot of the "real sports" in our school. XD Especially since our cheerleaders get popsicle breaks. Oh, I'm sorry, am I rambling?

HYE eaten so much you felt sick?
i've eaten so much i have been sick. alot of peoplehave i think.
Ranted? of course - all the time. In my head, mostly.

Have you ever, ever felt like this - when strange things happen, round the twist?
Ahahah, sorry - had to get that out of my system.

HYE held a grudge against someone because they were mean to you in your dream?
EniviD EiraM
no not really ....
I'm just afraid of someone when I'm dreaming that person is a monster ! real crazy, huh ??? laugh.gif

have you ever put your best pal in trouble for some purpose ?? like you betrayed ?
Jealous Rogo
uhhhh... not that I can recall...

Have you ever been shouted at in the street by some 'tough' guy driving past you at 100 miles per hour?
Yes I have, but then I just stuck up my middle finger at them, and shouted back.

Have you ever burst out laughing in dead silence? even in public?
In dead silence: yes
In public: someday

Have you ever literally hyperventilated when a new chapter of FMA came out? I have!
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